Dane Golden: How To Improve Your Content Marketing with Video!

Dane Golden: How To Improve Your Content Marketing with Video!

– So content marketing
can be incredibly valuable to reach a new audience by educating them about industry information
to help with their business. Oftentimes when people talk
about content marketing, really what they mean is a blog post but in this episode we're gonna talk all about how you can use video
with your content marketing. Hello and welcome to
the MakeItAwesome show, your roadmap to video marketing success. I'm your host Renee Teeley and today I'm joined by Dane Golden, the founder of Hey.com. – Hey.com, hey. (Renee laughs) – Hey, thanks for being on the show. – Thanks for having me. This is the MakeItAwesome show? – It is the MakeItAwesome show. – Then we will make it awesome. – We better, that's the promise that we've set out with our audience. We have to make it awesome. – Great. – Speaking of making it
awesome, what is your advice for marketers who may or may not already be using content marketing but using video as part of their content marketing. – When you say the word content marketing, you don't say blog, you
say content marketing. Content can be anything. It could be a podcast
but it also can be video and that's what I really wanna emphasize, is that content marketers
they're doing video now but there's a challenge in the way they're doing it for the most part. I feel that they're leaving something out. – What are they leaving out? – I feel they're leaving out
some of the best practices that they use for blogs, the idea that you don't say how awesome you
are even though we are saying that we want to make them
awesome in this video. The thing is that you don't
really wanna talk about how awesome you are as a company, you wanna talk about things
that can help the people who are searching, right. They're searching and it's
not necessarily searching on exactly what your company does. – Yeah that's great. You know I think a lot
of companies talk about making the customer the
hero of your content or you know being the hero of the story but in practice I don't
think a lot of companies actually do that effectively. – That's something I really believe in, we did a study HEY.com and TubeBuddy, we looked at 30,000 videos just
searching for the word "you" at the beginning of the video.
– Oh my God! – And we, it's my belief,
and it was my belief, my theory that if you said the word "you" at the beginning of a video, we would know that the
video was about you, we were focused on your needs not ours. And indeed you could get, if you just said the word "you" once in
the first five seconds, you would get on average 66% better views. – Wow! – And if you said it twice
and what I mean by "you" is today I'm going to show
you how to fix your car in this instance your is you. You could get an, it's a
median of 97% more views. So all you've almost doubled
your views on YouTube by just focusing and pointing
and looking at the camera and saying "you," that's why I'm here is to help you the viewer. – Yeah, I think that's
great, I mean in practice even just saying "you" is showing that it really is for your audience but then it also helps
you frame the content when you're creating it yourself. And so then you know you are creating it for someone else and
helping them with value not just talking about how
great your own company is. – Right and that's the
principle of content marketing. The principle of content marketing is getting people to search. I focus mainly on YouTube,
certainly content marketing can be done on the other
social video platforms, we could call them social video platforms, Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram 'cause everyone has video now, right. Everyone has native video but what is YouTube different about, it's searchable, right. Try to find a Facebook video
a day after you saw it. (Renee laughs) You can't, right? – Yeah, so much content out there, yeah. – And that doesn't mean it's not an effective way of marketing but it's not really
organic but you have to pay for your page to be seen which is fine, people will watch it for
a shorter period of time on average around eight
seconds which is fine if they click and do
take some other action for your marketing. But in YouTube, you're building an asset that can be used over months and years. When was the last time you saw a video that was three years old, right? You do a search for a particular topic… This is something that
companies can build now just like inventing a product, you can sell that for years. Same thing with a video,
you spent time creating it, it acts marketing for you long tail. – Yeah. – And people don't really think of much when they think about video, they don't think of long tail marketing. – Yeah, I think that's
a really good tip too because you know, video can be expensive and time-consuming to create and so there's a lot of topics around like repurposing content
and things like that, but it's important also to think about the longevity of your video
and that helps with your ROI and making sure that you're really getting the most value from your video. And so if you're talking about something that's about strategy– – Right. – Those things don't
often change that quickly. So the tactical things change a lot, they change day by day on
certain types of platforms and things but if you're talking about industry content and strategy content, it's more evergreen
content and you can get– – But the principles remain the same. – Yeah. – And I would encourage
you content marketers to think about what would
someone be searching for if they were searching for your business and they didn't know it existed. What would be the question they would ask? What is the problem
they're trying to solve? You're trying to solve it in blogs, that's how you're
bringing people in today, there's no reason that
can't be done cheaply and quickly and repetitively
with a format on video. You don't need really expensive equipment, you don't need superstar, you don't need handsome skinny people, I'm not one of those and
I do this professionally. So if I can do it, content
marketers can do it. – Yeah, I mean everybody
should be doing this for their business and
like I said, you know, content marketing seems to be a buzzword, a lot of people are now
getting these practices into their business but video is a powerful complement to that and should be used as part of
their content marketing, yeah. – And I can tell you
that on top of your blog, you've already shown your
expertise on your blog and you can show it in video too but there's more because you can see someone's body language and you can know does that person seem like
someone I would like to work with and maybe sometimes they
won't want to work with you. And that's fine, there's a lot
of other customers out there but if they see you on video and they say, I can tell from that
person's body language, I like them they seem
like the type of person know what they're talking about, I wanna work with them, you
are much closer to a sale. – Yes, absolutely, that's great. So thank you so much for that. I have one last question for you and this is an important one. – Yes. – So I know that you're big into kind of learning about your ancestry. Is there anything interesting that you've uncovered in your ancestry? – I'm into ancestry and
history because if we know where we've been, we have
an idea where we're going or sometimes where we'd like to avoid. And I was telling you before we started that I found that my
great-grandfather gave back rubs, he was a masseuse for the Mafia
in New York a long time ago. I don't, I'm not in that
particular profession, one I'd like to stay away from but again when you go into a certain
direction and you look back, you can know what to avoid. – Thank you so much for all
of your amazing insights. Thank you for watching this episode. If you haven't done so already, I highly recommend that you
subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can get amazing
information just like this to help you with video
marketing for your business. Thanks again and remember
to make it awesome.

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  1. Great video and thanks for the mention Dane – was great seeing you both at Social Media Marketing World!

  2. Another great episode! SO true about the bit where I'll see a video in my social media newsfeed and can't find it minutes later! Love the searchability of YouTube. Great insight overall, Dane!

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