[Epic Seven] Lilibet Hero Review & Arena Showcase - Build, Artifact & Team Discussion

[Epic Seven] Lilibet Hero Review & Arena Showcase – Build, Artifact & Team Discussion

so let me go and try fight Vinnie so Vinnie has a very very very very strong operative ill-treated one of the best I've seen and so I mean he could definitely clap me here I don't know his speed even though he's my gil mate but ideally ideally I still land a debuff before any of them go so it's a couple ways I could go about this I could use cross debate there or I could use the speed imprint just to hope that I get first tune I probably be able to beat a with the CV I could probably beat baikin but I probably won't beat her with my Tamarindo but again he I paint him on this card I'm cheating I'm like hey where's your speed on your blade I'll just try with this let's see I might get killed by his his CR Bruce but my word uh I know I could have actually gone with us even Sid with the speed in print I would beat him in speed I took the wrong gamble but let's try this out let's see here kitty place is gonna remove the debuff so it doesn't matter I think I lost I thought that maybe he wouldn't be able to push up the road is enough but I think he can that's 25% I think he's gonna be here nope you did it okay nope we still got it okay so let's check this out I have like about 9,000 HP I wonder how much HP his Viking has Viking the only other thing that is scary on this room so I'm just gonna ask through the bike I got attacked up up now if I can might survive with just the big yeah I'm gonna soul burn this just to for security so of course a little bet selling point is that extinction so no revive on this current revived meta I'll give you a rest now I think I'm gonna put up yeah so cuticle is now gonna go tack crawl and then baikin will follow up with key clear so I could kill her off first I'm not gonna use the s3 right now should be able to kill her off yeah okay we got it Jesus sceptre on TV effective for us that means that reduce one chair now now we're gonna do the defense breach secured you guys break on dizzy and then the s2 should be able to nullify her no defense break there always a good time to hesitate be a little bit more down there and awareness so now with Kitty Corsa alone this shouldn't be it won't take you long ago again a little bit a little bit s tune 20% more damage on people who are not both I'm not gonna reset this on her but I pretty sure Caicos is dead by now reset on a little bit alright so big shout out to Vinny as I'm making a little bit review here so welcome to another session of epic seven I went into that without knowing if I could beat Vinny one of my guild mates one of the strongest operative villages that I I know he's really good always have them in the for so big shout out to you bro if you get confused at why you see me attack you in a battle hopefully you watch this video later so that's a big message for him there we're gonna continue on because we got one win there I'm gonna continue on to just get a showcase you know the the team that I kind of used for this for a little bit especially facing Roo well made Chloe an arbiter voyage so made Chloe and Alberta Vadra at this point of this recording has had a major buff and people who have been lucky enough to pull those ml's you know obviously are kind of more I want to say dominating the arena defense but definitely more annoying their chances of survival pretty good because it's really hard to really you know gear up all those all those heroes just to take them out now I will say like right off the bat is that you know a lot of people saw through small gates planned buff up our River druid to sell a little bit I kind of agree with it I mean that's that's clearly what's happening here a little bit only how it really has one thing going for her and it is the extinction like gimmick if people call it a gimmick I would say a niche so the extinction niche but it's definitely as more excitement I think to countering like otherwise like you know if you're dealing with three revived errs let's say on the opposing team right now I have dealt with that auger TiVoed rude rural and made Chloe with C Armand that's really really annoying you won't be you know winning that too easily at least for most people but I'll give you a rest yeah so apparently we get first turn on this one so I'm gonna do the same thing here to ensure the kill I am going to do an defense break on operative Udrih I'll show you guys the build and artifacts and what I think that a little bit should be building for and built as in terms of sets and stuff there should be an overkill but the hard thing is pretty much pretty much sustaining that a card I might have actually done my s3 prematurely here but I don't think any I don't have any other choice based on my lilibeth speed her being under Arbor degree so I'm gonna push the Stubbs ideally ideally dizzy dies in one shot but highlight the highly doubt it with st if she doesn't wanna shot our chances of winning becomes even better and i missed so that's isn't that's not good for this i missed or burn it in case I missed that occurred on that team and I missed you but it should be dead that's why I had to insure it with the with the defense brie yeah so I got lucky unlucky orangey but so far so good no it's a cleaving disease is gonna do a lot more damage potion valent a marine so I'm still not sure how I'm going to you know probably win this one but we'll see how this plays out I'll give you if anything I wanted to lay my my attacks on a Kurt so I'm try not to process the Randall I think I'm gonna go now for a quarter they say various is Bloor 100-degree are the atomic under yeah there you got lost yeah I might lose this one a couple couple misses on did we can really set us back here get ready yeah that's not that's not good I think we're lost I think we lost I'm just gonna yield this I'll give you a rack after this there's potential I can solo it with just this area so let's continue if a car doesn't get a crit on my little bit I might be able to survive this next year no that was a dual attack yeah and it's done on camera Wow pretty pretty bad dizzy will now have her yeah like if that means I can to cleanse this either so pretty good defense team but yeah without a little a bet on that team I don't think there's any easier way to kill this one off okay so we do have Sasha no provoke please provoked so we did lose this one only a stun no no no wait we have a bit more I'm kind of drawing this out since this supposed to be a little bit showcase but who like losing right we like to losing she already has her cool down here so I'm just gonna hit senior Armin don't get now it's gonna be full attack on on Assyria but I can't risk is I'm gonna keel we got the reset I'm gonna save it I'm gonna go for cm and first we're gonna miss a card on the next hit because of his passive if we could get rid of one of them that will help in terms of in terms of survival I basically don't want her to actually attack attack at Syria if I can but I see ready to reset tamarine now and we might be able to win it hopefully the punishment doesn't get me but yeah we might be able to be doing this so let me just over here for this one I want to change try switching targets I'm gonna go try to full heal and get RNG to hopefully switched targets the Camry now at the moment we have a 50-50 chance for her to attack there Cameron and which I want we're gonna miss this one no s3 I'm gonna push her up and since a serious fast enough with the CR boost you can hopefully his natural passive doesn't uh evade this we got it okay so once you get the defense break up it should be pretty much over again if go for tambourine I'll be better no I resisted it oh okay I got really lucky I got really lucky on that one gonna reset tambourine again so tambourine in Assyria if serious uh what's he called actually no no Soviet if a series s2 is reducing cooldown it has the same cycle as tambourine especially if you do run a Serie of faster I should use the double attack give me on it should use the double attack on this but in his dead got it that was a long one that wasn't really a little bit showcase but at least you guys get to see sort of why I'm choosing that team there's added security now I know that another way to run a little bit pretty easily let's refresh if we can see anymore Reve Ivers this one's too hard nukkie you would ideally be better with with ox lots the reason is because ml balls on that team so unless you get really lucky you're not gonna get super noob can work so super noob can work he has ml Chloe so mo Chloe again another Reviver really annoying if this can work is Charles probably Elbrus yeah they can hit really hard especially if ml Ken goes first and cleaves I don't think I need us I don't think I need to sit on this one I don't need to be really fast I'm think I'm gonna go with Crowell as that that extra bait and aureus holder for this one so let's check this out super new he's I think he's one one one room higher than me in Rena right now but in this fight which doesn't matter if did he gets first period and again why I think that Assyria tambourine it's such a strong combo because I can save a series D spell for later especially against me Chloe that can really really help so there's just gonna be annoying RNG here Elbrus can't rock counter set on Charles Cooper rock there you go he did it that does a lot of damage to you but they're generally unless that person is a whale he he doesn't have a max and has 30 plus 30 Elbrus which equals 20 percent to counter but if that Charles is built way counter set let's go if the Charles is built with counter set he has 20 percent counter no matter what so ideally a few facing charles teams you know go go ahead and attack the other ones you have a lower probability for it to counter for Albers to proc compared to it as they counter set any we're gonna end off but dizzy first I think actually no there's no worry as I think so I think I'm gonna end off ml Ken right now we don't need that the defense breaks that would just add to our difficulty and I think for this one I'm gonna kill off in the if I can't know ideally kicking out Charles II begins you but I don't have any viable new jet now so remove that revive so at least at least there we have a couple turns we're like meepo we won't go and we also stripped Charles feels good banking on this is that if you goes straight for a crowd at the top we might be able to get an s3 early because my college built pretty fast you got a provoked that's good do that connect who here high resistance I kind of expected that youth gonna push up here oh she cleanse right um it's a very risky yeah I think I'm gonna go with me quo we give you kids a lower transfer Albert's approach versus counter says like me not not 100% the case all the time I'll give you a Charles is gonna come he's gonna go straight has to want to crawl 9,000 HP just there's not bad I'm actually gonna go and s3 Charles right now combined with the other damage I should go fulfilling through to ensure this kill I'm actually going to Silvernail now I kind of missed out an aspect for a little bit if I rehab resent a little bit instead her extinction would eat through ml Chloe's buff so she wouldn't be revived on that buffing turn here but since I didn't read we said it we only saw extinction once in this fight she won't survive it now isn't the time to hesitate get ready all right let's see if we have another one I think there's a real well on the other team twos I know we can we can kind of get into the gear and you know build build ideas rear old boy so rear old boy is basically the same thing but with f- security I always do like running security especially against a car teams I know other people are saying that just run o'the key to be honest I could do that that'd probably be the easiest way but I'm just gonna be bad and not doing it I believe that not do it we're just gonna gonna hope RNG is on our side it's the same thing doesn't matter if does he gets first turn or not apparently she doesn't for security I would rather let the defense break in case that ecards passive procs for dizzy gear on micro shot and resisted so no no no defense breach Reef Chow asked how fast in year Syria she is 2 to 24 I also have no so burn on this if I don't miss this should kill her no problem and it didn't kill her so no I don't mind so I should yield this this this this may not even ah well we can it we can sort of sustain it the problem is now that Ruell will be able to revive her even though she'll do her s through right now but if if you know obviously it will all be buffed and stuff so I'm kind of like a sitting duck until all my rotation is returned and the but there with with F Maya on the team it's sort of viable in the case if I can sustain I just don't know how long I could sustain this is that that Disney is gonna be laughing and she might get infinite to cool down I pretty much have to say nice that my turn one but I have to kind of wait for counter-attack to get even worse if I counter time with a grid and I got stunned yeah if I lose my healer I don't think I'm gonna creation destruction progress so yes I do have her artifact on her and ideally in this flight if I had portrait yes is he would have been dead but I didn't run it so that was my bad wanted to showcase that the artifact did well even though this is not much of a showcase but you guys to see the proc so all those battles that we fought it didn't proc once right so it's pretty low proc rate and that will feed into my review on her I'm in reset hammering right now I'll give you a rest info boom the sword of flowers no then the Vinny are you using you beerus – so Vinny Vinny you came to stream and by the way just letting you know I attacked you I'm doing a review on a little bit on video and I attacked you so you may be confused about that he didn't talk is sq what no I meant um did you use a your various tooth on your your little bet get ready so yeah I think we're gonna lose this one just straight from punishment I can go sir to see this yeah this guy's got like really good rng on the fact that gets your energy and blue well that's not that's not good now I talked to you once just to show key a little bit showcase a little bit oh yeah look at this so yeah I was right so she already got her has to be back by the time that I could reset so I'm just gonna yield this for time see I lost that one transfer you like when people attack you what the heck I asked about biking because I was seeing if I could could one shot you uh reroll boy I even try it again I just looked like a fool right no I can I can do it let's put on let's put on tonfa for this sorry not talking for a portrait or save you for this one just for this showcase I'm gonna remove this and again some orangey on it so I'll try them again and then and I think this that's that's the last fight I think you guys kind of get the idea if I can win this one at least you guys can see what it's like on Roo well which is my which is my point here Roo well made Chloe meta and then our vertical grid so we showcase all three of the big drivers I don't think yeah SS the key DS needs to be talked about it in this in this showcase here but yeah let's give let's either get our points back or feed rear old boy I'll get some more see you outside on can there okay get your note I'd pledged myself yeah a cart a cart is pretty pretty harsh sometimes I'm scared again no soul burn which us over and usually would be way better there you go okay so then now we should go after rule or split the damage both doesn't leave you can't so ideally how we're gonna finish this off is for sure ml can I think actually I won't take out a card first a card he missed will be really annoying to do it I'm splitting the damage here because they were all gonna do something nasty for for a card anyway hopefully we don't miss again the 20% you more damage on that s2 without a buff so she didn't have a buff on that tier but a cart does obviously with the defense break everything looks impressive so for newer players if they're watching this keep in mind that a defense break has a 70% defense reduction on their total defense actually let me see the cooldown for this just to see one more turn on Tamaran two more turns on on a little bit I'm actually gonna save it for now I don't know when I'm gonna use it basically when I take out a car first so we can kill him okay with one shot without a Miss so this is just the grinding game now shouldn't be too tough once you pass that RNG it's not that bad I should yeah I'll do the desk dude it should be a one shot on MLK no every time this rate this is my sweet spring I'm gonna hit em oh Ken Foree the reason is because I don't want eco to die yet in this turn because we're gonna get we're gonna get Assyria to kill off it but I think still a little bit can reset for EM okay so I'm gonna reset a little bit right now I'm gonna slow burn a card even if it's a mess I think it should kill him I think so yeah okay so now we can whoa whoa whoa whoa no nevermind I he almost didn't die his defense is really high that's really high I did 14000 with a soul burn with portrait that's a really high defense mo can so a good job rear old boy if you ever watch this video he gets a he gets a gets a shout out it is we're gonna continue on our review here so so show you guys that currently what my build is like as you guys saw I did have creation and destruction on her so her stats looked a bit last so creation destruction right now mine is plus 15 if you guys watch my whole video I had my little a bet like yeah I spent a lot to get her and I got four of her artifacts so my vision destruction technique we can be put up to one nine nine eleven which I where is that 18 plus 18 I believe that would only give me 18% for the skill cooldown not to occur as you saw and all those fights it proct once and on the s2 so originally I did a theory craft video you know theory crafting this artifact how good it is on her and it's definitely not and I proven it and the reason why I ran with the C and D is because I felt that my little bit was able to kill most of the most of the people even with C on but as I saw there without a soul burn on even someone like dizzy with no aureus or see Armin holder I couldn't even kill her I I think I do have to stick with poetry I would have recommended portrait anyway if you're taking her seriously but I got too overconfident but the other thing was they you know have C and D on so you guys can see the proc rate now I don't really like creation and destruction on la la bet it's not to say that this artifact is not good for other warriors other people are saying that it might be good for soo Miah it might be good for like cigarette or someone someone that can like do two turns and really benefit from this you know if the cooldown doesn't occur it would when they're way stronger nuclear there's someone like a little bit you guys saw the damage that she can do with defense break soul burns and stuff like that so I'm not gonna talk too much about you know this having that effect on it obviously you know if I didn't you know if I did proxy and D let's say on the s3 a lot of those fights would have been a bit quicker though not that much quicker because most of most of my fighting style is like kind of like half sustain sustain the damage and then nuke them out one by one I prefer that almost we're all all types of teams just because it's easier to handle take out their biggest threats and then move on to like the tanks and they're healers etc so you have pixel creation destruction I would say like this artifact don't even bother using especially if you're thinking about it for a little bit don't bother using it unless you can plus there be this which you means you need the maximum amount of dupes for it and I'm not even convinced that at +20 or sort of 20% proc rate is enough for this artifact to be any good now the difference between this and our NL is that our now gives you another turn now arnelle usually used on heroes that can either get their s threes quick so like CID use for Heroes that are you know have multiple turns so like Corinne and the limited hero baikin you guys know that when arnelle procs on those heroes they really really make a difference and then you might think that this works sort of like R&L in the sense that you you can just you know come back to be with your cooldown skills again it definitely doesn't work out that way I have a 15% on my biking right now 15 plus 15 so the exact same as as a creation destruction and I just feel like even though it doesn't mean that this procs more it just feels like when this procs it changes the game a lot more then it does for creation and destruction if creation destruction goes off and her cooldowns don't reset then sorry the cooldowns that don't occur then you're still waiting for another turn now it depends on how you build you a little bit as you can see my little bit is like at base speed pretty much so base speed I believe that logo button needs to be if you can get her with like a speed set with something like speed set or something like that like maybe like like shermaine here speech at 144 like that's that's pretty pretty ideal there now sir Mia does have a higher base attack so you you won't be getting that kind of that kind of damage output but ideally you would want her to be like a pure on damage dealer in my opinion as you can see like because I didn't kill off dizzy that like totally set me back especially on a revived team and if you're if you're pulling for her and you're using her you're really really using her for her s3 that's her major selling point everything else is kind of like a nice to have I know that there have been people on online saying that no she she's actually really bad hero they might buff her I'm not convinced above her because again her selling point hers is rs3 as you can see I have put in a bit of mola in here and I do think that Tim I think that the s1 s2 and s3 are all worth it and again it depends on how much you want to use her but just yesterday on the time of this recording just yesterday I did floor 99 so on automatron tower with a dis Tina and one of the one of the the niches to that fight is that you kind of want a new curve down from 30% HP and then you want to kill her off quick and I did it with a combo of Soumya new king and with a little bit now I'll save the spoilers for those who actually want to watch a video of how I handled that one but I had to like figure out like certain artifacts and time some things and it worked out really well and the feeling of her doing her s3 is you know nuking out that dis Tina on automatron tower 99 is really really cool one thing about her estrogen know is that even though if you don't have been taking extinction into the play it's very very high damage she has a total of I think 3035 percent raw damage if you max Cohen has the s3 but the damage mods are extremely high it has a two point two point four times damage mod on the s3 if you sober in it and I believe it's a one point eight yeah one point eight without a soul burn that's incredibly strong two point four means that with ten souls only keep in mind ten soul soul burn tensile stubborn 2.4 times damage mod is comparable to see Dom but see Dom even though it's on an s-1 it takes 20 Souls but hers is a 2.5 times damage see Dom's does have the benefit of running more crit damage and because that she doesn't need the crit chance so you can really funnel crit damage so see Dom in in that case it's like a better nuclear but I'm comparing those two because they have very very close so burn damaging mods while albeit one is on an s-1 and cost 20 souls yeah so you can see my stats right now before I was running her at about two point nine ke tak which is really too low and the 294 crit damage I used that all the way when I was leveling her obviously she can look for some upgrades I think an upgrade on the the ring would probably be her primary thing because her base base attack is so low I think it's about like one 1100 something we could take a look at the hero journal but you guys could do that yourself you guys probably know that better than me I I need more percent I swapped this as my Kieran's weapon I gave her this because I needed more more attack now if I actually had enough crit chance which I don't I would change this to a crit damage necklace perhaps swapped around quick damage necklace with high crit chance but I don't own anything like that so this is the best thing I can do for now so yeah these are these are kind of the stats here as you can see no crit set because I'm running a crit crit chance necklace here so that hit set is kind of nice because you know her having effectiveness is really good for her s1 or s2 as well so just showcasing my stats here again the s2 when I was doing the arena runs you guys you guys heard me saying that no buff additional damage based on the data mine is 20% increased damage if the target has no buffs so you know if you're enhancing this this skill for the bleed I would say is not that worth it it's a like a little nice to have it's a 50% proc rate for 4 bleeds you know that that doesn't hold doesn't doesn't hold anything against my kins s1 and s2 you know so if you're going for the raw damage I would say it's sort of worth it because you're scaling that raw damage with the 20% increased damage if for her skill to if they're not buffed right so keep that in mind the reason why I like running her with Assyria tamarine as well is because I got two strippers on that team and yeah so two shippers on that team and the Asteria able to defense break on both the s2 and the s1 gives a lot more flexibility for her now I did say that ocelots would probably be the more ideal CR pusher you can get the soul burn like on pretty much turn one and you can give her an attack buff right away the only thing missing obviously is a defense break if you need it and then of course if you fail let's say if there's a a card on that team and you you don't run both key on on her and you miss there's no kind of like follow-up you know there's no follow-up with heels and sustain so I I do like a CVO tambourine for that that aspect her s1 is a very very weak compared to some other some other nuclear's s1 so sir Mia has a 1.2 times mod on her s1 she only has a 1 times mod luna can obviously proc higher – with up to I think at one point one point six or something that I think is insanely high no to two point one I think two point one insanely high s3 sort of s1 so I really do think that her selling point for the s1 here is the unbuffed ball um it's nice to have again I didn't showcase it exactly in the in the fight even though it's 40% proc rate right now I do kind of want to get this to 50% I do think it's worth it I was saying this on the early Earth you craft a video as well that I'm buff a bull on an s-1 and is amazing thing to have especially again if you have on a Serie of town or in comp attacking comp is very cool because when Assyria started when tambourine does for s1 and that procs the duo attacked and you're a little bit is the highest damage dealer then you know you'll be able to progress one and I have done this in the past even though I don't think I showcase this year that the OP is you you make someone I'm Buffalo right away which is very nice and on top of that if you if you're lucky let's say let's say on the opposing team they had like Angelica put up the full team immunity so usually you wouldn't be able to get that unbuffed ball buff debuff on an immunity hero but with tambourine in Idol form doing a swamp rocking the dual attack she'll be able to she might be able to I should put it in the might because orangey as a thing might be able to strip the immunity and then when she lands her unblockable it's a really nice thing to have so I really do think that a little bit in like the full kit is very cool although I do think that the bleeding is very unnecessary it's just a little nice to have is not necessary because I would to use the s2 pretty much for that your damage on the unbuffed ball right cuz give you compare biking here up to eighty percent chance here and I think this is up to seventy percent yeah seventy percent chance on the s12 bleeds on the S one and three bleeds on the s2 so biking you know for sure we'll have a highway higher proc great but for Lola bet herself you know she could be combo'd with biking pretty easily as well um I have run so I should show you guys actually you know what I'll show you guys quickly just a series a Marine they're kind of my core here so that those are the kind of stats I have they're a 224 speed so I can have sometimes run a seed CID imprint as you guys saw on one of the fights run a set imprint there for an extra extra ten and then my tambourine is looking like that right now at the moment so it's really quick so a couple things let's see if we can go into arena and we can find some more more people to fight here so so for example this nukkie you I would say that I'm gonna avoid this one because for might this one ideally you would need a very very strong a little bit with aux lots because it doesn't matter what I do if ml but all puts me to sleep it's over for me I can't do anything about it so that's like risking RNG of ml ball not doing this sleep and also risking my Assyria going first should we risk it actually you know what for the showcase let's do it let's do it for fun let's do for fun all right I'm uh I'm a daredevil okay I'm gonna do double I'm gonna run sit on this one just to get first change so what we're looking for here is hopefully a surrogate first turn will be over the land of defense break and if ml ball cuts in which he will before my tamarine hopefully doesn't put my family to sleep she has a 50% effect resistance right now and if it does proteges sleep hopefully her poem about procs on her those are the only kind of orangey rules I can wish for this and obviously to get first turn I need that first turn for Assyria to get the cooldown on on but anyways let's try this out I'll give you we did your first so you can see my tambourine does actually outspeed ml ball with Sid on the team but it's not gonna it's not gonna help so exactly the way I predicted so the only other thing is that orangey is that if we can bypass the sleep in the sense that she doesn't practice sleep I plant a memory or my potion I'll prop and remove it all my tambourine that's the only way we can win this one otherwise I'm just gonna give it we didn't sleep okay so this is a possibility so let's do this so good thing is no you know eight cart nonsense you know assessment or to your nonsense for Sid I'm gonna try to get actually I don't know no D spell on this team I'm gonna get the steep up up first Elbrus that's not gave me yeah that's another aspect to this I'm gonna sober in it but I don't think I need it I have portrait but I'm not sober no no yeah that's all over girl 50 mm with a the defense break I keep in mind that is with the portrait and so it's not you know super super crazy if you think about it in fact I should probably take out ml Cecelia first no no ml ball first no I'm all cecilia first on this one on this one i need them i'm bubble I need my so burn to for sure one shot two ml ball there I don't want mo ball to have too much low HP here because if he s please me right now I'm dead like like and he be healing that and I lost my city nope didn't lose her yet good good good well push this up well take out the yeah ml Cecilia first I think she's probably gonna be the more annoying one okay now we can actually go after I want to save this over for Sid oh right to revive right right I forgot I didn't put put an S to be on here that's when a creation destruction would be very helpful oops we might loose it on the this fight though if we loose it I think my chances at winning might be a lot lower resistance yeah okay so here we go I'm gonna try to land this on em elbow all sama ball coming again and hopefully he doesn't get like them again and we can okay so has a pretty low effectiveness judging by the looks of this let's see here Assyria will go I think we can do just do this straight I'm gonna go for her now I'm gonna go for a well now I'm Buffalo um sober she has the s2 actually no she's steer stuff that's too doesn't get you oh man she's insane okay yeah she got this dude let's go for three now we have one more change before my okay we gotta kill it off now we got go over off now say that I'm bubbles pocketing a lot now is actually Christ showcasing it so you can see that that s1 into the s1 of a little bit is a very very nice thing to have again that's like a like you know no unblockable on a CV I mentioned this on another video that I don't think there's any other hero that has unblockable that not on the cooldown rotation which is uh which makes her really good with s1 yeah my minus plus plus juice right now V but I do think that I'm gonna go four plus four on it because I think it's worth it to be honest so we kind of got lucky on that one I might if he revenge's me back I might actually revenge him because I think his MO but all has really low effectiveness very very little I don't know why two times he did to us – but we didn't get killed this one is gonna be really fun and I'm being sarcastic this one is not really the problem is not really about the Reviver the problem is about the two – damage dealers let me think how I could do this one for this I think this is gonna be my last run I'm gonna end this video just so you guys can see like the flexibility I might still run CID I might say we run said let's rest it I'll give you okay we got first tuned in case yeah I don't even know who I want to offer us in case I make Chloe has Idol cheer I don't think I'm gonna go attack here otherwise I think going for her first to be better uh actually no wait I'm gonna go for I'm gonna go for what's her name BBK music a to cleave that Jim oh I didn't get down bubble uh I got unlucky I was hoping for the unpoppable there so uh I'm no I'm not a kind of a sitting duck I don't think as much I can do here I think I'm gonna go for ml every month uh I'm gonna extinct BBK I think she's far more the more dangerous cleaver but both of them are just as both of them are actually you know I love the equivalent in in threat so I think I lost this one to be honest BBK will be able to one-shot no matter what I wanted to revive because her HP is even lower 20% HP this one if I get lucky I might not die but we'll see I think Sid is citizen on her yeah not yet he is now no yeah if you go it's over it's over yeah we lost weight they got rebut so I can't I can't do this can't do anything on this one yeah so yeah either way it would have lost but if it was an unblockable on maybe camp probably could have got it yeah yeah I think I mean it that that's that's it that's pretty much it I'm that's all I'm gonna run for now that's pretty long so yeah thank you guys for watching so that's my that's my thoughts on a little bit like if she if you are in a Reno player arena or even gvg I actually user yesterday and gvg on rural defense team as well if you are you know in especially high ranked GvG or pvp you're gonna face Reviver is a lot as people are more will or you know lucky and we think we ran into a couple guys in the previous two guild wars that had six ml five stars and all six of them were on their defense team like what the heck so a little bit is a sort of nice they have as you can see there I don't think I would have handled those with as much confidence as I did without her so if you are not up you know pvp heavy player I would say little bit is ass capable one for you you could probably wait for like mystic rotation or even just wait for her off banner if you get lucky she doesn't she's not a better like single target nuclear than any other other ones right now so it's not like you know she is a must pull but for me she was a muscle because of you know how how serious I take PvP in general and you know that aspect of the game to me is very important and I do like her I think that she's really cool especially her animations s1 s2 and s3 are all pretty impressive I would say the s1 and s3 for emphasis are probably the more impressive thing my name is that's my thoughts on it so hopefully that has been helpful her review and her artifact so I'm gonna end this video here so if you guys have a disc or check out the discord server follow me on Twitter and subscribe to youtube if you have it as always thank you guys for watching and I will see you guys next time

11 thoughts on “[Epic Seven] Lilibet Hero Review & Arena Showcase – Build, Artifact & Team Discussion”

  1. Wish I had Portrait of the Saviors maxed. Started playing E7 thanks to the collab, but thought you could only get 1 Portrait (from the rewards for clearing the hard difficulty). 😐

  2. Very well thought out video Jagan!! Prop to that.

    probably just me, but I wish her s1 has the chance to dispel just 1 buff, that would make her so much more valuable in pve/pvp, but you cant have everything.

  3. Was on the stream
    He got demolished by ZzArrow twice btw
    This man is a masochist
    Great vid tho, still enjoyed rewatching it because I missed the first half

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