Creating a Supercar from Scratch

Creating a Supercar from Scratch

(engine starting) – [Voiceover] I never had money, so if I wanted anything, I’d
have to build it myself. I want other people to be able to do that. My name is Matthew McEntegart,
I own Vaydor Bodykits. We have a unique design
car that looks like a million dollars and we produce it so that the average person can build it for an affordable price. The best way to call this is a re-body. (drilling sound) You’re making a new car
out of an existing car. We’re cutting everything
off and what we’re left with is just bare bones. The motor, the drive train,
the frame of the car. So you have all of your dashboard intact, all of your engine intact, all wiring, it’s just the cosmetics that
have been cut off the car. My whole life I always
fixed up my own cars, so then I decided I’m just
gonna design my own car that I can call my own, it
doesn’t look like anything else. I’m extremely excited that
a car that I designed, the Vaydor, is gonna be used
in the Suicide Squad movie. I had built a car for a customer on the other coast of Florida. While it was there the
production company walked in and they said that’s great, it’s perfect, you know, it looks like a million dollars and nobody’s seen it before. I think that it ties in to Suicide Squad because it’s threatening
when it drives down the road, it’s an angular, open-mouth, angry car. Seeing my own design on the big screen is really exciting to me. The easiest way to put it
is, it’s a lottery ticket. I wanted to design a super car. I can’t draw, I have no design experience, so I’ve just shaped it out of foam. And it took me a year and
a half, seven days a week before I had a car out of the mold. I literally had nothing
when I finished this. Whatever money I had went
into developing this. It was pretty much the
biggest chance I’ve ever taken and this one just, it’s,
people love the car. It couldn’t have worked out better. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Creating a Supercar from Scratch”

  1. They also build these kit cars with twin turbo ls3's and z06 supercharged motors. Its a custom car meaning you can do anything. So much respect cars gorgeous!

  2. But… What's the specs of the motor? Cause if it's a 198hp V4 then I don't think it was worth it at all IMO.

  3. I respect his work and shit but lets be real here, he didnt 'BUILD' a 'SUPERCAR' from 'SCRATCH'. Its not even cheap

  4. After watching this, I now know what to do with my busted up Toyota Prius…

    Now I can imagine that my Prius can get a Veydor bodykit because I don't have money to actually pay the guy to get one installed for me…

  5. Great work, great, but, what about "fight" to really most expendive product car, product car. Your own Mark, they factory product. This is a fight with "Apple and steall". Great job, work.., but this a long Way to serious product.., but you are on The Way. Great:)

  6. dear all peasants , nobody is driving super cars to their fullest potential , they are all avoiding potholes , 99% of this shit is just for show so this guy cashed in on it , if you saw this thing on road you would keep looking and wondering what is that thing and how come I don't know about this and that's the point

  7. I wouldn’t call that a “super car” or “from scratch”, but kudos for his sweet, original body kit.

  8. Only problem is, the bodies of luxury cars are made to withstand a lot of elements and high grade/quality manufacturing, this shit is a piece. It has no luxury, it has no history, nothing to be proud or. Go buy a Lamborghini.

  9. The pink is horrible, makes the awkward shape even more odd looking. So the engine is still in the front with all that wasted apace in the back…

  10. i love how people hate other peoples accomplishment. then school shooting happens and everyone is crying: affected. Cmon be a consistent asshole.

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