Family Guy – Peter grows beard

Family Guy – Peter grows beard

Louis I’m gonna grow a beard. Oh Peter. You know I hate being Louis. It’s time I joined the ranks of great men with beards Why do you think Jesus Christ was so popular huh cuz cuz are all their magic tricks listen Brian’s very depressed? Did you when the guys take him with you to the laser rock show tonight? Yeah sure hey if there’s one thing I’m good at doing is cheering people up Mr.. And mrs. Ramsey JonBenet’s Untimely death is a tragedy and I will not rest until I find her killer or killers Oh really, don’t don’t bother nothing’s going to bring our baby back No, no, I insist. I will make it my life’s work to find our line. Just drop it Peter stop scratching that thing. I can’t it’s itching like crazy dad. Can I scratch your beard have you finished your homework? Yes, okay, then Here you go enjoy your food enjoy your studio apartment And what’s it to you pal? I’m dr. Goodman of the Quahog ornithological society Ironically dining in a restaurant that exclusively serves poultry doctor what is this? Oh? It’s a very rare species the endangered white-rumped swallow Rump it’s just funny Chris Swallow look just get rid of this bird. All right unfortunately. I can’t do that once the swallow has chosen its nesting place It’s illegal to disturb it he can walk around with a bird in his beard I’m sorry you have to wait until the bird departs of its own accord Or you’ll be prosecuted to the full extent of the law wow You sure know a lot of stuff and it’s great to learn cuz knowledge is power Damn it all I did sorry sorry There’s nothing I can do all right Look it’s an endangered species what am I supposed to make you an endangered species? Oh good comeback Potsie? Shut up he has stop squawking he’s receded into my beard we can all watch the movie shut up I Love you so much. I love you, too, honey What’s wrong Dad said you’re history pal no bird French is my wife and gets away with it Nothing well, I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this It’s gone it’s gone. Oh, thank god Oh My god did baby Hey look Louis there are three of them. Just like guys and Sweet And then the cow came out of the barn, si si look there’s the cow and what is it cows a Yes, yes, that’s right a cow says beep beep beep you’re now Peter They get an awfully big say so every good mother knows when it’s time for her babies to leave the nest hey They’re free to go anytime they want Fine I’ll let him go You The brine kids Laughs weekend I’ve seen better. Hey Brian looks like somebody’s checking you out No, I’m not ready yet now you’re getting some looks yourself I’m not ready either

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  1. 4:20 shit is it the music highly the most depressed thing I heard or someone left those dame onions out

  2. The ending makes me think of peter and his giant chicken fights except when its a female its a giant chicken FUCKFEST

  3. Louis: You have a bit of something there
    peter: here?
    Louis: on your left side
    louis: your other left side

  4. I think the Family Guy creative team should set up a storyline where Peter Griffin keeps his beard for one whole season before shaving it off.

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    All the flags

  6. 4:30 I was expecting an American Airlines to fly by and make a salad out of them after they flew away from Peter.

  7. awella bird bird bird b-birds the word, have you ever heard about the bird,every body's herd about the bird! awella bird bird bird!

  8. So nobody’s gonna mention the giant chicken (or more disturbingly chick judging from the feather colour) that tried to seduce Peter?

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