Ever After High Repaint – Reine Dramallow – Sugar OOAK Doll – English sub

Ever After High Repaint – Reine Dramallow – Sugar OOAK Doll – English sub

Hello everyone! I decided to create a small sister to my Queen Berlingote whom you know maybe and for it I worked from a little tired Blondie Lockes. For this project, I was inspired by cupcake, by cream and by marshmallow to contrast with Berlingote, the queen of the slightly acid. I begin by removing carefully the hair of Blondie, which can be reused by cutting them to short. Then, I make warm some water to remove the head of the body, I clean her with some acetone and I give her a good bath. For clothes, I apply a mauve washing to the top of Abbey Bominable. No concern, the body will be washed to remove the possible tracks of paint. I create pink peas on the top with a Chinese baguette. Then beige peas with a finer baguette. I add some mauve wool on the collar and the sleeves to imitate the cream. I glue and sew a small pink knot for the detail. I create pearls of sugar with the varnish glue and glitter. I decide to assemble the skirt of Draculaura and Madeline Hatter’s underskirt to create the suit of my character. I define the stripes of the underskirt with two brown paints. On the clearer bands, I apply a mixture of varnish glue and glitter pen to give a little relief to this underskirt. I remove the tulle of the skirt of Draculaura, I unstitch it to paint and to facilitate the pose of the lined underskirt. Unfortunately the elastic did not hold out then I put a ribbon and I continue the design by putting some mauve wool to create the cream of the cake. And here is the result! I cut from the foam of the small pieces to create sprinkles. I put them on the cream to decorate the cake. And I also add pearls of sugar as on the top. I choose to use the shoes of Draculaura of which I deprive a piece which I do not find attractive and necessary for the design. I put a white sublayer and I choose to paint them in mauve. Details are painted in beige, green and pink. I choose to protect them with a matt varnish. Earrings are also Draculaura’s. I repaint them in brown to create a biscuit. Hmmm a mauve glazing violet flavour. And I protect with a matt varnish. To make the crown, I decide to use Frankie Stein’s cake I remove the brilliant varnish which protects the cream with some acetone. I put a sublayer and I paint details to give a little of flavor to this cake. With the varnish glue, I added details to the cream and I give the second coat of paint. I put a varnish glittering on the cake to repaint more easily the plate. I do not forget to repaint and to varnish the fork if ever she wants to grab something to eat. Having put several coats of paint on the plate, I put a brilliant varnish. The crown is made from foam that I cut in the size of the plate and repainted in mauve. I create pearls of sugar and small details with the varnish glue. I paint these details in bright green and gold. When it’s done, I varnish the whole with my brilliant varnish. For the sceptre, I use a cream puff in plaster in which I made a hole to push a wooden stick which I covered with a cardboard straw. I paint the cabbage in chestnut, the glazing in pink and the cream in beige. I protect it with a matt varnish. When it is dry, I paint the straw in beige and in mauve by following lines. I also varnish it in matt. I add a pink ribbon and pearls of sugar as on the top. A part of tart as base adorned me a good idea. Then I cut the shape from the foam. Before covering, I fill the space with some cardboard to avoid that the part deforms. I create a glazing and coulures with some hot glue. And I do not forget to create a small hole to insert the sceptre. I paint the tart in brown, the glazing in candy pink and I create of the coulis with a mixture of pink paint and matt varnish. The glazing was not rather smooth, then I mixed of the paint and some matt varnish. And I add small decorations with the foam as for the skirt. I protect the set with the varnish glittering for the greed. To create nails I use my usual method. At first, I cut triangles from the ribbon of present. I glue triangles on nails with the varnish glue and I give a rounded form to give the illusion of real long nails. What is nice with this method it is that we can always see the colour of the ribbon under the varnish. But for the character I decide to paint them in mauve. And I protect them with the brilliant varnish. For hair, I decide to create a meringue. And I come to glue a first pompom as a base. To thicken the hairstyle, I use the brushed wool which I got back by preparing wefts and I place it around the pompom. To go up the meringue, I use two smaller pompoms that I pose over the first one, and I fill with some brushed wool. I put the wefts of wool smoothed from top to bottom, and wa have the hairstyle of Tracassin, in Shrek. It does not more remain than to put the last wefts inside. To comb all this and give the effect of meringue, it is simply enough to roll up wefts around pompoms and to put a little lacquer to avoid the décoiffage. It left for the make-up! I protect the head with the MSC and I begin with the preparation’s lines of eyes. I draw corners and nostrils. I also draw the lip contour with a mauve pencil. With the pink and purple pastel, I create my design and shadows under her nose and under her lips. With a purple pencil, I draw the fold of the eyelid, and with a black I draw the eyeliner and the lashes. Then I return with the pastel to add shadows in ears and on cheeks to make of the contouring. I put a mauve paint on lips. And a white paint to define the sclera. With a white pencil, I add some light to eyelids, over lips and on the bridge of the nose. I add of the pink iridescent paint on lips. I decide to replace the black paint with mauve as the liner not to darken her look. I redraw the iris and I paint it with a brown paint. With a clearer paint, I add of the colour to her iris. In my design, I do not intend to make her eyebrows. I imagine rather a character covered with sugar and with any small biscuits, then I create little points of colours. Until my small biscuits in varnish glue dry, as usual, I draw points of light with the white paint. But I also add a small heart to make a reminder of her sister’s eyes. I paint biscuits in brown, and I create shade in the eyes with black pastel. I create a glazing in biscuits with the pink paint. And I varnish with my MSC the whole make-up. I return on hands so that my design is accomplished. I put pink pastel and points of colour as on the face. I put on her lashes which I repaint in the same colour as her liner. When everything is very dry, I protect with the glittering varnish eyes, mouth and glazing of biscuits. Let us make a point on the character. We have the part of tart, with the small hole which can contain the sceptre, the shoes, crown in which I put a pin to crash in hair, earrings, top, and skirt cake. Then now that the character is ended, we can put back in place everything! Phew! The Queen Dramallow is the small sister of Berlingote. Queen of her own kingdom in the country of sugar and greed, she advocates the cream, the soft and the softness. Her skirt is a big chocolate cupcake with butter cream and her hair, a violet meringue. It is not better to annoy her, she would make a whole cheesecake. This video is ended, thank you for having looked at it and following me! See you soon for new adventures, hi !

38 thoughts on “Ever After High Repaint – Reine Dramallow – Sugar OOAK Doll – English sub”

  1. Finally !!
    i'm waiting this vídeo since you post the wig picture on Instagram, i Love everything from head to toe 😍😍😍😍

  2. That cupcake skirt and that doll stand is so adorable! I want to make a cupcake skirt now. I absolutely love her. I’d love to see more sweet themed dolls.

  3. du temps où je jouais à un jeu heroic fantasy en ligne, mon perso favori était une elfette qui avait cette coiffure (et la même couleur de cheveux!!!), nostalgiiiiiie! 😀
    toujours du beau travail plein d'astuce, et ton commentaire en voix-off est aussi plaisant à écouter.

  4. ahh.. ca me donne envie de me lancer sur youtube!
    je ne sais jamais comment amener ca, mais j'aimerais te donner mon avis sur certaines de tes techniques..
    par exemple, le fait que tu ais peins ton jupon avec de l'acrylique (j'imagine), ca lui donne un coté plastique dû à la nature de la peinture, à ta place, je prendrais plutot de la gouache, ou de l'aquarelle pour un resultat plus pastel. ensuite, et ce n'est pas que toi, mais pour donner de l'ombre dans les yeux, et meme le coin des levres, tu utilises du noir, je te conseillerais plutot d'opter pour des couleurs foncée( voire complémentaires), par exemple, pour les yeux tu aurais pu faire l'ombre en bleu foncée, pareil pour les coin des lèvres, n'oublie pas que dans la réalité, les ombres ne sont jamais noires! 😉

  5. Her hair is amazing! Love the color palette and the meringue inspiration. She turned out amazing!
    PS. I can't understand a word but your voice is super cute <3

  6. I really love this doll for so many reasons! I love how you revamp existing factory outfits to make them totally new, I love the cupcake skirt so much, and her face is absolutely beautiful! And the HAIR!! Cotton candy, it's perfect!! Thank you for sharing your talents, you are a wonderful artist!!

  7. That was amazing!! Love that creative talent. Please make more. Oh could you leave your subtitles up alittle more as you talk, it’s alittle fast for me to read. You are really talented, can’t wait for next videos. 🎈👍

  8. Elle est très jolie
    "En plus c'est trop bon les mashmallow"
    Elle ferait une magnifique Ever after High
    Tu a beaucoup de talent

  9. How have I now just discovered this artist?! She’s incredible!!!!! I can’t believe I haven’t found this channel earlier. One of my favorites now by far!

  10. This doll has such an exquisitely detailed face! Beautiful 😍😍❤️😍❣️❣️❤️😍😍❤️😍❣️And the hair is awesome in that sweet cone!

  11. Wow! This doll really looks amazing! I love it how you used old doll clothes to create something so unique! So creative!! I love it!!

  12. I love her dress, it looks tasty xD And the hair looks so cool! I'm not 100% sure what you used to keep it in place though, was it just hair spray?
    Amazing work!

  13. Cc je née sais pas comment tu fais ses création mes quoi qu'il en soit tu es la meilleure 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘☺️💘

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