Exploring the Surreal with Peter Capaldi | Unlock Art | Tate

Exploring the Surreal with Peter Capaldi | Unlock Art | Tate

surrealism began in 1924 impasse in this cafe with this poet Andre Breton note the hair Surrealists have luxuriant hair breslin published a manifesto was inspired by this man Sigmund Freud not the beard psychoanalysts had luxuriant beards Freud wrote a book called the interpretation of dreams he believed that there was a deep layer of the human mind where memory and our most basic instincts were stored he called it the unconscious mind since most of the time we were not aware of it Breton believed art and literature could represent the unconscious mind these are some of the artists who agreed with him Salvador Dali Max Ernst Meret Oppenheim one Meera Dorothea Talent Eve tangley Lee Miller Rene Magritte Claude kahoot surrealist artist about sex this because Freud believed the primary motivation for all things in life was sex he changed his mind later bet on believed the desire was central to the surrealist vision of love poetry and liberty it was the key to understanding human beings here is a piece of surrealist sculpture by Meret Oppenheim Surrealists liked to put objects that were not normally associated with one another together to make something that was playful and disturbing at the same time in order to stimulate the unconscious mind this is a sculpture by Salvador Dali called lobster telephone it's about food and sex there were essentially two types of surrealist painting one of our dreams full of lots of Freudian symbols like apples hats and birds and one's called automatism inspired by Freud's idea of free association which was designed to reveal the unconscious mind here is an example of ultimate ISM by Jean Mira it's mainly blue because Mira like to represent dreams use of the color blue the shapes are arbitrary as if drawn from the artist's unconscious mind me Rose conscious mind as then turn the shapes and kabab jects like a shooting star a breast and the horse they were also surrealist films the most famous was a champ and Alou made by Lu even well and Salvador Dali his best-known this scene some people didn't like surrealism Freud didn't like it he'd spent his life deciphering the codes of the unconscious mind so that people could understand themselves better he thought artists should paint the conscious mind and waste their time painting Freudian symbols like the apples hats and birds but surrealism continues for the huge influence of culture and society today as Brett John said surrealism is not just an art it's a way of thinking a way of life way of transforming existence you

21 thoughts on “Exploring the Surreal with Peter Capaldi | Unlock Art | Tate”

  1. Some documentaries are too long, this one was far to short. It was over before the presenter had got warmed up. Make another film with the same content… but much longer. 1 hour at least.

  2. The whistling music at the end says "Western". I was hoping this would be much longer. Pick up The Shadow And It's Shadow. Surrealist Writings On The Cinema. By Paul Hammond. Lots of great stuff in it. Now get off my zombie, you're blocking his glacier!

  3. Pretty sure I fell asleep halfway through this… Can't tell if the cause was the music or Peter's voice. Probably Peter's voice.

  4. "Freud believed the primary motivation for all things in life was sex"
    Me, an asexual: looks at the camera like I'm on The Office

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