Drawing Emotions: A Portrait Of My Pain – Acurit Technical Pen Doodle

Drawing Emotions: A Portrait Of My Pain – Acurit Technical Pen Doodle

You As you all may know my drawing for me Has always been something that’s been therapy therapeutic But it’s never really ending so I don’t really find it as an end because the therapy never ends I just continued to draw I keep grading things and I Just keep pouring my thoughts and whatever is in my mind onto the paper from one day to the next from one page to another always creating something and My mind is drift softened Often I don’t really think much of anything my mind just goes blank, but then there are times where I Think deeply and I think about the drawings. I’m creating and I get more focused in I can start visioning the experiences and Trying to express that on the paper Trying to express that in a way that Can be interpreted possibly by other people that maybe they could understand it and maybe it’ll be helpful for them to know that they can do the same that they can take what’s bothering them what’s on their mind and Pour that onto the paper and just be creative in any way possible that they find enjoyable or that helps them we can’t always be happy all the time and Oftentimes it’s when we’re doing things that might make us unhappy By drawing our emotions by facing those fears by thinking about the things that bother us and facing that head-on Rather than running from your problems and running from the things that hurt you Boys run towards things that bother me the things that hurt me And it’s made me a stronger person It’s made me get to where I am today. I Don’t know what point it will be that I will ever overcome everything or if I ever will But as long as I’m being creative and pouring those ideas onto the paper I find peace by doing so and along the way Maybe there’s some people that will find that they can do the same That they can share their emotions and their ideas Thank you for watching have a good day

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  1. I love the first few lines you said about art being therapy! That’s exactly what watercolor is doing for me. I have lost so many people recently, to the point that my husband and I have no parents or grandparents left even, and watercolor and drawing has really helped me cope. I wish you all the best.

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