Dr Pepper being held by an Artist Dummy

Dr Pepper being held by an Artist Dummy

hello and welcome to another episode of me painting again oh yeah we're paying again and this time I'm having a go painting this is amazing I'm actually painting that wouldn't do me that he I bet every artist that's watching this knows about this wouldn't of me and probably it's been given one and if you haven't been given one now's the time to get out there and buy yourself one of these because I'm gonna show you how you can use it and make it more exciting than just what it is so I'm just sketching the shape of the wooden character using a very thin pane so I'm using water mixable oils so you can thin it with a little bit of water if you're using traditional oils you could thin your pain to do your sketch with the paint thinner or something just make sure if you are using paint thinners 'm mediums that you're using them in a well-ventilated area but another idea for you is you could use acrylics and do a very thin sort of watercolor which is what I'm basically doing just with a little bit of oil work fine with acrylics as well or even tempera you don't need to use thinned oil pain you don't need to have paint thinners and this something I'm personally avoiding as much as I possibly can and if I do use a pink then there are something to clear my brush I always do that outside so I'm trying to get the size by I use a proportional divider also known as a scaling tool and I got doing one and I just got off eBay one very much and it's quite a big one so I was quite happy with that and sometimes I think the points need to be a bit more specific but then again I'm just using it to make my drawing a little bit better scale wise so I don't know you can get quite and strict about it to the point where probably doesn't matter at the end of the day the flaws in your painting makes it better than a photograph in my opinion if you do a painting and it has flaws which mine always will because I'm not a painter that likes to ping the same painting for a long long time either so I like to get mine done and then move on to the next one this isn't lines just to mark out the angles I was what I'm looking out the basic angles I'm trying to use some of my drawing experience and I have to say I'm not the best drawer I'm not the best craftsman I'm always trying to improve that and to be honest I'm not the best painter either so but it's fun so that's all of ours to me I've come to a point where I don't really care how good other people are doesn't really matter to me because it means they're journeying arts probably lasted longer than mine or they've got natural talent quick learners where I'm more of a slow learner and I don't have any natural talent so if you're watching this and think you know I've got no talent I'll never be able to paint something like this let me tell you I don't have any talent either so you could paint something like this quite easily their practice their dedicated time you could be up and running painting away so objects what's going through your mind when trying to draw an object well I'm trying to feel they feel it's kind of the right word I'm trying to imagine the whole object on the canvas and the three dimensions of the object so in your head you're imagining the whole dr. pepper can and you're placing it on your canvas don't imagine it as a two-dimensional thing because that makes it more for me anyway that doesn't work for me I need to imagine that it's three dimensional on the canvas even though you know you are painting two-dimensional whenever I say dimensional to dimensions or anything I always finger back to the future not thinking fourth dimension I'm artery what a great movie so there's the mouth bit sticks in the poor wooden dummies ass and I'm actually pulled one off those metal strips before so I decided something is wrong with my measuring one trying to eyeball a bit I measure it a bit and then I get right in there with this that's the proportional divider I was talking about they go right up to the object and use it and see if I've got the size right and I didn't know I mean it was too big but I have to say just to make it a bit better later on I do make it a little bit bigger and just to help my painting see you need to be flexible when you paint so you can cover up your mistakes I've gone up to it again I felt like a camera was too big I was wrong with that cam in the head oh yeah the head I thought was too big as well I wasn't far off to be honest see what I mean it's so easy to start getting nitpicky about your work and you start thinking oh I need to go measure it need to go measure need to go measure when I've done merely enough measuring and I should have just got paint in but after my previous painting I did which I did film and I will make a video and but I really struggled and it's quite a long episode she's why I haven't done the audio for yeah I will five I really struggled with that one and I didn't measure it as much as I did this and I thought I'll do it pulled roaring with a thin pane first this time so I don't get myself in that kind of a a troublesome era in a position where I'm fighting to get it back to get the painting back and I'm really happy with what I did and it was worth the effort that I put in yesterday but this time I'm playing cautious game and I just want to get in there and tell myself you know throw caution to the wind just get painting he's good enough start using the brush but I just carry on fiddling around looking looking at the object looking at mine looking at the object looking at mine tell him myself that's something that's not right something's not right and then also when you look at what you're painting always try and make sure you're looking at it at the same angle each time because I was looking at it using my right eye and then another time I'd look had used my whole head and I'm moving to a slightly different angle so I decided to sit further back on the chair and then I could see the whole image that I was copying gotta say I've never used this working till Nikifor numb I have used one once last sketch part over and so mixing some paint I'm mixing the dark and there's no problem with going right up to what you're painting and mixing your color right at it how's me say no that's pretty close see I'll squint in my eyes looking at it and that just couldn't quite get the color there's a bit of reflected light around the kitchen as well which doesn't help but yeah women all guy yes TV are lively some of us just paint in a kitchen or in a living room or either where on the garage I mean an old shed wherever we can I mean we got to do that sometimes it's better than the studio I'm finding the kitchen to have the best lighting so I've I get myself in there so I'm squinting my eyes right down line up looking three little slits in my eyes almost seeing my eyelashes I'm just looking for those dark areas and this time I thought I'll try and find those dogs first you can see the dummy they're posed nicely like I said if you've got one of these getting posed getting doing something the thing with these wooden dummies a bit boring when you get them and they're just life as they are just stood there looking boring and and I thought to myself you know uh I reckon a put a bit of blue tackle on under the base of it and then have it holding the camera dr. pepper it looked interesting so now we have a video of him holding the dr. pepper now I have to say all the way through this I was a bit worried I was a bit worried that things could go wrong is in this could take me more than one sitting to get something that's the thing about oil painting you'd have to do it all in one go don't feel like after brushy painting the only reason I'm trying to get these doesn't speedling anyway his I want to make a video but I'm also working on a painting of a motorbike for somebody and you know it's taken me ages about to do bit by bit and it's taking me absolutely ages and I kind of wish that I painted the way I paint this but I've painted it more realistically so it has taken me a long time to get to a point I'm happy and now I'm sort of refining it so use your arm when you're looking at the angles really use your whole arm right from your shoulder to get that feel of the angles every item something I'm working on in my head is I feel I need to add more color in my paintings that's not and I think that's going to be my next trial start painting with colors that you don't see so try and get the feel of them joints and the structure of the legs trying out the angles it's not easy to do that's why these wooden figures will create it because people are really difficult to pain from the sketch and getting the angles rights typical I want this arm here can you see a little bit of it sure it was quite dark sounds quite dark ish darkish you got the hand and it's good that it's just a block instead of fingers fingers are quite hard to draw they never fingers never go in the angles when they've been anything the way that I think they should I respect hands should be like machine hands and they should open close exactly the way that my mind thinks they should but they don't I'll do a painting of a hand I'll have to take a photo or something and show you I mean so doing things like these still lives these are really gonna help you with your painting and people pay and I've paid to go to live drawing and it cost you know quite a bit of money got to pay to get the paper parking pay for the actual lesson or why I went to was more it was saw the less than in a sense the the instructor would give you a little bit of an guidance but not not much guidance really it's or semi instructed useful whoa yeah it costs money doesn't that and where this you can sell yourself you can set things up and just paint her way and you're getting like you can create a mini studio and you can get these various different figures to pose and mess around with and you can get multiple ones as well so you could have the two wooden figures and you can put them in various poses and things and you can get all kinds of other figures out there but you want bigger ones because the bigger ones you you can see they're these smaller ones and I've got a smaller one can't remember where I put it now and they're the quite good they're quite flimsy they're plastic ones I don't know why I got it I had big ideas when I bought it so I'm just trying to get the letter in in the dr. pepper letter in the pepper I decided I would paint around the letter in a little bit just so I've not got tons of white on to get those letters if you've seen my video where I was painting coca-cola and I did it differently I scrubbed in the red and then put the white on top and for this I just bought because the lemming is quite big I could do this so I'm going for a reddish color from somewhere I'm sorry looks kind of Moony dark quite dark red so far blocking ready Billy color and then I can start having a few lighter tones on top of that what I do is I scrub it on INRI so my lighter tones I put on top will go on okay this is not much paint on there we really just stain in that canvas I went into a little bit more red at that point just to lighten it voiced it back always have a look I need to design another t-shirt I'll do a cartoon version of me sitting back having a look if you can think of any other phrases that you like and maybe you'd be interested in on a t-shirt let me know I need to think of ways to help from the show health funds mean doing these basically that's my goal that's my goal anyway I'm enjoying myself got some time off works are for myzel use it productively it's quickly paid in that poll and then looking at the top of the cam there's a little bit of a silver glimmer that I can see for my arms that need some other white mix it on bit red the blue so they're getting a light lavender color so what you want to try and do is hold back your lightest lights hold back your whites because you'll find I'm just checking my color there something ours told ages ago when you're mixing your colors if you mix in something then you struggle in just go right up to the item that you're mixing and just put brush right next to it and try and think when you mix in we got the tone right I find that the most important for me personally I was think tone so I'm just walking this in so you're trying to do is just to fill in not background just filling it in spreading the paint now don't worry if you mess some of your painting that you've already done up because you can fix that afterwards you want your painting to have a clean Ness at the end of it so it's good to make this little bit that remember to sit back have a look always saying back having a look moving my spirit level good little taught our spirit level to go on to ezel to make sure that your canvassing level walking this because I'm using a round brush if the lighter I press the thinner the market makes and the heavier I pressed and bigger the mark makes quite worn out brush actually by it works for now whenever my right hand starts rubbing right arm start to make of it mainly my shoulder I switched to my left give myself a little few minutes to recover a few seconds like I said don't feel like you need to rush these paintings take your time and block listen at your leisure use a bigger brush these are one-inch brush or even a two-inch brush walk-in sitting back having a look dropping of that brown blue ultramarine blue you spend on the ultramarine blue I'm thinking about this sort of would be looking anything it's actually a hairy metier piece of material that I bought and caramel I bought I think it was to make a costume I'm using as a backdrop sometimes and you can see it behind the piece of white cotton and well Mars I just painted in there I wasn't million are in about the background and what color I wanted because I don't want it to be what it is because then I would prevent my character from standing out and I want him to stand out so I'll play a little bit and just make a dual color for the background but I was messing around about just for I might as well put a few of these to add a bit of interest in the background you do whatever you want to do you could do that or change it that's the good thing about painting you can change things as you go if you lose using a camera you've got to do a little bit more to get the effect that you want not sure why I say that because photography is nothing like painting over it it's almost like I feel I need to make an excuse while I am painting why there's a difference or why my painting went on like a photo yeah that's a good idea actually if you want to get rid of a critic just say it's a painting it's not a photograph it's a painting and I wanted it to look that way then you could say what I said earlier about floors flaws in my painting makes it look good makes it look natural unlike a photograph which looks contrived maybe just stay quiet it's funny when you get critiques though and when you get horrible criticism and you just got to brush it off I think an artist that's been paint in a while will never criticize another artist and the reason is they know how hard it is they know how to do a painting and to criticize someone's work is now no point is there to critique it to give them guidance well that's sort of different tell you something it's good fun doing this bit take out all your stresses and all the problems that you've got take it out on this disc ribbon as I think about the bills that you got to pay and cars falling to bits you want to do more paintings but you haven't got enough time this is the time to take you out on the canvas actually when I'm doing the spit my mind kind of goes blank in a way just so focused on the painting I'm so they're doing the painting there's nothing else matters so he noticed something I've been doing I've darkened the background one side where the light of the head is and I've lightened the other side where the dark of the head is aren't I clever so it's a good way to show the shape show the silhouette of the character by doing that that's a really old trick and if you go into the museum's and look at portraits you'll see that used a lot Skirving the pain and those dark areas on the park as I watched this I can see slight errors it's good to have liability and to see the problems but I always think the next painting I'll do a bit the next one I'll do better I'm not going to worry about the one I just did because the next one I do gonna be there but I do have a sense of pride of my work that I'm putting out at the moment I'm painting I'm really happy with the progress I'm making like any artist as pick a make myself a drink and came back and any artist I was saying they want to push on and improve and I certainly want to push on this van Gogh would say or push on get further get beyond the level I'm at now and take things further making my light from yellow ocher in there burnt sienna in the music till using my dirty brushes my washed it I'm just wiped it on a paper towel and just carried on cleaning it with a little bit of white so I'm just looking at these lights now trying to be conservative with my brush strokes as well you've heard people say or if you haven't heard people say some people say oh you've overworked and that paint in and I'm trying to do is keep my paintings look fresh because that's something I was told that my paintings look overworked like I pedaled and fiddled around with them until you've lost it and I do find that for me so I'm just aiming three kind of got a middle tone really and because it's mixing a bit with that dark that put on so it drops my light tone down to a mid tone that's alright so some of the underpayment the burnt sienna mixed with why does actually show through on the finished painting and it does look quite good like that so I didn't paint over it so I have to confess I was really looking forward to this part of the painting because of this bit I'm almost home dry and also it's fun putting in lighter bits the darks yeah they're alright little eyes oh yeah this is where the dream is because this is where things start coming together as you start putting this in now I'm scrubbing a bit because I know I want to my in it as shade as I've said before I scrub the paint on so it's quite thin so when you put your light on there's not much pain left I noticed the arm was higher so these minor changes you can do now some changes well you just have to leg it's not perfect it's not perfect just want to do the painting this is a painting for fun enjoyment so you don't like to worry as much as if it was for somebody he was painting someone's dog girls on there we have to be remark strict with what you doing sometimes I think I get too strict when I'm doing something for someone else and trying to pull back on that swiped my brush on the paper towel wipe the dull color and going to my nice light prep them all the Widener joke you know so I felt at this point as my colors were a little bit dull and I like it all because then I can brighten it but I was feeling like my middle tone and my highlight is not not quite right just wasn't quite strong enough for me it was just a big grade so I put too much paint on there I loaded my brush and lob loads of paint on and it was a bit too much so I was still thinking in my head it's not like my colors even though my color might have been pretty close to one scene just didn't feel I fell a bit weak and I think what happens is the white and makes you call your colors colder okay so what I wanted to do was add a bit more warmth into my highlight the more sunlight so I put more yellow ochre and a bit more burnt sienna in and I what's better than sienna really wears an orange so orange and yellow sunlight so now I've got a bit more color and I thought now that's nicer so I'll put a bit more of that in other areas it really did make a difference I'm not sure if it to show up on camera and in my eyes it made a massive difference she's trying to pick out those lights soon back having a look I'm gonna walk up my painting and having a look at the character holding the dr. pepper seeing what I can do got some more about warm color some more that almost charging the color really a bit like a wall colorist would charge that color a bit more I'm gonna be using that for see sometimes I think more core is needed in my paintings that's what I was thinking that's why I keep thinking as well looking at the light the way the light hits that wooden base trying to we're not blending that much in this painting I tend to just pull the colors down and sometimes blend them a little then really blend that much to be honest I remember when I first died painting with oils I was amazed how easy they are to blend especially when I came from using acrylic paints and they don't blend anywhere near as well as oils can I have to say when I did use acrylics when I first died I was awful I know it with the right mediums from the right speed etc you can do nice blends with acrylics quite easily I'm just try and mold this a bit so another tip for beginner painters is don't be afraid to use your pain a lot of ways to make your painting better is actually to use more pain so I mean by that is using more of the pigment and getting more of the pigment on the canvas and not always pain very thinly that might be something that and the I did but just in case someone else is out there that's painting and they've they barely use any paint for everything start loading your brush a bit more especially when you're doing your highlights you can also do the same with these shadows there's no rule to say you shadow colors have to be thin sometimes like this I'm darkening them fill in the month with more paint and this darker I probably have red in it so I'm using my artist license to warm up the shadow color I'm spending a while trying to make the legs look okay I think I've probably done the legs maybe a little bit too small but they're not bad it's not worth starting again over while I'm thinking is needs a bit more lie just that little dot make it a little bit more shiny that would keep the wood a little bit more of a sheen here and there a little bit more of a glimmer of light so another thing you've got to really think about the surface you paint him always thinking about that and use what you see when you send stuff for health like I've done here so I've took the effort to put a wooden guy out there holding the cam I'm gonna use why I can see there and try and get as get the information on my canvas I do enjoy them a little like highlight bits really makes your character come to life that base at this point looks awful I don't remember it looking as bad as laughs when I was painting it I'm looking for this brush I got this white brush and white handle brush and he's got nice chiseled edge to it and it was just the right size and I couldn't find it I was like where is he calling it's perfect I need it I couldn't find it when I was cleaning up it was there behind my easel don't know how I ended up there I realized that I looked awful just cleaning up that leg it was a bit wide needed pinning down a little bit and then docbook needs a bit more work so we're trying to really get the feel of the shapes something else I'm working on let me get the few of them shapes and try and get the feel of them shapes in a few brushstrokes less is more so I'm telling myself something Rembrandt did very very well is using less less brush strokes less less overworking stuff like I was saying earlier you look at some of Rembrandt's paintings and the goth here in the National Gallery quite lucky to have seen and I've seen it I saw one in stately home as well later on and this Rembrandt progressed within his painting and I mean he was already amazing but later on he got even better and better and better I think anyway and then you could do paintings and two fantastic portraits and used less use more brush strokes and less fiddly stuff but still creating that effect of a hand just brilliant hard for me to explain because I'm not at that level I know I know what my aiming for I'm aiming to get to that level so here's a bit of cheating I noticed the base was the wrong side well the Danelle poll was not in the middle so I kind of moved the base of it it's a secret between us so I have to say I really enjoyed paying this it's really good fun to do and I really felt like it was looking pretty good whenever I get to a point where I think not really sure what to do I just carry on locking this in I throw in a bit more Brown just to warm it up it's quite funny really this these wooden men I remember have to hunt them down I'm pretty sharded from why I'm gonna find quite a few different sized ones I don't even know why I've been given some as presents I've even bought some I never really used them I need to find them and then maybe I can set and load up that'd be quite good fun actually I could have like a group of these characters carrying some boat so I'm looking at this can now you undecided the can so I'm using a brush that I don't really like because like I said I couldn't find the brush that I wanted so I ended up using this one it's rubbish it's got a really small handle lamp if they're using bigger handles so any areas of the painting happen from now using that brush it's the brushes fault online it's good to be able to blame something as well I remember when I first tried to do a mountain using the Bob Ross gear I used that knife that if there's time and I was like a lot to work for Wow Bob Ross has got a magic knife because mining working it's funny isn't that tools did the tools really make a difference I all they do I think they do I used to I I did go through a phase of thinking they don't but I do think they do if you have a nice brush that you like and it feels good and you don't Biagio like I did there then it just makes it better makes it more fun when you use a little brush a little handle I just don't work I still buy along with this little brush the worst thing about it is the the hairs at the end splay out a little bit what am i doing I need some more glue I just put the paint on as I go when I run out just put a bit more on you don't need to put shed loads of paint on your pallet you can just have it as you go trying to get the dogs now remember squint your eyes squint your eyes down look for the turns and then try and paint them in express yourself with your brushstrokes top brush that brush I'm gonna throw it away I won't you know I don't throw anything away my try and clicks it good way to reshape a brush is to dip it in some milk and then use a paper towel wrap around it or flatten it on you put weight on it or something to flaner yeah no it works they're getting you points back on brushes dip your brush in milk and then wrap a paper towel round to the point then you take the paper towel off and getting clean back that's actually in this book I've got and it's a really old painters book and then I heard John Mayer using that technique as well John Mayer was a really good painter master forger few went to prison for naughty boy amazing that he was able to calm the art world using household paints it wasn't heating using oil paints using the household emotion well trade paint such and say he's still painting he just paint walls with he was managing to copy painters master painters I do like store isn't art for just for some reason just finally really interesting that they're able to suppose it's the idea that these people are able to paint as good as a very collectible artist and I suppose it makes me think that it's possible for average Joe to get as good as a master and I think is true I think the dedication and practice it is is good it is possible to get as good 100 percent sure is the end of the day they're just people getting pretty close I'm using my finger to bounce my hand you can use them all stick just trying to get the letter in done get the pee pee even pepper when I finished this painting I celebrated with a can of dr. pepper another rare drink I quite like I know sugary drinks are bad fear and I don't recommend drinking them regularly I think you should use them as a treat just in case someone tells me off they just have it through a treat did the painting woohoo have a can and celebrate so I know that this isn't the let's ring isn't going to be perfect and Noah's problems doing it but I wanted to try and make it look all right and it's another good thing to practice letter in some skill that you might need someone might ask you to do a sign for them or something and if you're struggling to pay the bills taking on a quick sign and might help you out you don't necessarily need to put the lettering on there you can leave it help you could do really could use something else you could have your character holding a banana maybe he'll be carrying another wooden character now maybe you could get to and pull one of the mouth Pole like I've done the smaller one though the other one I've got quite like this one is quite big just cleaning things up around that sometimes I go through the cleanup areas when I'm struggling with an harder area so I think to myself I'll just do a compare cleaning up for a while and then I'll come back to that bit so notice there was like a bit of a splash coming out of the Dr Pepper logo so I started putting little red bits just now it's not needed a bit more white to show that D a bit better it went a bit darker at the top so I just put my indication in and I'm this one side sit back have a look okay no it's a bread even there just wherever I can see that splash I decided it wasn't strong enough to read I was using cycle cab me and read deke on my pallet so for use a little bit cami and red light and then I'll probably a bit closer it was and more brighter can't see that well from my distance but I can see little bits of splashes so I needed to indicate that a little touch of light sometimes that's all against and then I thought well I'll start putting a few of these shapes in not gonna go overboard with this just have a look at the way the material folds and things and just stop and see what I don't want to do is go to white now the actual white cloth is quite white where the lights in it goes very white so I'm using a bit of my artist license and keeping it dog why would I want to do that you're saying well you probably already know I'm just trying to keep my focus on the character and not focusing on the background the background is just that it's the background and I want to keep it in the background so I won't bring attention to it by putting it very light cause and very bright colors on it so your your eye should go to is the wooden man holding the dr. pepper hmm the eye probably goes to the dr. pepper and then the wooden man and that's because the dr. pepper cam is a reddish color and that's the first koi I goes to red that's why they use er light sails so I'm just sitting back I'm gonna look nothing some pain and just thrown album very loosely that very phrase I like haphazard I might even be saying that wrong now could i get some shout out core and i'm keeping things war keeping things into their red and brown just checking my colors if I'm close now you have a real dark dark under underneath because there's no light getting to it and then the shadow shadow wand our library not Kula works while for these darker areas of the material and again remember to worry about just choking mm-hmm this is just background stuff this isn't the focus this is just what goes around it and a for my little truck home with its dark area at the top workout I'm gonna use the one-inch brush by just camera number this brush remember to darken around that head look dark and round the body a bit as well make the character pop out a bit more sitting back having a rest grab some more pain from in of course the viewers paying this yourself and you got yourself one of these wooden mannequins and you had him carrying something if you want to you could do any background that you desire well whatever table you've got it's a tablecloth Arnall have it bare wood and have a go of this time for these wooden mannequins wooden dummies or whatever they are our system is to get off those dusty shelves and be used can have that heart box get it out on the table get a ping dindim these poor art Gummer's in this world doing nothing they've been waiting for they're calling which is now now is the time it's awful I'll throw in a bit of detail ish on this Harry look thing Harry material quite funny when I was painting this bit I don't know I was thinking imagine if like 100 years this painting somehow ended up in a museum and then we look at I thinking what is that thing that goes around it why is there a hairy thing there how strange anyway I can think it'll end up in a museum as if it ends up in a wooden dummy Museum for a dr. pepper museum I imagine it in an art museum enough to be pretty desperate to have one of my paintings in an art museum and you never know though so I'm just putting in these darker brushstrokes kind of gives this dr. pepper carrier a bit of a stage in a way this white and then this just a bit of light in there as well just to break up the monotony of the same-old same-old club again we'd have to worry too much because it's not this isn't the star of the show as I said just sitting back having a look I'm gonna look at the whole painting finally bring out the one-inch brush and just blend it a little bit and there we go as the finished painting I do do do a little bit bobs but you could you could go on forever with this painting you could keep messing around until like I said you could peel it to death but I was quite happy with that painting and like I said the next one hopefully I'll do better and hope you enjoyed this episode and I'll see you another one cheers bye

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  1. Jason denies being paid by Dr Pepper for this painting but has been spotted going to a Bentley showroom haha. Great painting!

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