Dr. Kirk’s Scratch FREEE (Woodturners Polishing Wax)

Dr. Kirk’s Scratch FREEE (Woodturners Polishing Wax)

Creating the perfect finish on your woodturnings begins with a surface free of fine
scratches and imperfections. Designed specifically
for woodturners Scratch FREEE Woodturner’s Abrisive Wax is a special blend of premium oils,
waxes and ultra fine abrasive, that’s
guaranteed to improve sanded surfaces by four times for more. Scratch FREEE is ideal for sanding and
polishing all types of raw and stabilized woods in
preparation for finishing. Creating a glass-like finish on all types of plastics and cast resins is fast and easy with guaranteed, superb results. Dr. Kirk’s Scratch FREEE is non-toxic and free of solvents and toxic vapors found in other popular
polishing waxes. Proudly made in the USA, Dr. Kirk’s Scratch FREEE Woodturner’s Abrasive Wax is truly a cut
above the rest.

18 thoughts on “Dr. Kirk’s Scratch FREEE (Woodturners Polishing Wax)”

  1. It's a shame that you could not get samples of things like this, sometime it's hard to spend $15 plus shipping just to try something new when I have a shop full of stuff.

  2. The main differences between Scratch FREEE and EEE Ultra Shine are:
    • Non-toxic Formula
    • Made in the USA
    • Less expensive (no importation costs)

  3. I like the Non-toxic part, I have a small shop in the basement so I need to be real careful with the products I use down there, more so in the Winter when it is 20 degrees below 0 and I can not open a window. Looking forward to giving this a try.

  4. I like that, USA Formulated that is not toxic which means it is no impact to the environment and low impact to ones wallet

  5. Okay, I got some of this product and really like it. The Non-toxic formula thrill me because of my small inclosed shop. Made in the USA is a great way to go on as many products as possible. One of the main things I like most about this product is that it does produce a wonderful shine with out the gritty stuff that EEE uses. EEE will remove coating on spacers turning the paste dark and that can stain the wood. Scratch Freee does not. Will be buying this from now on. Thank you CraftSuppliesUSA

  6. Dr Kirk's will interfere with finishes adhering to your work. This problem can be solved by removing the wax before applying the final finish.

  7. Can you use as final protective coat over CA finish? May be it is good for on plastic, stabilized wood or acrylic material only.

  8. I would not recommend using it over a CA finish. If you use Scratch Freee on a CA finish, you'll dull the finish. Scratch Freee is a scratch remover for woods and acrylics.

  9. Do your finishing instructions online then need to be updated to include this gem? Right now, it says to use the scratch free and then jump right into Mylands friction and Renaisance Wax… so I'm confused – do I need to use mineral spirits before mylands? Thx

  10. You don't have to cut back the Scratch Freee. Simply buff with a dry rag before applying Mylands or other finishes.

  11. Just arrived yesterday (thank you for the fast turn-around time CSUSA). Turned a solid, red, acrylic blank. It definitely reduces the depth of scratches, but does not come close to eliminating them (especially just after 600 grit). I recommend sanding up to to 3k then applying. I have almost all of the polishes out there. The best combinations (that works for me) is sand to 12k with MM, followed by Meguires 105, then 205 (then a non-cleaner wax to protect). I am going to keep it, but it doesn't come close to the claims it makes.

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