Dance Moms: Mackenzie’s Solo – “Cry” (Season 4) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Mackenzie’s Solo – “Cry” (Season 4) | Lifetime

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  1. Yes I agree with everyone here that she doesn’t have to be like maddie, she needs to be kenzie, but i just can’t help but write that the feels that i got from maddie’s cry are unrepeatable.

  2. It is a same that Kenzie lost a lot of this dance because she was try to copy Maddie's face!! I think if Abby let her express her own personal feelings and emotions she was nailed that dance and make it a Kenzie solo and we will saw a different version of "cry" !! Instead she was just redoing a Maddie solo!!

  3. It was very disrespectful towards Mackenzie to make her do her sister's solo. If Abby wanted her to do lyrical she could have choreographed a dance especially for Mackenzie.

  4. it's so sad that abby made kenzie do this to compare her dance ability to maddie…But overall, she did amazing!

  5. I thought Mackenzie did a wonderful job, her solo was very sweet and soft. Although Maddie had overall more solid technique and energy, they both portrayed it differently. This is one of my fave solos of all time from dance moms (both Maddie's and Mackenzie's), and I wish Mackenzie was given more lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop solos to reach her full potential.

  6. Omg I just realised that Mackenzie does the entire solo flipped because she's left legged and that video of Maddie at the start has been flipped so that it looks like they're both going the same way!

  7. I love how this video shows the dance in its entirety, instead of the usual chopping it up and even mismatching the choreo to the music that seems to happen due to time limits on tv shows.
    I also love how this version is oriented to Mackenzie leading with her left leg where Maddie’s was leading right. Both girls are insanely talented, and the choreography for this piece is beautiful 💖

  8. This song always reminds me of Maddie and Mackenzie and how much I wished I watched dance moms back then and how much I want to be a dancer…. I’m doing this solo at my school talent show so wish me luck! ☺️😭 And i May change it a bit

  9. I think she did AMAZING! But I think Abby gives her cheesy dances all the time and not lyrical because she likes to smile and during this dance she did smile a lot but it was still VERY good!

  10. Is it just me or does this dance/song make you cry that they aren't little anymore and that they aren't gonna be on dance moms anymore?? 😭

  11. Is it just me or when kenzie does front Ariel’s she makes it look like she is doing a side but then switches in the air to a front

  12. This. Made me think of all the memories Maddies solo held to me. Dance moms was my entire childhood and I owe most of my life lessons to it. Brought a tear to my eye. Thank you dance moms for shaping me to become who I am today.

  13. I feel Maddie was more emotional then Mackenzie but Mackenzie acted like she didn’t wanna cry for the pain and I loved that a lot but if she showed a bit more emotion it would’ve been more good but Mackenzie doesn’t have to be Maddie to be perfect and when Christi said Mackenzie you don’t have to be Maddie I was so happy because she is her own self, and she did amazing.. Maddie and Mackenzie are both beautiful 💗

  14. It’s sad how throughout the show Abby and even her own mother compared her to Maddie , and it’s even more sad that the show saw this as an opportunity and made it more dramatic that it had to be like they even put the video of Maddie doing her solo while Kenzie was doing hers like what is that !!!

  15. Maddie is good at lyrical I feel her emotions and Mackenzie is good at hip hop she fires me up! I just wish Mackenzie added a little facial expressions except for keeping one smile the whole dance but except for that it’s amazing and picture perfect 👌

  16. Killing you’re really good at this I really hope that you know how to do this because I don’t know how to do this my name is Lily and share and from the haves family outside of family but I love you very much aren’t you one of my friends and she one of my brothers or you are one of my BFLT bath both friends I love you you’re cool man

  17. I dont understand why Mackenzie was at dancing with the Stars jr, she already was a great dancer and she has been dancing her whole life.

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