Cute Guy Picks My Art Supplies!

Cute Guy Picks My Art Supplies!

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hello everyone my name is Emily and today I'm coming at you with a sort of kind of challenge I wanted to do a challenge video that didn't have so many restrictions that would like guarantee that I'd create a less than attractive piece of art lord knows I've done that before in recent memory I have tried to select challenges that are a bit of a challenge but will also yield a bit more of an attractive piece of artwork I not only wanted an attractive piece of artwork for this video but I also wanted an attractive desk I scoured the internet for the cutest of cute guys from burly biceps to sculpted scapula's I was looking for the right fit now I love and I'm attracted to my husband to the moon and back so it took him a little bit to agree to this video nobody wants to see their significant other gallivanting around with a very highly ten out of ten attractive person especially when they're working on such a close and intimate project the guy I selected to do the video with was just such a warm and kind person that he won my husband over immediately and mr. artful just had to say yes but before I reveal who our secret man crush Monday is here is a word from our sponsor today's video was brought to you in part by Skillshare comm Skillshare is an online learning platform dedicated to helping you learn a new skill they've got more than 25,000 classes in art cooking business and so much more their premium membership gives you unlimited access you can hop around the site until you find what classes are right for you what's great is their annual subscription rate is less than $10 a month that's way cheaper than signing up for a class at your local community college I'll be honest I have a great business relationship with the people at skill share because they're all about supporting small creators that's the foundation their company is built on every creator on their site puts tons of effort into their lessons like the art community's very own draw with Jazza and his how to stand out and make money on YouTube in this series Jazza goes through the ins and outs of creating a successful YouTube channel although Jazza is primarily an art channel his tips apply to every genre of content creation on the YouTube platform jazz' also offers another course called how to talk and present to the camera like a pro which also has a lot of other useful information for starting a YouTube channel he also makes Nutella fairy bread on camera so you know I'm I'm here for that make sure to click the link in the description for two months of Skillshare premium for free just to try it so why don't you learn something new today with skill share now without further ado to introduce our secret collaborator the handsomest man on the Western Hemisphere and if you ask me the world our secret collaborator is let that image sink into your eyeballs and haunt you at night now I'm sure a good many of you are not surprised in the slightest you saw a cute guy in the title and then you looked at the thumbnail and when I'd recognize that coconut shaped head anywhere that's two babes now if you're new here two babes it's actually my almost two year old son and please ignore this nightmarishly photoshopped picture it was made to throw everyone off who didn't otherwise know who do babes was dip babes is only his nickname as well as beanie I don't use his real name for privacy reasons of course so if you hear me say babes do babes or beanie I am referring to him so what I ended up doing was hauling tons of art supplies upstairs scattering them around and then letting him just have a free-for-all a quick warning if you are one of those people who like Huff it's your art supplies this is going to be painful because even though he tries very very very hard to be careful he is a little rough with some things like my prismacolor pencils which I do realize that when they're thrashed around the lead can break in the center but surprisingly for someone who's not – he was incredibly gentle now I know it seems futile to tell an almost two-year-old to quote unquote be gentle but to babe's is actually really good at being careful things like animals and bugs and things that are delicate it may not seem like it but if you have ever had an under two-year-old like you you understand how like they can sometimes just like what is this for why is this necessary it's too much my favorite is when they're like little tiny Nobu's little newborns and they like they pushed so hard to get the poop out and it's like dude you're she is pudding like you don't need to work this hard exclusively I told the babes to only pick ten things but I knew we would be probably over or under 10 things depending on how long he could remain excited once he figured out that he was supposed to be putting things in that little basket he was like oh okay once we were finished he went back to the basket and saw that a couple of the washi tapes had like cartoon designs on them so of course he wanted them I didn't have the heart to say no and then I realized it would make my life easier so I'm like oh yeah take take whatever you want but then I told him to put something else back in the basket and he grabbed an ink put it in the basket and then when I got downstairs it was leaking and my life was oh but it ended up making the actual artistic process a lot easier to have an ink and to not have goofy silly wacky washi tape like surprise surprise I know this is a challenge but I'm going to allow myself a couple things to make it easier to create an attractive product obviously do babes chose a watercolor palette it was kind of inevitable because I have so many of them so I'm going to be using watercolor paper if I used any other kind of paper it would not come out nice at all I also had brushes out for him to choose but he didn't choose any brushes I'm also going to allow myself a pencil and an eraser I did not create a sketch beforehand I want to look at the materials I have and kind of create an idea from that so let's go ahead and look at what he picked for me he picked this watercolor palette now this may look a little familiar because it is the dated version of this palette that I have been obsessed with by regina watercolor it's a bit more consolidated and the palette is a little bit lighter but I have not touched these guys yes so this is actually going to be really exciting next he picked quite a lot of markers as I assumed he would because they don't really let him play with markers very much you know what's interesting is that these two are water-based markers and the rest are alcohol-based markers Prisma colors prismacolor premier pencils then he picked washi tape this is what I'm like I can either make something really cool with this or make something that looks absolutely terrible so I'll have to kind of really brainstorm what I want to do and how I want to incorporate the washi tape and lastly this is what he swapped out one of the washi tapes for just some of this black cat India ink alright so here are the chosen art supplies so let's go ahead and get started trying to figure out what we want to make with them now because do babes loves colors like Jean and Boo he picked a lot of green and blue because he chose a lot of sombre very oceanic colors I decided to do a sad water painting like that I you know hindsight is 2020 but I'm like why did I choose to do that like this is the cutest challenge ever with your adorable toddler and you're like here's a plate of sadness eat up bitch but whatever I guess I chose what I chose so I decided to start working on a thumbnail I had this kind of vision of this girl lying on a bed and she's like half floating in water and half in reality in her room and I'm like oh and then the the side floating in water could be how she's feeling mentally and emotionally and then I ended up putting a phone in her hand I'm like oh what if she just got broken up with so she's in that stage like right after you've been hysterically crying and you're just kind of like floating on your bed yeah don't know why that came into my head after I just spent like 20 minutes playing with my cute baby like no this is a great example of me just being in a very secure happy kind of mood and creating the saddest kind of artwork because I feel comfortable exploring those really complex emotions now I haven't felt that way in a very very long time thankfully but what I remember is after that really really good cry you know the first time you're really truly alone and able to process the break-up that it's this almost liberating feeling almost like a okay like a new leaf feeling you're still like deeply deeply upset about the break-up but it's just there's almost something positive about it but you're still too like floating in nothingness to acknowledge that I may have also felt kind of liberated because I did date a few people who really weren't kind to me so maybe it was my subconscious just being like ding dong the witch is dead dog the wicked witch is good but I really wanted to capture that feeling in the painting it didn't start that way I just started with a girl laying on her bed it was probably going somewhere in a plants in the window direction but it ended up being like we're flood in your house bitch I feel I was able to use every single one of the materials in pretty much the appropriate way the only place I really truly struggled with the materials at the very least were those really bright green markers that he chose I mean I know he loves Dean but it was complicated even layering them was a bit difficult just because they were so bright green and they were a mid-range color so I kind of tried to layer them on the sides of the lily pads but again they're just so bright green they just kind of end up looking a little bit distracting in the end another thing I really struggled with and I blame it on my heavy hand but also on the paper I was using which is the Strathmore 400 series paper I've used this paper quite a lot not as much as the B paper but I have used it but for certainly lighter less layered project I felt when I did that last kind of glazing attempt on my piece it really pulled up a lot of the paints where in my experience this same formulation of paints layers beautifully Reggina watercolors are my absolute favorite watercolors right now I will link her website in the description down below once they're set it is so easy to glaze over these watercolors I feel it's because she uses really high quality pigments so that led me to believe that it was the paper and not the watercolors because I use these watercolors all the time this is obviously a brand new set but it's the same formulation as the ones I had before I also did a quick test after the fact like way after the fact where I compared Strathmore versus B paper and the Strathmore certainly wanted to let go of the watercolors a lot more than the B paper did it's like the B paper kind of held onto the pigment better after that glazing attempt I kind of panicked and I was like oh my god should I start over like did I really mess this up but then I calmed myself down and I grabbed some of the other tools that Babes had picked for me like the really really deep blue marker and I started messing with that and then I just went back in with more watercolors and kind of fixed the texture in the water now this is a situation where I don't really 100% love the way the piece came out I feel like in a lot of places it looks muddy I could have done more planning in terms of my colors I feel like I made a couple really large key mistakes here it reminds me a lot of my murmee from a 2018 it just looks very muddy very disconnected and I think part of the reason my brain just kind of got Garfunkel died don't know what I'm trying to say I think I am just not cut out at least right now I've got to practice more but currently I'm not cut out for creating watercolor pieces that have thick black lines I feel like there is a specific balance that you have to achieve in order to create attractive watercolor pieces with thick black lines and I think for some reason my brain automatically is like deep deep dark values dark colors so that it's not such a stark contrast and I think I'm just getting lost somewhere in there so that's something I really need to work on I'm just trying to be upfront with you guys I don't want to put a product out that I'm not proud of and sit here and say that I'm proud of it but I was also so far along that I didn't have time to turn around scrap it and start over I really like the concept just not the execution there were a lot of mistakes made on the way that Brad in a year I could do a draw this again challenge and improve upon when I have more experience I don't absolutely hate this though I'm glad I stuck to it and I completed the piece and I'm glad I'm able to look at it and objectively see where I could improve obviously the anatomy is not perfect pretty much everything from the waist down I really truly struggle with feet are just a menace for me I was working on anatomy a lot for a long time and then I just stopped pretty fairly recently so it seems like I got to get back on that train because it appears I've gotten a little rusty if you guys can take anything from this video please take that a very critical part of being an artist that improves and that grows is an artist that is able to look at their work acknowledge where they've made mistakes and instead of getting discouraged by it use that to practice and work harder for a better tomorrow that is so cheesy but it's also very true I believe Sacre said this he had heard it from someone else but when you were able to look at your artwork and see flaw it just means that your brain is improving and your body is still catching up but anyway there is the finished art piece let's go ahead and show it to babes beanie what do you think do you like it was she crying I don't know she's sad what do you think I did it with the art supplies that you picked thanks babes your input is very appreciated anyway thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring this video and thank you guys so much for watching and don't forget to stay out of trouble see you guys later you

48 thoughts on “Cute Guy Picks My Art Supplies!”

  1. I’m screaming at how adorable your son is! 😍✨🌸 and the fairy costume ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ oh gosh! I almost exploded from the cuteness!

  2. I was honestly expecting Jazza to show up X'DDD Oh well! Your son was super gentle with your Supplies, I'm actually amazed

  3. well, to back up the cute lil man, the gween and boo he chose ARE very pretty colors ^^ ps: I love how you incorporated the washi tho. Very creative.

  4. Da Babes is ADORABLE. Yes, capital letters were totally necessary. 🤣

    Interesting that the coloured pencils and washi tape were mostly in complimentary colours. I think he may turn out to have inherented your artistic genes. 😊

  5. As soon as I saw "Cute Guy" I was like, Oh yay DehBabes! Then you threw me off when ya said your husband finally agreed to doing it and I was sad there'd be no babes. "Almost had us in the first half, not gonna lie."

  6. We've been having a really rainy summer here in England to the point that my ceiling is leaking and the rain managed to fall horizontally into my room through my window yesterday – so I'm definitely understanding how this girl feels! I just wish rainwater came with lilly pads!

  7. We've been having a really rainy summer here in England to the point that my ceiling is leaking and the rain managed to fall horizontally into my room through my window yesterday – so I'm definitely understanding how this girl feels! I just wish rainwater came with lilly pads!

  8. Da Babes did good, so did you! I would have been lost with the markers.. I want Reginas paints so badly, everytime I see you using them I fall in full Gollum-mode for couple hours. “Me wants them.. me needs them.. me sells me soul for them..” Oh well, someday. Need to practice more and really earn them.

  9. I'm going to suggest a part 2 of your cute guy art challenge. The scribble challenge, with the scribble made by your cute little boy. Because that's my favorite version of the scribble challenge, and it hasn't been done much.

  10. Plot twist: Her as a drag king
    Edit: I was gonna add another comment for my second plot twist but I made it 420 comments so here
    Plot twist: Jazza

  11. Is anyone else just amazed at the water? I was looking at it like oh, that’s cute and kind of abstract, but when all the shapes were finished it was S T U N N I N G.

  12. Strathmore has waaaaaaaaaay more surface sizing than Bee paper, which has very little. I did a vid a couple of weeks ago where I talked more in depth about what sizing is on watercolor paper and how it affects things, but essentially, papers with more sizing usually encourage more lifting than ones with less sizing. In case you were wondering what was up with that observation you made!

  13. I love that she acknowledges her own mistakes but doesn't just say ''i dont like this bc it just sucks''. She knows that she will learn and grow, and i think that we all can learn something from that <3 also her kid is so cute! Id love more videos with him, this brightened my day <3

  14. "Here's a plate of sadness, eat up bitch!" these are the quips that make me fucking laugh jesus, i love that you maintain this super direct sharp sense of humour
    (Also the only 11/10 man is da babes, kid's adorableeeee)

  15. I just broke up with my boyfriend and came out as gay.
    Like damn, I kinda needed this.
    Cute babes, relateable image.

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