*Intro song plays* *weird squish* My favorite band or solo artist? Of all time? Hmmmmmm Oh, that’s impossible for me Ohh, no! My favorite band is Pink Floyd. Their sound is just so extraordinary! Hmm… Probably Led Zeppelin. I still love the Beatles The Beatles. Cuz they’re so cute! Guns and Roses It was on the menu to Guitar Hero 3, they played the intro to “Welcome to the Jungle” I went *gasp* I love this band! My favorite band is Fifth Harmony! Flume. His music just like, takes you to a whole ‘nother world Blink 182. I just love the energy that’s put into it, all the songs, you could just like, rock out I don’t remember if it’s Bruno Mars or Michael Jackson. Cuz they both write amazing songs. I just love Bruno Mars I love his beautiful freedom of how he expresses himself And he’s not hard to look at *cougar* I really like Katy Perry She’s pretty *pained laugh* Katy Perry. *In a terrible singing voice* “I got the eye of the tiger” I like that song. My favorite singer of all time is definitely Bry Bry. He’s an acoustic Irish youtuber/musician You’ve probably never heard of it, but it’s the Blue Lagoon Band. They play at KCs Tavern Bar in Canoga Park A Day to Remember is my favorite band right now I want to write songs similar to what they got going on Josh Groban. Older people like to hear real music *burn*, we’re not much into rap My favorite artist right now, probably Lil Wayne Young money, represent! *cringe* Um… what’s that guys name? Emin- what? Am I saying it right, Eminem? Yeah, him. Eminem. He has a really good style Pumps you up, it can bring you down, it can really make you think It’s just, plays with your heart-strings, y’know? I loved Elvis I saw him up at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1970 something I went up and I got a kiss And I was just transfixed, because that really was Elvis My favorite artist is Swedish House Mafia One of their songs I listened to when I was in the process of losing weight It was called, um, One On my iTunes, it says I listened to that one particular song by them 1,800 something times *behind the camera* How much weight did you lose? ‘Bout a 110 pounds. Everyone said I couldn’t do it And that song, I’d come home, I’d put on sweat pants, sweat shirts in the summer California sun, blasting that music, I’d be doing jump ropes And I would get crazy motivated And I just listened to that song and like, no one could stop me I’m gonna do this, I choosed it *grammar please* F everyone who couldn’t, said I couldn’t sh*BLEEP* *Elvis impression* Thank you, thank you very much for watching our little show here Let us know in the comments, guys, what’s your favorite band or artist? If you’re not subscribed already, get on it! Jump on the bandwagon! Until next time, rock on!!!!

99 thoughts on “FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST (REACT: Opinions #5)”

  1. 1. Asking Alexandria
    2. Sleeping With Sirens
    3. The Devil Wears Prada
    4. Of Mice and Men
    5. Arcangel
    6. Daddy Yankee

  2. One Direction
    Justin Bieber
    5 Seconds Of Summer
    Taylor Swift
    Ariana Grande
    Shawn Mendes
    And the list goes on and on…

  3. Disturbed, System of a Down, Avenged Sevenfold, Mastodon, Bullet for my Valentine… oh, how I could go on…

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