[Epic Seven] Automaton Tower Floor 95 - So many Artifacts enhanced!

[Epic Seven] Automaton Tower Floor 95 – So many Artifacts enhanced!

I would try it so nevermind I'll I'll set up a new team for this just for automatron shower maybe team five yeah team five alright so let's try okay I was thinking I go to healers that could might work I'm gonna try tamarine Angelica and Crow I'm gonna try that and then assassin Kali as the sole damage dealer oh that could be really really slow but hoping that works out all right let's give it a try let's try this out Morgana's hey jig and be quiet hey dragon doubles if someone killed a tree that's up to you Martin shoot that's done is not not friendly either let's would I be able to get my CR back okay I'm gonna keep it without this the defense Buffy yet for now I just know that kind of time disappear how annoying yeah it's getting a bit dangerous I'm already past it she Warnock panicking now isn't the time to turn defense buff he might be she might be able to go like pretty quick so I shouldn't even put that up right now one more turn on Angelica and I'll do it on the next one that's not good ultimate 30 coming so hopefully Angie oh no it's done Angie no you have to be kidding me oh my oh my goodness already knuckle sandwich okay okay good for that Wow Wow that's so this is scary no I should use the s3 first now let's do right now that's good I forgot I got I panicked I like to the HP and I'm like no no got a pseudo got a feel okay okay let's build up the stools for the second one pretty sure pretty sure we're gonna do this let's do this Jay so it's already yeah totally hey don't blame me for starting man I'm this is pretty scary stuff I might actually save it arrest me push back please push back please push back oh man okay I got a heal I got a heal like bad bad bad no you don't do that okay you know what I have to do this I have to push them up there's no no point with me right now okay Gila okay I feel bit better now feel bit better we can do this we can do this oh shoot sorry coming she's already coming man ah s3 sober no no let's not be hasty oh I see that's even gonna do this shoot now I might have just over in it I live just over in it I'm just over in it let's do it no she's told me ah yes yes still comment do is like playing a horror games now you know what it's like for me to play a horror game um I'm gonna have to finish her off man is he gonna be way too hopefully she goes through like Angelica let's risk it go for Angelica no one's acro any kuba ultimi plan I'm gonna any of it you did I always gonna wait the plan works I just I have to test to see if this works for the second round or you know what I'm gonna go with the s3 right now just to do more damage because I realize I'm enough turns to get the cooldown back just do more damage it wasn't that much damage oh boy girly calm down man I'm hurt I'm hurt bro the Apple Corey what's riskier what's the worst they can happen right no don't kill me don't do it don't don't kill me I'm we're good I'm a good person with some pitaya I use you a lot of Maya come on don't kill me yes push back okay I'm gonna put up the immunity right now seems that seeing that you're having fun no white school just give me a couple more rounds and I'll probably go into the salt down again it's pretty sure pretty sure we can hang on there with a tutor immunity shall I have a go she should get her turn quick so especially with the Southland Coley keep attacking here alright so far so good everybody's got their buffs up knuckle sandwich here we go here we go oh yeah feels good man why don't you bring Maya – thank you close your eyes that's a that's a good point is that even is that even a good idea though I don't know what are the ramifications there's no ramifications except I don't get the s3 though let's and I just realized I kind of wasted it again the damage she does okay you know what maybe I'll balance it if she attacks micro then it's kind of like punishment for her you know but I get stunned if that's not good either don't get stunned thank you I think I'm gonna faint here mm-hmm crap I don't I don't know what to do you s1 s1 she's dead right I think so how long is he be quiet she should be let's go s3 and s3 proud I have a go um maybe I should Sobran it in case I don't know how much HP she has loved actually I should be fine maybe with the barrier let's see okay we got we got a guy that barrier holds though that's good that's very very needed okay let's go yeah I don't want that surprised no don't do it no no okay okay here lucky look go go go now the real fun begins yeah there's not gonna be there's not gonna be fun they have the ultimate on the next chain let's push oh man come on Angie come on a few herself and split with Crowl keep the sovereigns just in case assassin cold should always get her turn because I think she should be faster than all the bosses here but we'll see you how we do crap crap crap okay so they can't split target though I just got lucky last time they just like blasted me tough I was harder I know this is easy strap for this plate but can't show Jamie oh he knows an easy strap but he can't tell me here's bad man why can't you tell me I'll see the silver knife the s2 oh I'm so nervous man whose own arrest I got defense buff Sankar oh crap increase attack three that's not good that's not good oh no I'm all silence how long silence alright no one oh I have immunity right right right okay okay good all right so maybe maybe sort of building Angelica's good I'll let go soul burn let's try it out no this is uh scary man my heart can handle it oh my goodness the damage is increasing so fast that's not good that's not good let's go I'm charging pushback oh my goodness oh here we go split the damage please go after like okay that's fine that's fine do this is your assessment called +15 no she's not her s1 is not enhanced at all so it's not not that good now isn't the time to hesitate uh I might actually do a sober and heal here um I don't even think I can sustain this is a lot of damage that you're that you're doing here my roommate asked what am i watching why's it so squeaky says nipple plug me into your headphones headphones headphones oh oh now there's gonna be a bit tricky oh yeah I'm gonna push how annoying watch a collie not get stealth that's true that is true that's not good and then a collie dies and then it's over shoot oh my goodness that damage man that damage though oh my oh no wow wow wow tears they called it oh my goodness wow what heck how the heck did someone beat this I got an idea man tell me the SD to kill let's do it let's do it s3 and then into a defense buff hopefully oh my goodness is ridiculous is ridiculous all no I can't even sustain that now it's over it's over the shield is can't do it in Angie okay that says lucky as I can get uh yeah I gotta push up I was so close on this one man I feel so close there is one unit for this fight but you can't tell me sister well now isn't the time to hesitate do I have that hero though or is it like some ml5 sir that I don't hope to obtain I say shooter so burn that one they all go for him too what heck this is so BS man this is OVS Wow no way no way hit Angelica Wow lost him what duh yeah I don't – which and you got us through your music career okay I lied it was bad man Wow yes I'm built oh man jeez yeah I gotta do this let me think man okay f clear yes I have f Cleary Capri one suck is great all right ah let's see how would I be able to though let me but then the second round is the one that's not go dizzy Angelica tamarine and Ken Ken in the front line you give he he can survive a knuckle sandwich dizzy the damage on the first one's gonna be like take forever though Oh with scythe actually I was gonna revert him back is nice to be honest because I wanted I wanted my portrait on my little bit anyway so yeah I guess I could revert him back I'm gonna change this one to you tooth go back to where I was before and then I say I change this just sig my SIG's not that max level it's not really high level I have crown not high level let's see if it procs let's see if aprox I have crown it's not high level though Jesus man why why okay so no status ailments on this no debuff on her as much as I can but the first fights gonna take forever though the first place gonna take forever crap and then she still got it thanks to do anything at all you don't think crowd was really close buzz is even worth maybe maybe worth getting the the speed-up right probably I know that we're gonna be buff are you buffer but I'm assuming it's probably better than that Oh their tank doesn't do anything at all I see their tanks like little tanks I see World of Tanks World of Tanks okay let's see but Terra is this thing is this the hero you're talking about though is this the here you're talking about cuz I'm not even gonna say sure that Ken is the right one to do oh man she's gonna go a knuckle sandwich on me right now and I don't think I could sustain that yeah I know he's dead oh he's dead he's dead you just talking about dizzy ah he's dead yeah I was over so Ken won't work just telling it is e then mmm who is Terry talk about I'm not quite sure uh let's see if I went with Shino back to the bench yeah actually know that yeah they're so brutal if they don't tell me don't tell me oh whatever whatever that's the UM F Cleary in Sarnia yeah that won't that won't work not enough like sustain unless you can one-shot like SSA Katie's as well with Sir Mia I don't know if that's worth it dizzy crowd a collie solo hero that's what you ran okay so so if that is literally what you ran then we think sword is similar maybe but then how did you you respect oh I see I see you rent si okay okay there you go yeah you run as tenantry okay got it yeah that makes more sense you don't she's the better a collie in this case for sure um dizzy solo he Oh huh I did tambourine still she has more ceiling over time and she's faster so give that a try that um solo hero you ran Celestine oh I see oh who did you use as your main healer though like was it Angelica iris hey echo rock your man long time no see we're gonna steam you're watching me feel everybody having a good time oh you rent a marine with Celestine oh I don't have Celestine though feelsbadman now isn't the time to hesitate wait which Celestine work on hers Idol formed us want you because that's really good that's great Oh which guys oh I see because all of the healers is that that usually I see you with Celestine they're all single target I've never considered the AoE but yeah of course that's nice okay I'm put it up right now there because love she's gonna come yeah that's like always gonna be way to a little damage okay respect Cantabria if you're ready let's go and did you get that speck ten areas that passive to proc as in the more people dead the stronger she gets on the second fight maybe oh shoot time for a knuckle sandwich no no she's not dead almost almost that was close I was freaking close can't kill the second plate add there more no I'm talking about Terra's like heroes like if any of them died off and so she got stronger because that could be that could be a sort of save saving okay that's not good shoot okay I gotta do this your heroes don't die shut up all right we got the s3 crowd didn't get a chance to really uses STV but now isn't the time to hesitate George it's picked it up put it up push back a bit good damage my nut damage she's insane she's insane get away get away get away don't keep it hitting me oh the holes of it is coming again oh my goodness oh my goodness don't don't so when did the turn one on second phase sovereign does he turn one on second base Oh even more crown procs smart and the D box nice if I can make it we got an ultimate knuckle sandwich coming again let's go knuckle sandwich I'm gonna use the s3 right now the reason is because I think I need that barrier to survive I think I do no wait I could so burn into a defense but now waste a bit of souls but Disney should be able to get stone if Klaus dies just restart uh-oh he said don't have a go I was gonna do this just in case you go too cheap get enough stools I think taco knuckle sandwich I don't want a knuckle sandwich I don't want a knuckle sandwich oh please don't die please don't die right now don't die right now thank you I want I want some heels just before this before we enter no I wanted to show that's even worse oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no yeah I lost this I lost this he's gone I will heal your work that's always so she's gonna give you a hug oh let's try without a getting it even work there's even work without if they're stunned it could work none of them were stunned Gina I have a business I have a bitch going on I I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure I do imagine I'd go that would be hilarious but did you really bad down there oh one of them doesn't even have a what you call one of them doesn't even have the attack down be quiet okay maybe I don't even have a discount on it's not max level but I mean there's like a 11 percent fraud obviously right now I would want my dizzy to actually be able to do it be able to like land sell me okay it does it doesn't work so I got one of them only can you run aureus on Frontline fell I did but he's dead he's dead alright let's do it again isn't it again hopefully we get some more more stunts no stunts okay we're sort of hanging in there sort of that damage on my on my assessment Colby's not really hoping though that's not gonna be that's not even good done please it's done no crap crap crap crap be quiet I'm pretty sure I have crown because I saw them miss on one of the the earth ones and he still got stunned so I think just my crown is too low level I'm blind I'm not gonna risk the s3 on that one oh my goodness gonna go after assassin Colby's in it no okay makalah has a lot of you would have your density yeah Yahoo Yahoo be much easier to survive via the dizzy be books really hope so if my crowd was alive we could do this I think so I think in this case I would just so save all my sauce for dizzy dizzy combo but I might actually just buy some charms and just like max out that that frickin of his crown because that's not rocking that's not fucking a lot but it should be yeah I said I'll see it happen yeah it helps survival a lot and they already getting stronger too yeah crowd was alive this would have been I think this would have been good yeah okay cuz I'm gonna leave this one okay so let me let me double check let me double check oh this is insane yeah it's a little it's plus eight so that that's not really doing it hold on let's go buy some of my charms it's policy plus it lets go buy powder powder got some powder from my yesterday's pool so I mean this has to help man this has to hold right crowd compile use the different artifacts like the event artifact oh yeah true you won't even need to not meant to take a lot of hits this will cap but or whatever I'll just do it for the sake of speed 18% now okay so the sort of a zero artifact rate change right right it's probably not leveled same problem 17% reduction should I upgrade this do you think it's worth it my holy sacrifices just can't it that proc way is just way too low rod rasilla Steen oh man there's a lot of gold used huh okay um 70% reduction I mean that's a big reduction but I don't know if I can know all right I'll buy it buy one more let's try it out hopefully great experience yes good all right 18% I'll take it I'll take it I don't think I want to go too far with that all right so let's try that out I started out who knows better but you have to get bar ng you may for damage over assassin Kohli right mmm things that sounds like always fast and lunar huh loops what am i doing at Ala Moana tower okay let me let me think who is it even a better the Lunas a bit bit risky especially I know how about worries anymore that's a bit risky I might try this one one more time with now new artifacts and enhanced artifacts and whatnot I'll try this team once more and then and then let's see be quiet Oh Lunas defense brake and then with Dizzy's extension helps my Lunas not that fast if I do go in first yeah without worries is a pretty big difference well hopefully yeah hopefully we just gambled RNG then just go for CRO oh isn't the to one out of three chances that's your goldfish bra and her speed is darn fast holy crap their speed is so fast we're at the starting line and then she'd beat my assassin holy that's insane I think I could go one more turn she does not get how annoying one more turn and I'll put up with events both okay let's put it up now now isn't the time for hesitation be quiet you can't close your eyes knuckle sandwich over knuckle sandwich oh my goodness that close call man that was a close call it's not over yes not over just yet that's not good for Crowe oh my thanks um I have to save it I think could I even should I even go s3 I'm so close I don't know man should I even go s3 pump him up but then you would s2 all right all right I'm now taking all advice because this is too insane this is too insane she should be dead she should be dead no she's not dead oh my goodness that Wow I was here I was scary okay okay so she dizzy goes so hopefully my cross survives because otherwise uh yeah this is pretty scary man the scary stuff all my cane is also closed yep burnsy yeah yeah hopefully a discount out procs okay one of them so it's getting pushback missed few of them oh she's pushed back okay good good good okay okay oh man yeah White's cool man duotex are usually great but then that that one that stage man you don't want it you don't want it all right we'll push back even more that's good good good good good good oh come on if this dog do it that's good he's been missing apple core abyss crown ouch feels badger okay my quiet this makes me want to like max enhanced town Marines s2 I have a go so I get that extra push even though this is like three percent but still I'll see if I did these okay yes one crown good if you use lunar rather than e—coli a probably better right even with the dual attacks come on pocket this round one shoots if you're ready let's go I'm charging let's go this is better twinkle twinkle the tanks are separated oh yeah yeah we don't get one massive one massive strike my car hazard has to be ready though I don't know should I be greedy and like wait for him to be lower HB two of them are stumped alright thanks Tara for that tip man that's really good that's really good I need more Souls our new player supposed to do this I don't no idea I don't think they were meant to you cuz s3 should I wait they all debuff right I can wait right oh no they're gonna she's gonna do her silent right now all I guess a user screw 496 sister oh man this is already tough enough man I don't even want to think about 96 oh yeah push it up push it up you know what s3 just for the bank for Bank oh no I should've did it when she was a oh no if Tamra gets silenced it wouldn't work nevermind umm yeah I wanna try to get dizzy dizzy no but if she if she silences me I can't use it right listen I can't use the s3 at all right that's what that's what I was thinking but I don't know unless she doesn't affect fire heroes I have a potion chance but it's too late to it all right Alice didn't it didn't sound as my dizzy that was kind of crucial Disney's not soundless yeah Oh a pitch count proct good one of them yeah she fought to push the ball on herself so exactly what you guys are saying yes a piss cone huh it was worth it it was all worth it I think I'm gonna ask three right now I think I'm gonna ask you right now I just wait for the cycle back yeah count is good I found is so good my crown crown crown nope but blind and attack down for a couple of them oh shoot that assassin Coley here's a 27 right now wow I just got my first one not long oh my goodness dizzy was such a worth it pole though Disney was such a wicked pool it was bad for new players without dizzy okay we got blind we got tacked down on some of them okay sober we're okay we're okay we're gonna do this we're gonna do this like you pull those mystics otherwise you would be stuck here forever wait Mystics woohoo though hey Zeb thanks talk to you later man not having Disney sex on my nuclear says were right yeah Mick gink Oh for Crown you mean hahaha yeah yeah yeah yeah you know obviously I still hope that I still wish that I got what's what the name is um ml Cecilia but yeah sure I'll settle for Chrome no lie but you just watchers to read this with watches screwy be enough though I mean yeah your ignore the defense but is that is that enough Zico hurt now isn't the time to hesitate we're getting close guys well I'm scared oh good good so this is exactly what you guys are saying watch the students certainly have a really high chance of dying begging their HP super low what about it stunned another one yes nice a bisque oh man I hope I get a lot of abyss crowns in the future and still it's like one of the best like major effects quiet alright over it's over yes all my goodness thank you – thank you for that kid man that is beautiful that's beautiful Wow where would I be without you yeah alright you get the credit man shoutout to Tara holy crap Wow Wow that does it doesn't say oh wait I need to check what I got on the necklace there could be salty all that work for some salt or something really good let's hope for something really good something really awesome where is it oh oh it's health wait is it always health speed if I do this defense Krisha not not bad not bad alright so that's a that's a mix of a decent run ish I suppose alright alright alright alrighty oh man next one oh my goodness I can't even believe this alright so I was recording I was recording the entire process on video so people get the live a feel alright life fuel so I'm gonna end that one that was fuller 95 for YouTube sake if you have this go check it out subscribe to YouTube and I hope you guys enjoyed this and I'll see you guys all for 96

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