FAKE MONSTER HIGH DOLL REPAINT – Custominzing Cheap Doll from Aliexpress / Best for Beginners!

FAKE MONSTER HIGH DOLL REPAINT – Custominzing Cheap Doll from Aliexpress / Best for Beginners!

Hello everyone! In my shopping mall a week ago, I was looking for fake Barbie dolls in dollar shops, and as you can remember, I couldn’t find any real copies of famous dolls. It seems nowadays even cheaper dolls have their own brands, and they look all very decent, but when I came home I realized that I had already an ideal fake Monster High doll that I have ordered from Aliexpress. It was already, like, two years ago when I just practiced in doll repainting. This doll cost under $5 and she’s some kind of fake Clawdeen doll, I think. Here I have an original Clawdeen, and so we can put them together and see the difference. The size and the proportions of the dolls are quite the same, maybe the fake doll is a couple of millimeters smaller. They have quite different hands; the original doll has detailed, sculpted hands, with nails and everything, and the fake one has very thin, straight fingers. Also the original Clawdeen has cat ears, and the fake one has normal, human ears. But the most serious difference is in the material that’s used for making their bodies. The original Monster High body is made with such a hard plastic, and you can sand and seal it, if you want to change the body color. But the arms and legs of the fake doll are made with some sort of hard rubber or something, something like Barbie dolls with bendible legs, and this kind of plastic or rubber you cannot sand nor seal. So no skin color change this time. And I still cannot really understand which Monster High doll exactly this fake doll is supposed to be. She has definitely the same skin tone like Clawdeen, but if you look at her human ears, and also at her face mold, you’ll see that this is more a Draculaura doll with a darker skin tone. But I honestly think that this kind of doll is just ideal for beginners who just want to practice in doll repainting. And this is quite an expensive hobby; all our sealants, pencils, pastels, cost money and if you also have to pay 24 euros for every single Monster High doll to experiment with her, it can really be painful. And I also know how difficult it is to destroy your first doll, it’s a really painful and shocking process of cutting her hair and removing the face of a brand-new doll when you’re absolutely not sure about the end result. So I was using these fake Monster High dolls from Aliexpress, but I was just making my first steps, and in the end of this video, I will show you my very, very, very, very first Monster High doll repaint. And also, it was made of the same fake one, so stay tuned and keep watching. So, while I was talking, I have prepared the doll for customizing, and now I’ll start working on her face. This is, by the way, another plus point of this Chinese cheap dolls. They have no hair, so you don’t need to suffer pulling out the rest of her hair with some tweezers, and struggle with the glue, and also her head is super easy to remove from the body, so also no suffering with special tricks, hot water, hair dryers. [cheerful music] First I have sketched her eyes and eyebrows, and I draw shadows between her lips and on her nose. To sketch her eyebrows. I use, like, usually soft pastels and an eraser. [cheerful music] Then I contour her face with brown soft pastels. First of all, I make darker the eye crease and the sides of her nose, then I add darker pastels to her cheeks, under the skull bones, and to the sides of the forehead. And, of course, it’s very important to draw natural shadows around her lips and nose. [cheerful music] To bring some life and colors to her face, I add pink pastels on top of the layer of brown countour. [cheerful music] When I feel happy about her skin color, I take my pencils and draw her eyes. On this step, I just apply the main colors, and don’t really draw any details [cheerful music] With a very sharp brown pencil, I add very thin hairs to her eyebrows. [cheerful music] Now it’s time to apply the eyeshadows! I add pink, dark red, and brown pastels to her eyes and then add black pastels to her eyeline. It will give an effect like it’s a natural shadow of her eyelashes, and the eyelashes will come later! [cheerful music] And now it’s finally time to work on details and finish your eyes, eyebrows, and lips. [cheerful music] Now I want to add highlights to the lightest places on the face. I just apply a little bit of light pencil to the highlighted areas, and then blend them with the Q-Tip. [cheerful music And on top I still want to apply a touch of bronze pastels. It always gives a very pretty glow to the skin. [cheerful music] I draw the bottom eyelashes with a very sharp black pencil. [cheerful music] Then I take white acrylic paint and add all kinds of accents to her eyes. [cheerful music] Now I just need to attach false lashes and add glows to her eyes and lips. [cheerful music] And do you still remember in the beginning of this video I have promised you to show my very first repaint? And here she is! It was some fake Catrine DeMew doll, I think? Also from Aliexpress. And I have experimented really a lot on this face. You can see it. I have learned in this face how to apply freckles, how to cut ears, how to glue false lashes on, how to add glitter to the eyes; so this doll has experienced already really a lot of things! And now it’s finally time to see the result of my work today! Can you see that this doll costs just less than $5? Put your like if you think that she can beat many expensive brand dolls! I think it’s a really good idea to practice first on such affordable dolls. It will save you lots of money and nerves So, it was my repaint of this week. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you are not with us here, because I post a new doll repaint every Friday, and also every Wednesday and Saturday I share here my new doll craft projects, so stay with us and see my next videos. Bye! [cheerful music]

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  1. I think the more elegant solution would be to get practice dolls from thrift shops if possible b/c supporting the original artists helps them & it's more eco-friendly πŸ™‚

  2. Wow. The after doll looks a lot like how I did back when I was studying, down to the hair color and style. Love it!

  3. I'm planning to buy my first doll for customizing from aliexpress. I'm from the Philippines, and $200 bjd is expensize. I want doll chateau's queena

  4. Its so pretty!! Her face matches the whole outfit! It looks like it came from the victorian era! GOOD JOB(*^β–½^*)

  5. You are incredibly talented!!! I love watching your videos!!!❀️❀️❀️

  6. What title would I search for these fake dolls I want them now! I am learning to repaint from all these tutorial

  7. They probably made a copy mold of the Draculaura and then just recast it in different tones to make it look like the others some what.

  8. i love monster high dolls and ever after high dolls πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ§œπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ»

  9. For my first doll repaint I couldn't get MSC so I got Satin spray at my local industrial store. Her face was wayyy too glossy.

  10. I think you should do your repainting doll evolution to show people to encourage them to not give up on their dreams

  11. Thank you very much for mentioning that dolls with rubber limbs can't be sanded or painted. I just took a break from creating my very 1st repaint with one of my daughter's old Barbies because I was frustrated with the results. I didn't realize her face and legs are rubber, so the pastels I applied were very uneven with the torso and absolutely terrible color. I wiped her down with acetone, washed her and hung to dry before watching this video. Now I have the confidence boost I need to try again tomorrow. Thank you again!

  12. another good way if you want to be an artist on a budget is going to thrift stores for the dolls πŸ™‚

  13. I actually like the look before you added the hair, the repaint you gave her actually looked stunning with the bald head

  14. 1,000=the number of people in the comment section that had to say that this is a fake Cleo/Cleos sister. The horse is dead, leave it alone

  15. I love this repaint. I've watched many of your videos and this one is one of my favorites ❀️. Please do more with these Dolls ❀️

  16. I'm getting ready to repaint an Operetta doll to make her a more believable daughter of The Phantom lol. So nervous, because it's going on my channel, but I'm taking a lot of notes when I watch your vids!!

  17. I just buy the dolls from ebay. Just got 5 original 2010 MH dolls (used, but in good shape) for 13 Euros πŸ˜€

  18. i reallyyy WISH i saw this earlier onn!! OMG!!! I have a doll im currently experimenting with. After that one i will get these fake monster high dolls becuz they are cheap & will be great to experiment on!!

  19. Thought it was chloe older sister when i first seen her but with the small details i seen more of clawdem

  20. Whats the doll called? i want one Cuz like The features are great on the face Before:)

  21. She’s stunning ,a princess in many ways ,love the colour of her hair it suits her perfect πŸ˜€

  22. I know this is an expensive hobby, but once you get all the materials they can last you a pretty long time. So if you get cheap dolls it could actually be a pretty nice affordable hobby.

  23. Cleo or clawdin idk help me btw I love your vids how they look when they are finished amazing litarly it is impossible when I done it oh hell nooo

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