27 thoughts on “Digital Art Process | Museum Vlog + Speedpaint”

  1. Damit your staff is soo beautiful it gives me chill's– every little detail is so thoughtful, and delicate, its like so simple and also so complax, and just woww!

  2. So, does this tablet need to be connected to a laptop to run, or is it a tablet in itself that supports photoshop? I have a windows surface but photoshop is hella slow on it, and theres no Procreate version for windows or android tablet. So I'm looking for a portable drawing tablet (not the ipad pro) and if this runs without the need for a laptop, I'll buy it definitely, and if they gave you an affiliate link, I'll use it!

  3. Whenever I watch your videos, I fee, inspired to get back in drawing. Like Iโ€™m on my 26th frame of animation and I havenโ€™t done animation in six months. ThAnk you!

  4. always so different to see you working with digital, but also always so pleasing! love the texture that you gave everything.
    thanks for including the shots of the museum too! as an architecture student also is very nice to see different places and structures outside of classes and so on… thx pear :^)

  5. Your digital drawing still looks as beautiful as the traditional one….. I'm blown away by your talent!

  6. Sheโ€™s so cute when she used a ruler.
    Tip for digital artist:
    Just hold SHIFT as you draw a line and itโ€™ll make it straight.

  7. Seeing you use a ruler on the tablet was so funny! You can hold shift and draw in photoshop so the line stays straight!

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