Dance Moms: The Minis Are a Major Distraction (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: The Minis Are a Major Distraction (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

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  1. Poor little Peyton just was a little too nervous at the audition. You can’t blame her! She probably had watched Abby on T.V. and got scared 😅

  2. The moms complain when Abby’s not nice and then complain when she’s too nice to A SIX YEAR OLD. honestly sick of those grown women

  3. Tbh I don’t blame Abby for focusing on the minis, she needs to make sure that there are children to carry on her legacy and prove that the is not a one hit wonder with the original elite team. On the other hand, it is very selfish to just toss the dancers that have legit made you, there should be balance.

  4. why these mothers are saying this Payton is six years old of course Abby will pay attention to her cause she's the little one in the group even if Abby didn't pay that much attention to Mackenzie when she was six that cause Kenzie was dancing to Abby since she was 2 or 3 so of course if Mackenzie cry Abby won't care

  5. I feel like Abby is nice as the dancers come in but as soon as they get older Abby shows her true colors
    I mean Maddie and the other team was small too!!!🤔😶😑😐

    No hate tho!!🤣

  6. OMG did Abby just said good things about a kid and it was not Maddie??!!!!! I'm really proud of Abby!!!😂😂 I know that Peyton is the smaller there but she talked to her with the best way. Better than Maddie👍💘

  7. Jess needs shut up she started crying like she dancing and felt like she Chouldnt do it which is okay and obviously it not easy but you just gotta keep pushing Jess needs stop turning it around making it look like she was crying for two hours when she wasn’t and the moms need to grow up like Melissa needs to shut up does any one realize that Melissa is such a lick are like from the start of the season she loved Abby now her kids are getting jobs she thinks she can say what ever she wants Melissa smart cause most of the parents like kelly christy looked at Abby behavior like it not good shouldn’t be treating kids like that to Melissa Melissa looked at it as in Abby not doing anything wrong but not latter on in season she felt like now my kids are getting jobs time to leave they used Abby to become fame it so notecable when Abby had cancer the first person that should be there is Melissa and Maddie and Kenzie I’m pretty sure the only ppl that costed her was jojo I just think they all need to cop on tbh

  8. And relize that Abby made you what you are today without they wouldn’t be what they are that freaking sure

  9. Reminds me of last year I competed in my very first horse show in almost 10 years and there was a rider that I have known for a few months she was a huge brat a few weeks before the showing I would hear her complain about other horses I would hear her say she hated them that they were slow they didn't listen to her and one day I watched her and at what point she nearly ran into me from behind when I was on my horse and then there's another time when a horse is trying to do what she was asking them to do and she was just hit them with the riding crop or the reins for no good reason and then on the day of the show when I was taking a break from one of the classes I rode in before and then I saw her whacking one of the horses that she was riding on and she was like talking at his mouth so badly and my trainer did not let it slip through her fingers I saw her scream at her when they were at the trailer and then one day she decides to drag me into an argument about a halter that she took from another rider that she wasn't supposed to take

  10. jessalyn shouldn’t say that they’re babies n whatever like her kid was peytons age at some point in her life and all kids can cry there’s nothing wrong with that also how can you not love her she’s adorable. i’m remembering the clip where peyton cried on the bus cz brynn couldn’t sit next to her and play with her bcz brynn had to leave to go to the other bus

  11. The moms don't realize that there are other kids who want to dance and Abby's just teaching other young dancers like she taught most of the junior elite team.

  12. The moms are so stingy with Abby. It’s not wrong for Abby to work with other girls. Abby has other students too. She doesn’t only have to work with the kids on tv wtf the moms are so annoying and unappreciative of Abby

  13. The older moms were sooo mean to the poor minis and Peyton I want to PUNCH THEM there people to OMLLLL

  14. Tbh the minis were better than Maddie when she was 8 Eli and lilli have the talent as some of the oldest girls do now

  15. Nobody:
    Literally not a single soul:
    Jill: aNd YoU tHiNk aBbY LoVeD BrYnN
    I swear Jill is lowkey obsessed with brynn

  16. Jessalyn shut up. You’re acting like Jojo wasn’t a baby once. She’s scared and she’s a child, let her be.

  17. I think Abby is nice but the show makes her look rude it’s a reality tv show guys everything you see in tv in not always true

  18. Only on the first day she incredibly nice to Payton, she goes oh ‘I like your outfit, oh your amazing. Wow

  19. Abby was so sweet to Peyton I was very scared she would yell at her for leaving I’m so glad Abby understood that that poor little girl was tired and probably scared. This is one of those Abby moments that make me smile

  20. But when the show first started, Abby had a senior team as well as juniors, they weren’t apart of the show and weren’t featured except when Brooke danced with them, but they were still there. Abby is more than capable of handling more than one team and age division

  21. Loveee how the minis weren’t competing but they were learning a dance while the juniors have a day when they weren’t learning and they were competing

  22. Abby had every right to form a new mini team, the moms forgot that she’s running a business and her dancers on her main team got older, she needed new dancers.

  23. I feel like Payton was crying because she didn’t exactly feel comfortable in front of the camera and it’s her first day there too!

  24. The title confused me how are they a major distraction? There just minis so they must be a mini distraction

  25. Of course they're high maintenance, but they're the future of the company, and the earlier the better with dance, so if she starts them, in a way, it's often better. It's not a distraction.

  26. Wait so jojos mom is complaining about how young the minis and how hard to teach they are, but when that lady from audc was always bullying jojo for being young, she was very upset?

  27. I'm pretty sure Jill just started an argument because she said, you think she likes Brynn, no she likes that kid.she always wants to start arguments and then is like I don't like to argue um yea you do

  28. Areana was the same age as Mackenzie so why was Mackenzie on the Elite team when Areana was on the Mini team? (No h8)

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