DISNEY PRINCESS MAGIC SUPERPOWERS. (Rapunzel, Elsa, Belle, Tiana, Anna vs Maleficent and Gaston)

DISNEY PRINCESS MAGIC SUPERPOWERS. (Rapunzel, Elsa, Belle, Tiana, Anna vs Maleficent and Gaston)

Later in this video… looks Looks like there’s a cold front coming in followed by a heat wave. she’s blowing in… Its Elsa! She’s coming in with laser focus… Tiana. She whips her hair back and forth… Rapunzel. Thank you guys for coming over and helping
me do spring cleaning, I really appreciate it. Your snow welcome Belle, any time. Yeah… Belle, when was the last time you cleaned
this attic? It’s been a while, I mean, you guys know my
dad, he always likes to keep all of his inventions so I figured it was time. Oh Belle, is this your baby onesie? Ahhh, it sure is. Whoa Belle, what’s this beautiful book? Oh that’s just… That book? Actually, you guys I’ve never seen that
book before. You never seen one of your own books? That doesn’t sound like you. I have no idea where this one came from. What does it say? Oh it says it’s a book of spells. What! No way, you’re joking Anna. No I’m serious, look. Wow! Look… Here’s want to give us magic superpowers. Snow my gosh, that’s crazy! Read it T. By the power of this book enchanted, your
wish for powers will now be granted. Did it work? I don’t think so. Nope, just same old freezing powers. Oh well you guys, I’m sure this is just
some old fairy tale book that my mom used to have. I’m sure it’s not an actual magic book,
so silly. Oh well, it was worth a shot. You know what you guys, I think we have done
enough spring cleaning for the day. I say we head downstairs and watch a movie. Let’s go. Alright, are you guys ready? I thought it’d be super fun if we all watch
Aladdin. That’s a great idea Belle. That way, we can prepare for the new movie. Oh, do you have any snacks? Did someone say snacks? Treats. Man, I wish I had some snacks. I mean, I don’t really have anything. I wish we had some popcorn. Uh, what! Where did this come from? Belle, what just happened? I don’t know, I just wished I had popcorn
and then it just appeared. It smells like it came straight from the movies. Popcorn… I love popcorn. What! Ariel, how did you do that? I don’t know, I just thought I wanna be near
where the popcorn is and then all of a sudden poof, here I was. Speaking of which, can I have some? Wait what the what! You guys, I don’t even know what’s happening,
my hair has a mind of its own. Whoa, thanks hair. Wait, what! Ohh, I love popcorn. Elsa, how did you do that? Oh, I guess I have wind power now. Oh, and fire power and still ice power. Elsa, you have the power of all four seasons. Snow mg, I’m going to have to think a way
more fire and wind puns now, I hope I don’t blow it. I wonder what my power is. I cannot hear of that dog barking. Wait, what dog? I don’t have a dog. You guys can’t hear that? No. Tiana, maybe your superpower is super hearing. Maybe, but I see him, he’s way over there. All I see is the wall. Wait a second, I’m seeing through the wall! This poor dog is trapped in the well. You must have super senses; super hearing,
super sigh. We’ve got to go save this dog. Anna, do you think you can use your teleportation
powers to transport us there? You got it. But first Belle, can use your powers to transform
us into superheroes? I don’t think we can save the day in these
long princess dresses. For sure. Okay you guys, here we go. All right, stand up; three, two, one… Now, let’s go save that dog from that well. You got it. Ready and… Wait, what! We’re in the middle of the ocean. Where’d you take us Anna. You guys said whale. No, I said “well”. Oh, oops. Ready guys? Do you guys hear it now? It must be that well. Oh, it’s sinking in the well, we’ll save you! I don’t know guys, I don’t think my hair can
reach down there. Elsa, I bet if we combine my powers that I
can move things with my mind and your wind powers, we can get that dog out of there. Let’s do it! Princess powers! You did it. Good job you guys. We flame to please. ha ha. See, I got fire jokes too. You guys, it’s Kristoff and prince Adam… Gaston has captured them, they’re in trouble. Gaston again! Ugh… Let’s go. Okay little buddy, get home safe. Oh, and stay away from wells. You’ll never get away with this Gaston. I can’t believe I fell for the old “Belle
is here come save her” line. Ha ha ha ha, it works every time. How did you get bars in your cabin? It was simple really, I just had LeFou do
it. Oh Gaston, you’re playing with fire by kidnapping
everybody’s boyfriend, it’s time to play ice… I meen nice. Looks like there’s a cold front coming in
followed by a heat wave. She’s blowing in… It’s Elsa! She’s coming in with laser focus… Tiana. She whips her hair back and forth… Rapunzel. She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere,
it’s Anna. She’s one of a kind and can move things with
her mind, it’s Belle. Gaston, we’re about to close the book on this
chapter, the end! Hair… Do yo thing. Oh I got it. Oh, oh ohhh, I got to get out of here. Come on mind powers, let’s do this. Oh, you did it. Belle, where did you get these powers? Long story. That’s okay. Whoa Anna! Seriously, what’s going on? We could tell you all about it, let’s get
back. My super sense of smell tells me Gaston needs
a shower. In three two… Well well well, the princesses somehow got
superpowers, did they? Hmm, they look even stronger than mine. ugh! Time to fix that. Super powers, super powers… Ugh, where did it go! Hmm, it must have gotten ripped out the last
time they got super powers. Hmm, whatever. I guess I’ll just have to use the same book
that they used. Ha ha ha ha, there you are book. It’s just right up here in my attic, I’ll
be right down. Uh oh, gotta go. Yeah, you guys are not gonna believe this,
I just put it… Wait, where did it go? I could have sworn I had it right here. That’s so strange. You guys it’s gone, I swear, it’s so strange,
it was just there. Oh no, really? Oh, sorry guys. Yeah, we really wanted to give you super powers
too. That’s okay, it’s still cool that you guys
have them. Weird though, I wonder where it went. Well, it wasn’t there before. Maybe it just left with the wind. What! It wasn’t me. No, it’s a figure of speech silly. Ha ha ha ha ha, now that I have the book,
I just need an accomplice. I’m Gaston, I changed my mind, I do wanna
marry you. Oh, Malificent! Oh no, you have to stop poofing me in like
this. Oh, get over it. I need your help and after what those princesses
did to you, I figured you’d be pretty mad. Um, no, it’s pretty much to be expected. You aren’t mad at Belle? Oh, I can never be mad at Belle… Oh never, never never. Ugh, so annoying. Okay, well you’re going to help me out whether
you like it or not. By the power of this book enchanted, wish
for powers will now be granted. Whoa, what just happened? Well, I just cast a spell on us to give us
powers. Well, what is my power? Awww awww, ohhhhh. How am I supposed to know? Elsa, what are you doing here? What! No, it’s me Gaston. Tiana? What’s going on? Oh, no you dodo, it’s me, Maleficent. Ohhhh, I’m Maleficent! Ohhh! What! Here, look at this mirror Male… Gasto… Me. Whoa what! Wow, now this is cool. No, this is confusing. I can shape-shift Gaston. Now, what can you do? Is my hair longer? How do my muscles look? Are they – I think my
muscles got bigger… No hmm. Any fire come out? No… Try getting mad like I said, maybe you’ll
turn into the hawk. Think of things that make you mad. Okay um, um, Lefou being sassy… Ah ah, running out of eggs… All the machines at the gym being taken ugh,
and no more protein powder ughhhhh. Gaston, where did you go? I’m down here… I am a rooster! Oh man. Oh, I’m pretty cute for a chicken. No one want’s a chicken like Gaston, oh I
think I just laid an egg. That’s your superpower? Um, okay well that doesn’t really help us
but at least my shape-shifting could help lure the girls here. Fairy godmother! Still me Gaston, keep up. But if this fools you, then it’ll definitely
fool those princesses, ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha, bark bark bark ha ha ha ha
bark bark bark. Mmmh, I want some seeds, bark bark bark ha
ha ha ha. Okay el pollo loco, we need to figure out
how to change you back. What do you mean, I think I look eggcellent
ha ha ha. Wow, these powers just keep getting cooler
and cooler. Princesses, help me, Maleficent and Gaston
captured me in their evil lair. You guys! What? What is it Tiana? Oh, it’s Fairy Godmother, she’s trapped. She’s calling to us from Maleficent’s lair. Gaston and Maleficent took her. Oh my gosh, that guy will never learn. Ready you guys… Let’s go. We’re here to save you Fairy Godmother. Wait, where are you? Fairy Godmother? Oh hello princesses, thank you snow much for
coming to save me. You don’t seem like you’re very um, trapped. Oh, I’m not. Maleficent! You guys aren’t the only ones with new powers. Yeah, we have powers too, bark bark bark ha
ha. What’s going on? It’s not working. Split ends, what is this? You guys, I’m trying to teleport us out
and I can’t! That’s because your super powers can’t break
this force field, sorry not sorry. What are you going to do? I’m very busy, first of all…ha ha ha ha,
I need to go break up with Kristoff. What! Then I’ll go tell that hunky prince Adam
that I want to get married right now ha ha ha ha. I like this blue dress Belle, so much better
than that ugly yellow one, ugh. You can’t do that. Gaston, you stay here and watch them. Oh, why can’t I go have fun? Ugh, I’ll bring you back some protein powder. Oh goody, ha ha ha. Gaston, why are you helping her? Yeah, did you even get superpowers? I certainly did. Oh Belle, watch this! Okay, I have to get mad. Uh, no one’s singing along to me and LeFou in the tavern. oh! Gaston, you’re a chicken? I’m a rooster, aren’t I cute? Your eggs-xhausting. I mean hey, I’m just winging it, ha ha ha
ha, get it? Winging it. Ohhh, I cluck my self up. Oh man you guys, I’m worried. The guys will know it’s not us, right? Right? No one barks like Gaston, bark bark bark bark,
ha ha ha ha, bark bark bark bark, LeFou where are my eggs. Oh, hi Anna, how’s super heros training going? I was about to eat the sandwich but we can
split it. The only thing I want to split with you is
up. Huh! Oh, I want to break up! What, why? Is this a joke? You smell like a reindeer and you really need
a summer wardrobe. It’s not winter, why are you wearing mittens? Why am I wearing mittens? Belle may have superpowers but I’m a super
chef, she’s gonna love this gray stuff, it’s delicious. [door bell] come in. Hey Adam, what’s cooking? Well me, actually. Belle, why did you ring the door bell. I um, I just wanted to be polite, you know,
because I’m a super nice princess. Well, that’s true you are a super nice princess. You know Belle, you can just come at any time,
you don’t have to ring the doorbell. I’m making dinner. I think we should get married. Yeah, I was just making – wait, what did you
just say? Let’s elope, let’s go to the church and we’ll
get married, it’ll be super romantic. Belle, as great as that sounds, I think our
wedding should be thought out and planned with all of our friends and you’ve been working
on your Pinterest board forever, I don’t want that to go to waste. [door bell] I should get that. I’m gonna go upstairs and put on my wedding
dress. Meet me the church in 20 minutes or we’re
breaking up. Wait, what? Did she just ultimatum me? [door bell] I’m coming. Kristoff, buddy, what happened? Anna broke up with me. What, why? Did she give a reason. She said I smell like reindeer. But it never bothered her before. Oh, so you do think I smell like reindeer. Well no, what I mean is this just seems out
of nowhere. Look, on the other opposite end of things,
Belle is apparently upstairs right now putting on her wedding dress. She’s demanded that we get married. Something doesn’t seem right. Aghhh, we can’t let her get away with this! Gaston, can you please let us out. No eggscuses, not even for you my little belly
button. Oh, do you want to see me turn into a chicken
again? No. We’ve tried everything. Wait a second, did you try your power Belle? No, but I mean, you guys did. Our powers don’t work in here. Yeah in here but maybe your powers can work
on something outside of here. Okay, I can try. Prince Adam, look, the pen is writing by itself. Wait a second, what’s it writing. Adam, that’s you, this is Belle. Maleficent took us and then shape-shifted
herself to look like us, don’t trust her. Also, help us. Also, Anna says; “tell Kristoff hi”. Wait, so this whole time that was Maleficent? Which means she’s the one upstairs putting
on her wedding dress right now. We’ve got to do something. I know just the person to call. Bibbidi bobbidi, hello. Fairy Godmother, we need your help, it’s urgent. La la la, I love coloring, I love coloring
Belle. Oh Belle, you look so pretty in this blue
shirt. It could have been pink but I chose blue coz
I know that’s your favorite color. La la la, oh no, I went out of lines, it’s
ruined. Gaston, if you let us out I’ll – I’ll
teach you how to read. Belle, so rude! I can read, I just prefer to color, ugh. Oh oh, what was that? Gaston, it’s me LeFou, I need help. Lefou, what have you gotten yourself into
this time? What was that all about? Psss. Wait, did you guys hear that? Pss, you guys, it’s me, Kristoff. I’m invisible. What! How are you invisible? Adam and I called Fairy Godmother after we
got Belle’s note, she gave us temporary superpowers. Now, how do we break you guys out? Read the spell that’s in Maleficent’s book,
it’s over there. Close the window open a door, let the force
field be no more. Yes! Okay, let’s teleport to the church. Why the church? Adam is distracting Maleficent by acting like
he’s going along with her marriage plot. Hold on, what’s Adam’s superpower? You’re about to find out. Anna, can you take us there? Let’s go! You guys, I’m so worried, I couldn’t find
LeFou anywhere. You guys… Where did you go? Ohhh no! Oh, I laid an egg! Wow! Do you, Belle, l take this beast? No, I don’t. Ughhh… Oh, I don’t know what I was thinking. Ughhh. That’s because you’re not really me, you can’t
see past the beast to see Adams true heart. Ughh, oh, Belle! you’re here, sorry, my superpower
is going beast mode whenever I want. Ugh, what! How did you princesses escape? With a little help from my boyfriend, Kristoff,
who smells great by the way and I love his mittens. Oh, thanks Anna. Ughh, so annoying. If only we had that magic book! Oh great, I have powers. Um, okay, “super powers are our new look,
trap this villain in this book”. Noooo! Where’d she go? I think she’s trapped in the book, check it
out. When should we let her out. Let’s keep her there for a while. I am totally judging this book by its cover. Oh my goodness! Did you guys hear that? Someone needs our
help. Let’s go! Anna, are you almost ready? Yeah, I’m coming, I wanted to pick out the
perfect outfit for tonight. We’re going to have snow much fun, I can’t
wait to go to the movies with all of our princess friends. We’ll order popcorn, oh, and even maybe some
sour patch kids. I’m ready! Anna, are you wearing Vanellope’s hoodie? Yeah, you can’t go see Wreck-it Ralph 2 and
not dress up. [door bell] that should be your friends now. Door is open, come on in. Are you guys ready to wreck it? Ralph. Ohh, we’re going to wreck it Ralph. Ugh, they think they’re so clever… Princesses. Why do they foil my plan every single
time? I can never win! Well, there are like six of them and one of
you, so you’re kind of outnumbered. Diablo, you brilliant bird, you’re right. In order to beat the gang, I have to create
my own gang. Hmm, I have to make some calls. We made it, thanks for the ride in your new
Sebring Ariel. Of course and we have prime princess parking. I’m so excited to see this movie. The first one was so good. Let’s go in, I think we have just enough time
to get some snacks. Oh yeah or maybe Elsa can whip us up some
ice cream. Oh, that sound snow delicious. Ha ha ha, it’s gonna be so good, lets go. Now, do you all see what I mean. Mm-hmm. I can’t believe they went to go see Wreck-it
Ralph 2. You know, I auditioned to be Ralph. Really, Jafar, I really don’t think you’re
the type. Silence you fool, my acting coach says I’m
a diamond in the rough. Touchy, touchy. The point is, now that we villains have all
banded together, we can finally take down those princesses once and for all. Yeah, ha ha ha ha. The only thing standing in our way is the
ice queen, her powers could turn us into popsicles. Yes, and she can be kind of mean. Yes, tell me about it. I can’t tell you how many times she’s turned
down my marriage proposals. Yes it’s because I was trying to take over
her kingdom but there’s a nice way to decline you know. We need to get to that theater and get Elsa.
“wings of night, wings take flight, take us to the movie theater in a flash of light!”
now, to trick Elsa… Hmm, I know, give me your phone. Okay we’ve got popcorn… I’ve got Kit Kats… And we’ve got soda. I think we’re ready. Oh and I have a phone call. Sorry I gotta take this. Hello, this is Elsa. You guys go in, i’ll meet you in there. Oh hi Elsa, this is Cinderella. Oh my god, Cindy, how are you? What’s going on girl? I’m actually coming to meet you. Didn’t Anna tell you? Weird, she didn’t. Well, anyway, could you come outside? I think I’m lost. Oh okay, i’ll be right there. Cindy we’re over …. Maleficent, Hans, Cruella, Jafar! Huh. I call upon this witching hour, take this
girl’s power and fly us back to the tower. Anna, I can’t believe you pulled strings to
get us a private screening of Wreck-it Ralph 2. Yeah. Oaken owns the theater, he’s pretty cool about
it. You guys, the previews are almost over and
Elsa isn’t here yet. Oh no, what should we do? I’ll go look for her. Elsa… Elsa. Hi friend, it’s Elsa, snow sorry I missed
you, leave a message. Straight to voice mail, this is not like her. Ugh, Elsa? Come on Elsa, pick up, pick up. Wait, what’s this? Maleficent’s spell book! Oh no, this can’t be good. I’ve got to tell the girls. Not so powerful now are you, Elsa? Now that you don’t have your little friends
to save you. And you can’t use your freezing powers. Oh, I’m Elsa, I’m just a normal queen
now… Ohhh ha ha ha ha. Just you wait, my friends will save me, just
watch. So I feel like Maleficent took Elsa and then
left this behind on accident, I’m so sorry I had to call you guys out of the movie. Shh, no way, saving Elsa is way more important
than the movie. Yeah, we have to stop Maleficent. Are there any spells we could use in there? Yeah, fight fire with fire. Let me look. Oh my gosh you guys, here’s a superhero spell. I don’t know you guys, this could be really
dangerous. There’s no way we can stand up to Maleficent
otherwise. She’s too strong. Read it Belle. Okay, here it goes; “no longer are we pretty
flowers, give us all super-powers. Wow, I feel different. Wow! Oh my gosh, you’re flying. Whoa, I have water powers! Anna stop talking about sandwiches at a time
like this. What? I’m hungry… Wait a second, I wasn’t talking about sandwiches,
I was just thinking about sandwiches. Did you just read my mind! I can read minds; Anna is thinking about sandwiches,
Moana misses Hei Hei, Ariel can’t believe she can fly and I can read minds, this is
crazy! I just can’t figure out what my superpower
is. Rapunzel, are you there? We can’t see you. I’m right here. Umm, I think you’ve gone invisible. What! You mean you can’t see me at all? Wow, this is crazy! I wonder what my superpower
is. Is it just me or is – maybe it’s just geting
hot in here. Anna, your hands are on fire! Oh, I have fire powers, this is so cool. Wow, be carefull with that. Sorry. Okay, let’s go stop these villains and save
Elsa! So, we finally got Elsa [laughter]. So uh, now what do we do? Uh, we could try to marry someone. We’ve done that before. We can go buy fur. No one wants fur, no, we’re villains. We have to do something more devious. Uh, you can just let me go already. Never! I say we harness Elsa’s freezing powers and
bring an endless winter to all of fantasyland. Hmm, sounds kind of cold. Yes, it’s a good idea in theory but we don’t
have to live in it. The colder the weather, the better the fur. Not so fast villains! What! Who’s there? Here to save the day, flying in the air, it’s
a bird, it’s a fish. No wait, it’s princess Ariel. Mind your own business, it’s princess Belle
with mind powers! Feeling hot hot hot? Watch out for princess
Anna and her fire powers. Now you see her, now you don’t! It’s princess Rapunzel. What are you gonna do now? I know what Moana’s gonna do, she’s going
to use her water powers. Yeah, this is so awesome. Blah blah blah, bring it on princesses. Oh, it’s been broughtin. Moana, Maleficent’s about to hit you with
a beam of magic. You can’t stand up to my hypnotism powers. You’re getting very sleepy. Oh no I’m not, I had my coffee this morning. Wait, what’s happening? I’m getting very sleepy. Anna, watch out for Hans. Oh, my sideburns! Rapunzel, everyone’s preoccupied, go rescue
Elsa. Flower, gleam and glow let your power shine
make the clock reverse where no more force field curse. Thank you so much Rapunzel. Let’s go. You guys, you have to stop these villains
once and for all… ready? 1 2 3… Princess power! Nooo! No, let me out of here! No! Come on. Oh my goodness, I have a 2:30 hair appointment. Curses, foiled again! Well, if we’re going to be in here awhile,
I may as well finish my nap. Nighty night. Seriously, he’s supposed to be a super villain. Look at him, might as well have a nightcap
on. We did it, we saved Elsa. Yeah you guys, thanks for saving me. Of course, we have some help from our cool
new super powers. Oh my gosh, Ariel, you’re right, I think we
can still make the movie. Oh my goodness, I forgot that you can still
read my thoughts. Yes, let’s go see if Oaken can figure something
out for us. I’ll fly us over. Sounds super [laughter].

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  9. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. Hjplijl.ijkiklkโค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”โฃ๏ธ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’˜

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