Crossrail Art Programme: Heathrow funding major artwork at Paddington Crossrail station
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Crossrail Art Programme: Heathrow funding major artwork at Paddington Crossrail station

We are building today one of the greatest
infrastructure projects in Europe. When you’re building something as big as this you want
to do something more. We were given the challenge of how to bring art to the Crossrail programme.
We want to see art to be a prominent feature of all our main stations in the central section
so that’s what the Culture Line is about, it’s an experience when you come on Crossrail
that’s not just a railway journey it’s an experience of London, art and all the other
things that go with it. I mean Paddington station is you know an iconic station, it’s
a beautiful station, it’s an historic station and it’s also a station that so many people
pass through, it’s also the station that I pass through when I come to London. I was
immediately struck by the glass canopy as an opportunity to do an artwork that was big
and spectacular but also subtle and modest in someway also and it’s exciting and also
a little bit terrifying to do something on this scale and of this permanence. I think
being and artist I’m used to doing things that are a little more temporary a little
more transient. I’m really excited by the art programme. This is an iconic project Crossrail
and it’s right that we should celebrate that with some iconic pieces of art. We’re particularly
pleased with Spencer’s piece work right here at Paddington and what we’re celebrating here
is not only the history of engineering and art that you see around the old Paddington
but also celebrating the new with Crossrail, one of the most exciting and dynamic pieces
of transportation in the world and then this wonderful piece of art that will be above
our heads here. Paddington is the first and last impression of many people travelling
to and from the UK. This is the gateway to global markets, everyone will be coming through
Paddington and isn’t it fantastic they can see some of the wonderful culture and art
that the UK is well known for.

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