Das atemberaubende DIGITAL ART MUSEUM [ENG Sub]

Das atemberaubende DIGITAL ART MUSEUM [ENG Sub]

In this video something special awaits you. When I think back of it I’m still absolutely stunned.
A short while ago a new museum opened in Odaiba. It’s not an ordinary museum, it’s the Digital Art Museum by Team★Lab Borderless. It’s located in the Mori Building which is next to the Zepp Tokyo and the Ferris Wheel. Yoko from “Lost in Japan” asked me a few weeks ago if I’d be interested to company her. I didn’t need to be told twice. I checked out the website in advance and was absolutely speechless by watching the pictures and videos. I’ve put the website link for you in the video description below. You can make your ticket reservation there, but be aware there are a lot of visitors especially at the weekend! You can check the homepage if there are still free tickets available. We visited the museum during the week, but it was very crowded as well. They informed us very fast that the tickets were completey sold out for today. After our visit I could absolutely comprehend why it was sold out. The ticket costs weren’t that cheap. The early bird tickets cost 2.400¥, but they are sold out very fast. You can get regular tickets for 3.200¥. I couldn’t see any information if this museum is limited. That’s the reason why I think this musem remains for a not limited period. The museum advertises to experience it with your body and all your senses. There aren’t any exhibits which are exposed. You are in them and everything is moving around you. You’re feeling like Alice in Wonderland. I tried to film every single room that you get a good impression of them. Since it was pretty dark most of the time, some clips might be a little bit blurry, but I hope, you can still see enough. There was no fixed route. You could move abolutely free and watch everything without ruffle. Some rooms were very well hidden. It was tought to find them. There were rooms where you had to take off your shoes before. Rooms where you could lay down and places where you were able to draw and let your imagination run free. And so much more. And then there was the aquarium. You could create your ownmarine creature, they scanned it and afterwards it was swimming around. I created a Fukumaru jellyfish which was made alive. It was so cute! And there was this very special teahouse. You could choose different sorts of tea. Each sort costs 500¥. I chose matcha. We were led to a dark corner and sat down. After a short while we gout our drinks. And… yeah, what shall I say? I got the most prettiest matcha on the whole wide world. Just look at this. An amazing museum, am I right? Ah! And by the way… if you want to visit this museum don’t forget to weat comfortable shoes. No high heels! In case of need you can borrow shoes in the museum. Selfie-sticks are forbidden and at some rooms like this pretty one with the lamps you have to wait a little longer and inside you just have limited time to enjoy and take pictures. Afterwards we went to the Venus Fort mall. There was a Team★Lab special and each restaurant had a fitting dish or drink. I ate pancakes and had a fancy drink with a jelly star. At the end we made some puris. I’m always so happy when I can make them with someone. It’s so much fun everytime!
We did something else on that day as well, but I will tell you about this in my next video. I hope you liked this video and if you want leave a thumbs up for me, a comment or recommend this video to your friends If you haven’t subscribed me yet, I’d be very happy about one subscribe. That’s it! Thank you so much for watching my video and see you again in my next video! ♡

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  1. Ich… schau mir das mal nicht komplett an, angefixt hast du mich aber! Ich denke, das muss man sich einfach live angucken

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