David Byrne: Once in a Lifetime (Live) – SNL

David Byrne: Once in a Lifetime (Live) – SNL

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  1. Just phenomenal — the backing band choreography is similar to what you would see at a Soundsport, Blast! or a WGI competition (my understanding is that DB has connections to the WGI world). I like the additional percussionists that merge into the front at 3:25 during the 2nd chorus; the blonde lady on plates (slang for cymbals) really nails it and her roll at the end is off the charts! I have to wonder if any of these musicians have a drum corps background.

  2. The first or the 976,000,000th listen–it always makes your soul go and never gets old. Byrne is amazing. Amazing.

  3. He reminds me of/looks like Christopher Walken in this clip….Hey,How did that pocket watch get here?😜

  4. I don't understand how this has so many positive comments. This was a super cringey and just terrible performance. People that are saying it sounds the same as when this song came out must also be 67 and need their ears checked.

  5. Great song, but this performance drags it down.
    I prefer the trailer for "Down and Out in Beverly Hills."

  6. Young people are scratching their heads wondering, "What the heck is this guy talking about?" Well, for those people, here's the original video on MTV (back in the early days when they used to play music videos… Remember that?): https://youtu.be/5IsSpAOD6K8

  7. Classic, relevant, and David Byrnes with his band delivers the message with a moving performance. This was as fresh as the first time I heard it.

  8. If those people with instruments are actually playing all this music, with no backing tracks or some such thing, then that's pretty impressive. But I must admit I'm skeptical …

  9. I mean is there even any other musical guest that could so perfectly go along with John mulaney as a host?

  10. Had front row seats at the Pantages during the filming of Stop Making Sense. David Byrne sounds as good as ever!

  11. David Byrne for the win. Brilliant from beginning to end. Great staging too. One of best performances on SNL in ages!!!

  12. He's an absurdity he just made a caricature of his whole persona to fit the current state of affairs what a fucking clown my ass produces more art than this fuck head does….😐

  13. This was my favorite song as a kid growing up in the 80s. I’m finishing a Ph.D. in music composition and should graduate in May. My dissertation is on popular music. After a lifetime of learning about music and studying music, this is still my favorite song of all time. It’s timeless, and I love it! I was glad to see a fresh performance of it. This makes my soul happy. 😊

  14. That song was a huge DEVO rip-off in terms of image. Byrne didn't even wear glasses, but put them on to look more like Mark Mothersbaugh. Not surprised that they had everyone dressed the same on SNL,…. which was DEVO's most iconic feature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYQR43UyYqc

  15. I saw him doing this live last year and it was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. He’s a wonderful man with a true spirit 🙏🏽

  16. I've never been into David Byrne as such but I've always loved this song! This is an outstanding performance & shows how bad some current performers are!

  17. I never loved a band (The Talking Heads)more. This made me and all who saw it (of a certain age) very happy.

  18. Great memories of watching David's film "Stop Making Sense" in a Portland theater with the audience applauding after every song like it was a live concert.

  19. Glad to see him come back to SNL. Remain in Light a great album and this has always been a great track off of it.

  20. This song , in hindsight , was prophetic
    I did not “get” this when I was 15 and this song was new.
    It’s like a Ted Talk set to music

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