Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my Youtube channel, as you can see today I am joined with two very special guests, my boyfriend’s, the Dolan twins we’re finally here this collab has been so long awaited after all my thirsty instagram comments I did Ethan and Grayson”s make up for halloween. I was so excited they turned out amazing if you guys saw on our instagram but now they invited me back over by some miracle and today I did Ethan and Grayson’s makeup they’ve never been glammed out but we loved it we did we love a glam make up a true sister twin makeover one of those so Thank you so much we haven’t started yet, You do the ear too? – well i’m gonna do the ear, ok So i have all my favorite products from my everyday makeup routine in front of both ethan and grayson i have duplicates of all of them except for a few items which are in the middle and you guys will have to share I’m gonna give Ethan this side my face and grayson this side of my face and they’re gonna do their best, we love a right side we do love a right side They’re gonna do their best to glam me up the closest to what they think i normally look like so this is a competition too so at the end you guys are gonna- we love a competition we do Love- comment who you think did the better half of the face yeah so so just comment grayson down there at the bottom- comment my name thats grayson i think i need a – i think i need a sister hoodie i’m not gonna perform as well in this black shirt okay true Well luckily i came prepared we love a good sister hoodie we do- we love a good promo Okay ready- go i guess- go? yeah okay so- ahh okay oh wow i start with this- this is called Foundation oh my god we love a smart man we love a smart man don’t we your moustache- your eye closed- i started going over your eye oh wow i’m actually doing this way better than i thought i would again on your lips but i think you just cover that up yeah
it’ll be fine out of the two of you guys if you were taking us right now being completely unbiased and putting your egos aside like which side is going to look better Ethan has no idea what he’s doing with or I’m not kidding oh chill grayson doesn’t even know how to work a camera as we learned in our video that is true you got Him there and he also can’t read stressed When i read the products i’ll know where they go he’s not gonna know where they go The lipstick was one of the last steps i believe i’m confused as, to what to do next i think this- lash oh, wait that goes at last also brow brows next boom pencil um Sure the words make it look good it does look good all right that looks like a good eyebrow Grayson what the- i think i need to tweeze a little- oh don’t you (beep) dare Let’s not move you need to relax james okay if this eyelash is applied perfectly i’m gonna be so mad huh all right Grayson the magic isn’t the tweezers we love highlight right sisters have any of you ever watched a make up tutorial? nooo – have not perfect, james is straight Yeah, i’m going for that abstract eyebrow of course you are oh i’m gonna bronze the shit out of you aren’t i Time for me to curl your eyelash oh my god grayson- look straight for me- GRAYSON pikkkowwww oh wow what if it comes out better than yours so you lose your job cover girl”s gonna call Ethan and Grayson instead ok i wanna
know since this whole Friendship has came out of, me leaving thirst comments on her guy’s instagram page i wanna know and i want you to both to think long and hard when was the first time you either heard of me or saw me commenting something thirsty on your instagram or twitter it was something with daddy and yeah, i saw it on twitter he loves it i love it oh you actually feel really good we love into you grayson what are You doing your getting dust all over me grayson you’re coming up to my side gotta get the ear close this, James! well you’re looking good All thanks to me james i think you’re gonna add me to your makeup from now on i think i probably should honestly i’m actually proud of myself this is the best i’ve ever done with any type of makeup oh What’s the oh wow that is highlight can you sing- can you do the ahhh thing? AHHHH And do some lip liner you’re gonna fill it in or no, okay it’s just some drawing action here grayson what the (beep) are you drawing if your drawing a dick i swear to god don’t draw it I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not Stop no looking suddenly i regret all the instagram comments this is easier than i thought Oh, yeah, i’m gonna take over your channel i think you should honestly Do a little ombre action oh we love a good ombre- do we? we do That is a great ombre not even a good one a great one a great one I’m, so bad at makeup well if you look at without it i’m actually i’m great i’m like a great abstract makeup artist i’m gonna chisel this jawline that’s what i’m going for picasso is shaking i need the dolan jawline- we got you, ethan i can feel that you glued my eyelid together, did i really? aw and that’s what you want right big lips yeah, okay cool oh there’s colors in it okay Grayson’s really going in on the neck, c’mon it feels good, it kinda does honestly and i’m gonna do a winged eyelash because that oh a winged eyelash dang i murdered that oh setting spray wait no This is not i’m setting it this is the fight part i’m setting it first no No i need to set it first, mines going to mess up, too late oh my boyfriend’s are fighting over me there actually is a little bit more room for blending oh my there we go We’re done we’re finished three two One okay go oh my god i did it good wait both of you applied the lashes literally perfectly really yeahhhh wooooo yes we love a beauty guru i really wanted to exaggerate the natural born facial features that you had um so i uh took your cheekbone and i put some highlighter on it so you let me get a little more intensified- i love your use of shape tape concealer as your highlighter today what is this concealer usually goes under your eyes uh but when i was standing Okay, so yeah makeup is definitely very expensive so you’re going for the budget options maybe i was yeah one product for many different things look how much i got done with eyeliner i contoured your nose with some eyeliner uh huh we’re going for the snatched look today yes i wanted to make you look like a very handsome you look beautiful get out of here pointy nose The ear i also wanted to define a little bit more Dart looks like an arrow stop throwing at me and then the little guy There’s a guy on your face yeah oh my god i didn’t even see him there what’s his name uh he just goes by sister okay perfect love that about him uh-huh the lips i just try to do lip liner i think you mess that up all right enough of the bullshit the moment you’ve all been waiting for let’s hop over to the left side this is glam makeup at its best finest and Here’s the rundown you know with the highlighter i kind of took it all over the face and i added it to the little ear flap over here too because He needs, to look it doesn’t look great, it looks pretty, it looks really pretty i mean ears don’t yeah my contoured ear big lips they’re cool yeah james has big lips i knew that about him they look big because i you, know took the lipstick and i went outside his lips that is a key what is that called lip plumping Yeah sure hey look at my eye shadow compared to ethan’s this is full season collective eyeshadow – mm mine is just – you know yours is like vibrant it is spring it is attention grabbing and it is amazing and i beg to differ no ethan i beg to differ think i’m a bit of makeup artist i beg to differ no I like i killed that wing and i love that about me yeah please don’t attack just really got being tt i mean oh? So how do you vote who do you think did better i mean i just love both of you guys So much i think that they’ll be it’s not about it’s about the makeup ok ethan did better, what, ethan did better YESSSS, I’m sorry i love you too well lets put it this way Ethan’s side i would feel more confident walking out with but i started makeup for the art and if we’re talking about the art You have to appreciate the art, i do, i feel like grayson’s side your art sucks no that’s rude this is my soul and james’s face yeah toda teca i killed it regardless definitely leave a comment down below telling me which- makeup side you guys think was better Sister ethan my name is ethan E T H A N that’s how you spell G R A Y S O N yeah its kind of a longer name that’s probably the only reason you feel you’ll win i have more instagram followers oh its getting personal Don’t go there if you guys enjoyed todays video give it a big thumbs up down below lets even get this video to a hundred thousand thumbs up i know you sisters can do it and subscribe Down below click the post notifications i’m doing something so crazy because of these two (beep) I’m uploading every single day this week make sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s video and the next days video and the next days video and the next days video Go check out the video- thats not glam- thats not very glam I’m so sorry check out the new video on Ethan and Grayson’s channel where i did their glam makeover, he does our makeup glam style- he glams the (beep) out of us, and we look- wait no no wait, they’ll have to see if you guys would like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow mw on instagram and twitter, both just @jamescharles, and my snapchat for more behind the scenes is @jamescharles with an extra S after charles yeah can you do mine like that, if you”d like to follow Grayson Dolan on his social media journey you can follow him on Instagram and twitter they’re both just @graysondolan and his snapchat is also @graysondolan, holy shi- you sound like one of those one of those guys that does the thing with the hey going once going twice (inaudible) please follow Ethan dolan on his social media journey, follow him on instagram and twitter they’re both just @ethandolan and you guys can follow him on snapchat for more behind the scenes stuff @ethandolan with an extra- oh no extra oh you sound like (inaudible)you sound like the guy who says the side effects at the end of the commercial, thats how i know you, thats the last time i saw you Alright sisters thank you so much for watching we love you so much and we will see you in the next one byeeeee

100 thoughts on “DOLAN TWINS DO MY MAKEUP”

  1. Grayson was doing good but then he ruined it with those lines and the man and the blush on his jaw 😂😂

  2. I love Grayson side until he did the red in the eye shadow in the black eyeliner crap it looks so much better when he was simplistic with it


  4. conspiracy theory: james originally was “falling for” ethan but then the sister squad formed and he couldn’t have ethan anymore bc him and emma stared dating so he went for grayson.

    * btw this was after all the drama *

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  6. I know there was like controversy with him or whatever and idk anything about that, but why doesn’t he breathe through his nose when he speaks?

  7. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that in this the twins are only 16 nearly 17 years old. WOW 😯

  8. I feel so bad for Ethan, Grayson has more insta followers, Twitter followers, girls in his lane. How can you follow one twin and not the other?

  9. i honestly am even more in love with ethan now. HE IS THE CUTEST LIL BEAN OH MEH GOOOOSHHHHH ♡

  10. i havnt even started the real video after the intro but my boyyyyyyyyy ethen is gonna win bc hes just the best and hella hot toooooo <3 <3 <3

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