Dance Moms: Abby Insults a Candy Apples Dancer (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Abby Insults a Candy Apples Dancer (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Abby Insults a Candy Apples Dancer (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime”

  1. You know Jill Melissa And Holly have a heart because they Comforted The girl that Abby said something to and none of the moms would’ve said that on the candy apple team

  2. That woman is absolutely ridiculous she had no right to talk to her old student like that that is rude disrespectful and very hurtful towards another opponent that is very disrespectful and rude I know that I'm only 9 years old but heck to the naw would I say something to another opponent like that I would just say good game good dance good sing good whatever it does not matter you it is not about winning it really isn't do you win anything no you don't really win anything all you ever win is a trophy that's about it stop making such a big deal about it like this woman this black woman said that it's the worst thing that can happen you win nothing but a stupid dumb trophy so let all the hate go because first off that woman had no right to talk to that girl like like that and she knows that she's beautiful and that is very rude and disrespectful towards her I could see why she was crying I'm putting myself in her shoes she is overboard and she is very ridiculous she goes overboard with her top she cusses every minute she gets to in her sentence it is very disrespectful and I do not like the way she talks to her or other people if she ever talk to me girl I would have whooped her behind right then and there I would have smacked her right in the face plus my mom would not even accept that talk so it doesn't even matter. If she ever talk to me if she ever put her hands on me she don't catch these big old hands in mine

  3. I don’t get why Cathy is complaining about Abby when they were the ones who came and started bothering her with that picture cake

  4. I hate how Cathy says Abby's team of dance moms are horrible yet they do good things like comforting the opposite teams members

  5. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 don't look me up and down you horse 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  6. I wish The members on ALDC could be freinds with candy Apples mebers but i still Want cathy and baby to fight because i luv alll The drama bettween them( i know that it is a bad thing to like drama)

  7. That girl is a beautiful lovely talented dancer for some reason can someone tell me why kathey got the cake knowing Abby was going to go off and I should go say something rude Abby is just mad that they didn’t win first place that girl is a beautiful talented lovely dancer she is prettier than Abby PERIOD🙄

  8. The anger that Cathy has in her isn’t healthy. What a horrible horrible example of what sportsmanship is. I’m surprised she still is allowed to teach children.

  9. I mean not to lie that girl she insulted wasn’t the prettiest.. I mean her nose was kinda big and her ears were big, not trying to be rude to this girl I swear I don’t judge by looks she seems like a very nice girl that’s just my opinion I’m sorry please don’t go after me

  10. the only person who is high right now is Cathy, she acts like she won the whole world and then rubs it in their faces…the moms even gave the OTHER team advice…someone help this chic

  11. yeah what abby said was pretty rude but i mean it never woulda happened if cathy hadn't gone in there to shove their one and only win against them in their faces

  12. okay but that dancer is beautiful. abby is in the WRONG for saying that. the dancer did not deserve that in any way at all.

  13. Abby:Get Those Ears Fixed

    Cathy:Go GET HER LIZAAA!!

    Liza:Runs So Fast That She Would Fall because Of Her Fatness

    Hello Nice Day No Hate Its Just Iam Mad Because CADC Rubbed They're Faces To The ALDC & They Made ALDC Feel That They're Losers

  14. Candy: GO GET HER LIZA
    Liza: aBbY wHaT iS wRoNg WHINES

    Btw aldc dance moms are supportive even though its a candy apples member ❤️❤️

  15. The Mothers are catty. All these little girls want is to dance. Healthy competition is always good, but these women set a bad example for their daughters. This is why we have “mean girls” who grow up to be despicable women.

  16. That hurts when somebody says that, my ears are messed up also cause I had 1 percent of being born fine with out any problems 4 percent with health condition and 95 % i wouldn't live, its like being kicked where the sun don't shine

  17. Did you guys watch the episode where Cathy said that Kalani is a whole team? If i was Maddie, Kendall, Nia, Mackenzie or any other girl from the group i would we very hurted. It's like she's bullying the whole team 😐

  18. I am on team candy apples because abby is mean to the girl and I have ears like that so abby is making fun of me to

  19. Abby does not need to attack another dancer just because of her ears it's ridiculous. Cathy did not do the right thing it to go rub it in your face. But that still does not brush off the fact that Abby would tell a child to get her ears fixed. Abby needs to understand that just because you lost does not mean you start hurting a dancer's feelings. You are the ground woman you're the one responsible and you're supposed to be respectful. If you did not yell at the dancers then you'd probably have a really good dance team but you keep doing negative things towards the dancers and the moms no one is going to want to be on a team with Abby. Abby has good Corrections. And if you want a child to stop crying you might as well stop yelling at them. It's common sense when a child keeps getting yelled at that hurts them. especially for the moms to see you yell at their children! Abby is not the mother of the child so put your big-girl pants on and respect the team respect the moms. Picking favorites is not responsible or respectful think about it you say Maddie is your favorite all the time you . And then you're saying to the girls why can't you be like Maddie why can't you do this fast enough as Maddie you're comparing them to their own teammate and you could just keep it to yourself you don't have to share to the whole team to the all the moms that Maddie is your favorites.


  20. Well I mean that girl was happy and all to come in there and make fun of ALDC which is rude until she got roasted and realized the moms there r nice so she better not ever come in there with Cathy again

  21. I love howthe ALDC dance moms consoled the poor girl. That shows you that a mom is a mom❤ it doesn't matter if it's your child or not☺ makes me happy!

  22. I think they didn't win because Chloe,Brooke,and Paige wernt their becaues one time they did it without Maddie and the ALDC won

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