DCUO : Artifact Glitch ( Max them out to 160 ) !

DCUO : Artifact Glitch ( Max them out to 160 ) !

what's up YouTube show you guys how to rank of your artifacts you can max it out the 160 is easy I mean now this is a glitch but it also takes a little bit of money the reason why I take their money because you're gonna need a catalyst caches and you're gonna need the fucking arm there's a preservation or sales a completion now that's all you but what I'm about to show you is I'm just gonna rank up just a little fire right here as you see watch this so basically what you're gonna do is you're gonna take one of your hit mugs off or you're gonna use one of your cybernetic cord things whatever they call the things to rank up these so so um you see the experience right it says about almost 300 K experience so to max out the artifact it takes about six hundred cakes 700 K to max out artifact to 160 so men so this gives you that amount what you do is you're gonna click on another one you're gonna click on it like that as you want to you know basically merging together gonna double tap circle quick want you right now here's a trick you go down to the fucking artifact that you're gonna break up next you hit next again it won't show but she suppose the hit eggs again and a you one see that's artifact glitch as you see fuck DC universe I'm leaving this fucking game a piece


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