DIY Rental Kitchen Cabinets Makeover ON A BUDGET | Laci Jane

DIY Rental Kitchen Cabinets Makeover ON A BUDGET | Laci Jane

hey guys what’s up it’s Laci and today
I’m gonna be sharing with you guys how I completely transformed my rental kitchen
cabinets with a very little budget and I didn’t use any paint or anything like
that because I do want to get my security deposit back and this is
something that’s very easy to do it doesn’t take a lot of time to do and
it’s probably a product that you’ve heard of if not used before in the past
and I had just never thought to even use this so this is the product that I’m
gonna be talking about today and that I used in my cabinets and I’m sorry this
camera my good camera I lost the battery charger for it so I’m
using my laptop camera right now so hopefully it’ll pick it up there you
go so you can see like the wood grain on it which is what I really liked and it
literally looks like wood so this product is just like the shelf liners
that you see but it’s a little bit thicker than that and it’s meant for
cabinets so you could use this inside of your kitchen cabinet if you want and on
the back here it’s got your graph so you can cut straight lines you have to worry
about getting off-track and what I like to do when I first receive this is roll
it completely out put something heavy on both sides of the roll that way it’ll
make it so much easier to work with and you’re not fighting trying to unroll it
and get your cuts and the measurements and everything like that so that’s just
what I did and it helped a lot well I believe this one is 117 inches so you’ll
need to take the measurements to figure out how many rolls you’ll need for your
space I do have a lot of cabinets in my kitchen and it still only took me a day
to do it and if there were two people like one
person was cutting while the other person was installing it it would go by
much faster so this is the backing and you can unroll it like this and it’s
sticky but it’s not super sticky to where you’re not going to be able to get
it off your cabinets and then you’re gonna risk damaging the cabin and then’
have to pay your security deposit back so it’s sticky but not like super duper
“tear your cabinets off sticky” so there’s that and they do
have different colors of wood grain so if you wanted to go a darker shade or
whatever you could even get designed and do a design cabinets what I initially
was gonna do was I was gonna put this on and then I was gonna paint over it
because it is textured so even if you paint over it you’re still going to have
that wood grain so it would be really cool so I was going to do pink on the
top and black on the bottom and I’ll show you an inspirational photo here
I loved how that looked with the white backsplash I love the contrast it’s just
so me it’s totally my thing but I didn’t end up doing that maybe I will do like a
little section to show you guys that if you do paint over this you will so see
the wood grain so I think that’s really cool you can also get other ones it
doesn’t have the wood grain it’s just like shiny you could get matte design
whatever you want so you just want to make sure that your cabinets are
completely cleaned and dry you don’t want to have any crusty food on your
cabinets because it’ll show through the paper with the texture of it like it’s
raised up and you’ll be able to see it so just make sure that you get your
comments completely clean and dry and then you want to cut your piece and then
you just want to stick it on your cabinet and that’s really all there is
to it when you get to the edges of your cabinets you can either wrap it around
or just take a box cutter and trim off the excess on the sides I did both I
think that it looked better with it being wrapped around because when you
open the cabinet’s obviously you can see it a little bit but this is a rental I
don’t plan on staying here forever in fact I got some really exciting news I’m
gonna be sharing with you guys soon stuff um so that’s that thank you guys
so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video bye guys

52 thoughts on “DIY Rental Kitchen Cabinets Makeover ON A BUDGET | Laci Jane”

  1. Did this in the 80s on my bedroom set it worked great and removable, fabric works great with glue Corduroy is awesome deep blue

  2. Do you think the product could be spray painted while it's rolled out and before applying ? Or could you just use pink & black contact paper for a similar look?

  3. They have the beadboard wallpaper-that can be a good option. I did a kitchen for a friend with that in the center and used the decorative duct tape on the edges and it uplifted a dreary kitchen to a country kitchen. It all peels off just have to wash the cabinets well.

  4. You  will  have  a lot of  trouble  getting  your  security  deposit  back  because  owners  consider  it  a  gift.   Law makers own  rental  property  or  get  paid  by  property  owners   to  pass  unfair  laws  when  it  comes  to  corp. owned  apts  .  and  homes.

  5. I’m here very late I ran across this video and I’m happy I did !!! I have the same cabinets I hate the brown though if I do measurements and cut the paper and use a card to crisp the shape how do you think that’ll work?

  6. I know this post is old but …..great. I only see the white and black woodgrain through your link. Other options/

  7. So this apartment cabinets are really old and ugly and chipping off idk if this will work but I'm excited to try. Do u have any suggestions for me? I'm trying to make the best of it lol.. where did you get your decors? An how much?

  8. Looks terrific! Great idea. That dull yellow was icky. 😬 (If I was your landlord I'd say thank you (!) & please leave these improvements. Just show me how to undo things later, if necessary.)

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  10. Faux Wood Vinyl-
    Removable Backsplash Tic Tac Tiles-
    Faux SoapStone Countertop:

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