DIY Gift Box Decoration Ideas Easy Part 3 | CD and Best Out of Waste Decorative Gift Box Ideas | #9

DIY Gift Box Decoration Ideas Easy Part 3 | CD and Best Out of Waste Decorative Gift Box Ideas | #9

hello friends welcome to my channel
shimmery and glittery this cute little box can be used for gifting small
article you’ll be surprised to know when I’ll tell you what I have used to
decorate the box simple art and craft gave me this result and I am happy with
it do you find this box to be attractive now let’s start making it to begin with
take the box you want to decorate I’m using the stone laces to be pasted on
the edges I have coated the box with a paste of
POP and how to go about it you can refer my earlier video the link of it is given
in the description box a layer of POP gives the rough finish to the box you
can use a plain box also without the coat of POP I am pasting the lace all
along the edges of the box with a white glue all along I am using two lines of
stone along the edges where the box opens I’m using single line each side
once the lace is pasted all along now cames the next part I am taking these empty
package of papers and we’ll be cutting it into tiny pieces first cut the thin strips
now roll the paper and cut as tiny bits as you can once you think you have
sufficient quantity of it now apply a liberal quantity of glue to the box sprinkle the pieces on the box and
gently Pat it till the whole side is covered properly after this is done let
it dry for an hour or two now we’ll be filling the space between two laces with
glitter powder first apply white glue with a brush and dab the glitter powder
onto it once the edges are done let it dry for an hour or so after an hour give a coat of varnish to
the box this coating will fix all the pieces together and give a shine to the
box plus it will keep the dust away this coating of varnish is going to take
two to three hours to dry our box is ready isn’t it beautiful
and such an innovative idea now think of all the things that can be gifted in
this cute little box Best out of waste into this beautiful decorative box
and this one too Wow beautiful now guess what I have used
to decorate this box old CDs resulting into this amazing gifting box to make
this decorative gifting box first we need to cut the CDs into small pieces
like this apply a thin layer of white glue
and paste the pieces onto it preferably cut the pieces in triangular shape
that will give good design to the box the box I’m using has a coat of POP you
can refer to my earlier video about how to coat the box with POP paste the
link of which is in the description box I have used the POP the paste as it
gives sturdiness to the box you can directly apply glue and paste the CD’s
on to it once it is done now I am covering the spaces between the
CDs with the glue, a line of glue rather and I will be sprinkling glitter
powder onto it so the sharp edges of the CD’s will be covered with glue in this
way and will have a beautiful shimmery and glittery line just wait and watch
now brush off the extra powder from the box
and clear the strands of glue left here and there to make this beautiful gifting
box presentable we’ll be covering the inner side with
velvet paper and tying three beads in the golden
string and fixing it on the lid for decoration in order to hold the lid in a
closed position I’m pasting pieces of velcro so that the box can be opened and
closed at the point the lid folds to close I’m pasting a piece of golden lace use of glue and shimmer powder has
resulted into these amazing golden lines making a gifting box so beautiful how
did you find this concept friends CD glue gun and amazing gifting box friends
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gifting made beautiful with shimmery and glittery thank you

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  1. Wow … never thot of using chips wrappers in such an innovative way. Truly amazing . Well done my friend.

  2. Art & craft needs a creative mind n hardworking spirit. Undoubtedly, you are blessed with the both. Thanks for inspiring us to make such masterpieces from such simple things. Amazing ideas 🤩👍❤

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