Dead by Daylight – How to Counter Scratched Mirror Myers

Dead by Daylight – How to Counter Scratched Mirror Myers

In this video, we’ll discuss some strategies
you can use to counter Scratched Mirror Myers. First, you can use exhaustion perks. Myers only moves 5% faster than survivors
with his mirror add-on, so perks like Sprint Burst or Balanced Landing make traditional
chases with survivors more time consuming for him than any other killer. Often times this is enough to discourage him
from chasing you, provided you’re not the last one alive. Next, you can loop him. Mirror Myers is probably the easiest killer
in the game to loop because of his short lunge range and slow movement speed. Let’s see how many times I get looped here. You can also work on generators in open areas
or corners of the map so you can either see him coming, or limit the number of directions
he can approach from. Lockers will make you immune to his wallhacks,
but he can catch a glimpse of you hiding if you’re not quick enough. The Premonition perk can warn you about which
direction Myers is approaching from, so you can start running the opposite way. Using healing perks or a medkit will lower
the chances Myers will finish you off while injured. If you do have to heal while up against Mirror
Myers, make sure you do it next to a pallet or by a window, otherwise this happens. The Sole Survivor perk can render you completely
immune to Myers’ wallhacks, but it requires one or two teammates die first. As you’ll see here, I’m able to read the survivor’s
aura outside a 24 meter radius but when I enter that radius, I lose sight of her completely. You should expect Mirror Myers to camp sometimes. His movement speed is so slow, it makes patrolling
the map difficult. So it’s much easier to let survivors approach
him instead. And finally, while working on generators,
make sure you’re flicking your camera left and right so you can see Myers coming. There’s nothing worse than letting Myers get
a generator pull off of you like in this clip. So thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
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100 thoughts on “Dead by Daylight – How to Counter Scratched Mirror Myers”

  1. The tip I mention at 1:18 is actually NOT true.
    After testing Premonition myself, even though the description says it "trumps all stealth abilities", it does NOT work on Tier 1 Myers. It DOES work against Tier 2 Myers, though.
    So you can use Premonition against Vanity Mirror Myers, but not Scratched Mirror Myers.

  2. First tip is useless. Every Myers I've seen run this strat purposefully hides behind objects and flanks and slaps.

  3. Just keep him in a chase against you and he loses lol. Hes really slow. Do people really struggle against him?

  4. First: Premotion and spine chill does NOT work on Myers tier 1 and second: many scratched Myers are playing on Lerys so sitting on a gen which is in an open area isn't a option… and third: Exhausion Perks are good against tier 1 Myers but he will catch up…

  5. And yes Sole Survivor works but it's a trash perk and you can't know that you are facing a T1 Myers and change your perks

  6. How about on Larry's?
    So far the only way to counter him on Larry's is having a 4 man. Instead of random not knowing how to deal with Michael lol.

  7. isnt there a perk with tokens that starts you with 3 and each time your aura would be shown to the killer it consumes a token? does that work with him?

    its jeffs distortion perk

  8. As a Michael main, I can assure you the run away from him won't work. This build was meant to hunt. Not mindlessly chase. Very different things. See and not be seen, wait till the prey feels safe and then attack. That's where this build is so extremely dangerous. If perfected, is, one of the most OP things in the game.

  9. You only got looped because you were trying to. I never just chase people around and around, I am usually fast enough with him to catch up, and I can normally predict the kind of juking and back-dashing these people do, so I anticipate this and pause frequently with just enough space so when it does happen, they get slashed.

  10. Will distortion work as well against this? Jeff’s perk? I mean it is only 3 Chances but still kinda useful

  11. PainReliver:also make sure you look left and right to see mirror Myers

    Me:ew no i have spine chill

    gets spine chill noti popup

    Runs away

  12. Myers single handedly made me quit playing this game. Sorry, this guide is useless against tombstone and it seems like that's the only Myers I ever run into

  13. You gotta admit, it’s fun to play against and with Mirror Myers, though. Knowing he could pop out at any moment is a really spooky feeling, and I love it.

  14. Dude your videos are easy to understand, you're clear in your ideas and I'm greatful for your effort please keep doing this so we can learn how to play and enjoy the game even
    more, thank you bro.

  15. Scratched mirror myers on the hospital was my absolute favorite build in the whole game but i rarely ever got the offering to go to that map so i almost never got use the build

  16. Lmfao that song at the end. Sounded like when Stan went naked and jacking it in California from South Park

  17. Can you do a video on the Clown? The Clown is so op on console at high ranks. Back then, 30 seconds of exhausted was ok because you were able to recover it by running. Now it takes 30 seconds of not running to get your perk back but the Clown can easily deny it by throwing another bottle at you. #Ripexhuastperks

  18. I don't get why people get so mad about campers, it's literally just another strategy that's completely viable. It's really the survivors fault for clumping up towards the hook when they could be doing gens and finishing the game so much quicker without the killer having a chance.

  19. How about stop being a dick and do counter surviv and so on killers already have no chance because surviv gen Rusch

  20. I have a question can a perk from the blood web be taught to another survivor like I taught spine chill to meg can I still teach it to Dwight or something?

  21. Between the sonic music and rings, hackin' wackin' and smackin' and the overall knowledge, you just earned a new sub! Nicely done!

  22. This guide is meh not enough lerys cuz it’s not on lerys we all know well that people only run this build on lerys where lerys man

  23. "Scratched Mirror Myers" is theee STUPIDEST shit ive ever heard come out from somebodys' mouth. Stop the cringe plz.

  24. So scratch mirror is easy af to best. However that isnt the question. The question is how the do you heat him on the Larry's map.

  25. Another tip to detect Scratch Mirror Myers is to listen. Yeah he doesn't have Terror Radious, but his footsteps (outside of grass) are loud, an.
    d you can hear his breathing through his mask.

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