[Epic Seven] Seaside Bellona & Artifact First Look - Are they worth Pulling for?

[Epic Seven] Seaside Bellona & Artifact First Look – Are they worth Pulling for?

hey guys welcome to another session of epic 7 today we're gonna look at seaside Bologna so she's in our heroes Journal and apparently and I'm a 90% sure apparently she's gonna be a limited hero limited banner her and her artifact we're gonna take a look at our artifact after this I just want to make this video quickly as an early theory craft and also just to see if you know if she's actually worth pulling for from what I have gathered so far in terms of like stats and then the kid I would say like right now I'll give you my conclusion right now is that um because she's limited she's definitely worth pulling for and her kit is very diverse I have to say she bring some new mechanics that I never really thought of before because we're so used to like Oh defense breakers attack buffers you know see our pushers or whatnot were used to those rules but she has a different aspect or a kid that I actually really really like and I'm gonna explain that after this so actually actually I'm gonna show the kit first and I'll show the stats and I'll I'll kind of go through what I think that you know some of the possible builds that she could be pulled for I think that she could be very good for for PvE as well for PvP and for PvP on the defense on offensive side although albeit I think that she might have to be built a bit differently depending on what kind of role you're doing and what I mean build differently is like quite extremely different um not like swap out one piece like totally different sets but there's only like a brief theory craft right now so I will I will go for her I plan to get her so when I get her after I built her I'll you know try to do a better review on it but anyway this is my initial assessment so the s-1 up to a 75% chance to target alright so focus or target whatever enemy for two turns so most of you guys know that there's some heroes have it like leo has this any any Ranger with a song of stars will be able to do targeting a targeting increases think up to 15% more damage which is a really big especially if you're doing like a lot of damage 15% of that damage is pretty good and it decreases the evasion chance I'm not quite sure on the percent percentage of the decrease evasion chance I think it's also a 15% but at 75 75 percent chance to do this debuff for two turns okay two turns very very good her s2 is a passive skill it consumes five focus so kind of its kind of like like earth Bellona where she had focus gauge as well but the different aspect to get him so the s1 is the s1 and s3 can acquire the focus but then also if if an ally is attacked she also gains one focus so if you do the reading here it shows 30% of the damage suffered by the caster with the foremost ally so yesterday I was you know talking with the guys on stream and I was asking what does for most Ally mean I thought it meant like from like the like the the first person the next ally to go in the sea are like in the combat readiness queue but apparently it's in the tanking spot so whoever you put in the tanking spot will shear 30% of the damage suffered by her by seaside Bologna which as dude like different different types of like mechanic you know it's a new mechanic it's like I was I was thinking about this like to use this you could use like someone that would benefit from more damage with less HP so like b BK k ron you could even put the specialty change butcher corp in front since he can't you know exceed a certain amount of HP per one hit now I'm not sure if that works with the shearing damage aspect but it could be quite interesting also he does more damage the more HP he has lost and he was recovers damage based on his attack so just because you know we recently got his specialty changed so I just you know theory crafting what what kind of you know team comps you can put on there it might be interesting so I was saying that even even with this aspect in her passive it might be interesting for like a gbg fight where maybe you put her on immunity she can be bait for like biking you know like taking thirty percent of the damage is really good if you think about that aureus is a twenty percent like damage reduction um but this is 30 percent so for those of you who have experience with like fighting you know defense teams or even your own team you have your aureus with the twenty percent you know how much difference that makes that the 20% reduction in damage is a big big difference so thirty percent you know you can use her as a bait for bike in if you have immunity especially so that you don't get to bleed um you know all these like different things like come to my mind when using her it could be very very interesting but again I would have to put her into practice and this is where her stats when we talk about her stats will come into play because you want to kind of benefit from this kit but you also need the stats to do it when one or more damages suffered to one or more damage shearing effect is granted only the strongest effect is applied so from from this it looks like it wouldn't stack with aureus so for example if you use her as a bait and let's say you had again butchered corpse for example he's a knight he has a reddish on I don't think it works so she's not gonna reduce like you know a multiplicative of like a thirty percent to twenty percent definitely wouldn't be attitude but it's not just a stack it would seem that way now whether that stacks I'm pretty sure that would stack with see almonds passive they crit reduction passive but then even at this point of this recording we might get a nerf on see almond so we don't know what that's gonna look like but anyways it should it should because it's a different type of it's not damage sharing that's just damage reduction serum is passive so caster gains one focus when an ally is attacked okay and then when the Allies attacked a caster stacked a five focus loses all focus and activates you are not cute so this second aspect of her passive wouldn't really work for that bait tactic I was just talking about because she would only we'll use her focus if it's at max five only release her you're not cute skill if the ally is attacked so keep that in mind so very something something interesting here and then you're not cute is attacks all enemies with a fan and a 50% chance to decrease the defense with two turns so kind of like earth Bologna but a lot less effective in terms of the defense break on the s2 alright on the s2 but it's a nice to have additional or rather yeah the only defense book but it's not is it's pretty nice to have so we have also the s3 up to a four turn cooldown and up to fifty a hundred percent yeah a hundred percent chance to make them unbuffered oh and unhealable for two turns very very good twenty souls will grant you ignore effect resistance so I love that aspect of the ignore effective resistance part because you know on certain turns if you can out like you know it live long enough you can get that like like for sure and the thing is a lot of healers do need like obviously need the unhealable but like let's say someone like rule well she completely ignores all of this though so you know that that wouldn't work on like rules heels for example I'm buff aligned O'Neal blaster she just dispels it and the damage go I'm gonna pull up really quick her her mod here s1 we're looking at a one times mod so this is a single target as to we're looking at a 0.7 but you know this isn't you're not gonna really be getting this a lot unless your teammates get attacked a lot so another another aspect of using her would be like should be pretty decent for like a bait like a bait team but herself not being the bait right so if you can control the the battle let's say you have F Maya on the team and they're running only single target like dark heroes you will be able to get this quite often and the thing is like if you can you know if they don't have immunity you make them on buffle I'm not available that can really set up for the defense break that's really nice so the SUV has zero point seven when it does does proc and then the s3 is only a 1 times mod it says damage doe increases with the critical hit basically according to the data mine it's a 20% increased critical hit strike damage so pretty decent but her stats here don't really merit herself as like a pure damage dealer although although her artifact may be beneficial to her but I all talked about her artifact in a bit so I did some like really quick calculation for her speed at 114 easily get your hurt to 180 to speed if you have a speed set with a speed boot and obviously obviously if you get you know some sub stats here and there on other pieces easily over 200 so would you want to build her speedy I'm not quite sure what right now I'm thinking of because she has a similar health to dizzy and similar speed to dizzy only one speed lower than dizzy now although dizzy is a bit different because she's a mage so access to major artifacts with counter set on dizzy I've seen like decent dizzy with like hundred 60 speed so that's there pretty decently like speedy with like 15,000 HP on a counter set and that's really really annoying now for herself it there won't work the same because Dizzy's counters AoE and then she can use things like zero run abyss crown I love violin all that stuff to really like you know hinder your team or their team if you're using the counter dizzy so she doesn't really have the same kind of thing but I was thinking about the calendar set the only reason is because you could acquire focus faster that way for the s2 and then of course if you counter and you target them as well that increases the damage dealt for your other DPS heroes but that's that's that's as as far as I've gotten in terms of counter set so I mean you could build her with speed set I think counters that she has an innate eighteen percent effectiveness as well so I don't think in this case you don't need to really run like an effectiveness ring although if you do have the sub stats to merit a hit set you could go for that as well her attack isn't too low so you could build her as a cleaver as a damage dealer as well but I'm 100% sure how I would build like my seaside Bologna at this point and again like I said if this is a limited hero most likely a pity summon so most likely I'm gonna I'm gonna be getting here yeah I think she can do in terms of damage she can output just as good as like earth Bologna so you know and and I've seen earth belong to do a lot of a lot of damage although the again the skill set is I think she's mainly like a D buffer to set up other heroes to to be to be doing the attack and I just really like the ignore effect resistance so I don't think you need to have her as high effectiveness as let's say like earth Bologna but of course that that needs to be up there maybe maybe 50 60 ish it flips for PvP PvE 55 is all you'll need but yeah so that's my thoughts on this and then let's go to the artifact as well I should wait wait let's preview preview her skills first so what I'll do it if you're playing the event right now apparently you do face her I haven't gotten that far yet and you get to see her s to animation whatever that is I can't proc that animation here I think because yeah I can't because you have to have that I can't attack so yeah her as one looks like you know looks like Earth Bologna 60 percent innate right now and that's us 343 is pretty pretty darn good and looks pretty good I mean it's – turned as well so that's pretty nice yeah we got the target yeah pretty much all three um and then if the s3 I'm not quite sure on the background story for that big whale with the high that's quite interesting like what is that what is that we'll with the I on my anyways regardless you can see the potential her birdie buffs it's just it's really really good I think she has an insanely good kit and like I said usable for defense usable for offense usable for PVE pvp so overall as a hero I would say definitely pull for her yeah let's do this and then let's quickly go into the into the artifacts and quickly take a look at her so apparently if she's gonna be limited it might be a limited time artifact her artifact though I have to say this I think you have to get this I think you have to go for this it's it has a ton of potential going forward as well as for the heroes already now for the artifact in in the sense of seaside Bologna I think that this couldn't work for her because she has technically two AoE skills although the s2 is uh is a conditional but but for regular like earth Bologna I think this is gonna be an insane artifact to have on her people already built Bellona as a speedy cleaver with on top of that she already has a possible 100% defense break this will be really good so apparently the reading of this it seems to be kind of like your various tooth but without the crit situation the only way to practice is to get this on an AoE attack it's a ranger exclusive so people are saying this yesterday on stream when we're talking about this Yoona Yoona might be really good because everything she does is Aoki and Yoona can output a lot of damage so you know as a three five star hero you get in the connection in case you're new and you don't know about you know she's free if you did this artifact on her I think she couldn't be totally strong up to a hundred percent like I said a hundred percent chance to inflict additional damage scaled from the caster's attack so if it's anything like you Beria's to if the mods are the same like you is to abused tooth need to crit and as additional damage based on skilled on the attack my sir mia as a you know as a point of reference has a 3,800 attack if she does agree to attack buff the I believe the artifact does proc based on the total attack not on the the base attack so post Buffett would count my sternum it does about 1000 1500 1800 damage around that additional okay but now imagine this on an AoE attack an AoE attack getting let's say an upwards of let's say a thousand let's say a thousand let's be let's be conservative a thousand two hundred one thousand two one thousand five hundred maybe um again it just depends on the the down of mine on this it's 30 percent of the attack of the cast attack depending on the data mine says that is that is it it's gonna be I think is gonna be pretty pretty good for sure um cleaving bellona's cleaving earth polonez would be insane for this like earth Bellona I think would be more beneficial than seaside Bologna for rengar's special drink artifact just because regular Bologna already has like multiple ways of dealing a yaoi and of course like I said Yoona but of course Yoona brings a different aspect to it not the defense break but Bellona earth Bellona herself she can benefit from her own defense break and then you like be cleave with this artifact it's gonna be insane I was thinking about other other Rangers and I looked at the hero's Journal it just to see like what other Rangers would really benefit from this I don't think a lot of them would like I was thinking before like what would lit occur with litical work but I don't think so because she really has to wait a long time to get an AOE again where is she now that's class I want to start actually want class I want Ranger yeah Ranger is all here so yeah I mean other than Yuna and maybe Bologna I don't think a lot of Rangers here output like a ton of AOE I would say for sure Bologna Yuna mm-hmm Leo wouldn't people there's a damage dealer know which scurry really but yeah yeah that's my that's my thoughts on that um yeah it's AoE only if they oh you only yeah it is that's my that's my quick thought on this so I wanted to put out this video ASAP since people are gonna be talking about this so you know if you guys have thoughts on like build and you know how you can use her other than this stuff that I've already talked about you know leave them in the comments below because um you know if it's if it's a really good really smart that I had never even thought of you know never I said I will pin you a comment because I do think that you know new players or even old players whether or not they want to pull for this banner do you kind of need to know where they're gonna be using them and how how how good they can be so hopefully this has been helpful so I'm gonna end this video here if you guys have a disc or check out the disc wood server follow me on Twitter and subscribe to youtube if you haven't as always thank you guys for watching and I will see you guys next time you

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  1. Watch out! I'm with friends (you're not cute) haven't I warned you?
    That's quite interesting skill names lol

  2. Destina also ignores unhealable since her S3 is a heal-cleanse. 👌And no need to sell her Jagan. Its Baellona…nuff said. Take all my money SG! /jk 🤣🤣🤣

  3. I was thinking of skipping her BUT she is useful in pvp, all dungeons, altars and possibly raid, she's gorgeous and limited… I won't repeat the same mistake I did with Diene.

  4. I was thinking about Sea Bellona in wvyern11. If the wyvern attacks your front line 3 times does that count as 3 focus for the s2 skill? could be like getting free 50% def break procs at the end of the wyvern's turn which means defense break is already on the wyvern before any of your heroes get their turn. Also the target on s1 would boost team damage by 15%. I'm excited to try her out there.

  5. shes a support dps like the earth version just with super fast focus generation and multiple aoe debuffs cant wait till next week im going 121

  6. her skill two will get 4 points in arena, when hit with an aoe as well, so she can possibly anti-cleave. (one point per unit hit)
    healer with idol's cheer will bump her up, (that's what i plan to try at least)

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