Con Art 欺骗艺术

Con Art 欺骗艺术

Our work is not only about money 虽然我们每一个人都有自己的目的
Although each of us has our own purpose 但是我们是一个团队
But we are a team 我是一个黑客
I am a hacker 任何网络上的骗局对我来说都是小菜一碟
Any Internet scam is just a piece of cake 我最喜欢做的事情只有一件:偷东西
The thing that I like the most is stealing 每个人都有自己的面具
Everyone has his or her mask 作为一个骗子,我只是多了几面而已
As a grifter, I have more 你好,我是杨颖
Hi. This is Ying Yang 我的账户号码是4782002025924814
My account number is 4782002025924814 我想要把账户里所有的钱转到另一个账户
I want to transfer all my money to another bank account 好,我的新账户是…
Okay, my new account is… 我做事,干净,利落
I get the job done, neatly and orderly. 我们跟别的诈骗团队不同的是
Different from other grifters 我们只骗贪婪,愚蠢和腐败的人
We only trick greed, stupid, and secular people 你妈的
Fuck this shit 老子把这么重要的事情交给你
I assigned such important job to you 你就给办成这样?
how dare you’ve done like this? 告诉你这不是钱的问题
It is not about money All I have is money!
老子有的是钱! 给王叔说,把这个傻逼给我弄走
Tell my HR, fire this idiot 我们的目标是李壕,李壕的父亲是麒麟控股有限公司的总裁
Our target is Li Hao, his father is the president of Kirin Holdings Ltd. 这个公司主要经营亚洲房地产
This company is mainly engaged in real estate business in Asia 后来也做一些海外出口贸易
and also does some international trades 李壕是一个花花公子
Li Hao is a playboy 他的父亲去年去世前给他留了十亿美元的资产
His father left billions of dollars to him when he died last year 这个人酷爱炫耀自己的财富
Li Hao enjoys showing off his wealth 最近又对收藏艺术品很感兴趣
He is very interested in collecting artworks 我说他就是一个喜欢拿高端艺术品装逼的富二代
I think he is just a rich born guy who hypocritically loves art 恩…不过我们需要一个切入点
Um… but we need a way in 你们今天看报纸了么?
Did you read the newspaper today? 芝加哥艺术馆的梵高自画像被盗了
Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait had been stolen from the Art Institute of Chicago 这幅画是你偷的么?
Did you steal this painting? 怎么可能? 我从来不单干
How is it possible? I never work alone 这幅画不是我们偷的,但是我们还是要感谢这个偷画者给我们创造的机会
Thanks whoever steals the painting gives us an opportunity 额, 也就是说我们要说服李壕这幅画是我们偷的,然后卖给他一幅假画?
So, we are going to persuade Li Hao that we stole this painting, and sell him a fake one? 好主意
Good idea 李壕每周一下午都会出现在咖啡馆
Li Hao shows up in the café every Monday afternoon. 那么那个时候,Quan你就带他进入骗局
Quan, you birng him in 我可以伪装成一个艺术评论家
I can pretend to be a art critic Han, 你就来当鉴定师吧
Han, you pretend to be an authenticator 这是经典的泰国宝石骗局
This is the classical Thai Gem Scam 欧阳,你就来做幕后的机动人员
Ouyang, You can be the background ministrant 那我们需要伪造一幅假的梵高自画像
We need to forge a fake Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait 如果要伪造一个假梵高呢
If we want to forge a fake Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait 我们需要通过三个验证
We need to pass three examinations 第一个就是图像对比
First, the contrasting image test 第二个就是画布的年份鉴定
Second, the year of canvas test 第三个就是颜料的年份鉴定
and third, the year of pigment test 画布…
Canvas… 我们可以找一个1880年左右的画布来骗过碳同位素半衰期检查
we can find a canvas made around 1880 to pass radioisotopes for measuring the decay rate 但是至于颜料年份检查,我们肯定做不到
For the year of pigment test, it’s impossible 那么我们只能祈祷李壕他不会注意到这点
Lets pray Li Hao won’t notice this 既然大家都知道要做些什么了,那我们就开始工作吧
Now, let’s get started 我相信这个梵高的画像有它的收藏价值
I promise, this Van Gogh self-portrait has its’ value 如果你不喜欢这个价格, 我会考虑转手给出价更高的人
If the price didn’t work for you, I will go for others 你再考虑一下,我等你电话
Think about this, call me when you are good. 你说的梵高是这幅吗?
Is this the one? 我既不否认,也不确认
Neither admit nor deny 如果你真的有我认为你有的东西,那我不得不说我很感兴趣
If you really have that, I have to say that I am interested 你考虑一下
Think about that 我愿意出比你现在买家更高的价格购买
I will pay more than any others 我会给你电话的
I will call you 好!
Cool! 喂,您好哪位?
Hello? 你可以把我当做一个梵高的粉丝
You can assume I am a fan of Van Gogh 哦, 这么说你决定了?
So, what’s your decision? 2000万美元,现金,货到付款
20 million dollars, cash on arrival 可是你不介意我付款之前先找人来鉴定这幅画吧?
But, would you mind if I test the painting before I pay? 当然不介意,我会送货上门的
Of course not, I’ll bring it to you. 恩…好的
Em…cool 帮我查下这个人的背景
Check this guy out 李总,这是这个月的杂志
Mr.Li, here is the Magazine 鸣, 明天我想找这个艺术评论家谈话,帮我预约一下
Ming,I want to meet this critic, go make an appointment with her 没问题!
Sure! Tong,我已经把你们的信息输入到杂志社办公大楼的安保系统里了
Hi Tong, I’ve put the data into the system, use the card I gave you 用我给你们的门卡可以直接进入大楼
you will be able to enter the building 收到
Got it 我们还有十分钟 把这里布置成办公室
Make here looks like a real office in 10 mins 你好,今天这里不对外开放,请出示证件
Hey, it’s not open for public, please show your ID No,No,No 我给你们的权限不足以使用这个办公室
No,No,No, you guys don’t have the permission to use the office 你们要自己解决
You have to take care by yourself 请问你就是李豪先生吧?
Mr.Li, right? 读了你的文章,我对这次梵高自画像被盗的事情很感兴趣
Em…I am really interested in the stolen Self-portrait after reading your article 这幅画是梵高在18世纪末创造的绝无仅有的自画像
The self-portrait was done by Van Gogh at the end of the 18th century 自1954年来呢,这幅画就一直在芝加哥艺术馆公开展览
It has been exhibited at AIC since 1954 这次被盗的确是一件非常令人震惊的事情
It is breaking news that it was stolen 那么这幅画的价值肯定不一般吧?
So, this painting must be… valuable, right? 我不得不说这幅画价值的确非常高
That’s true 同期梵高的作品去年在苏富比卖到了4000万欧元
His painting was sold for 40 million euros last year at Sotheby 不过你为什么对这件事那么感兴趣呢?
But, why are you so interested? 就当我与这幅画有一些利益关系吧,
Just assume that we have some common interest 你不会把这件事说出去吧?
You won’t tell anybody, will you? 好,那我就当这件事从来没有发生过
Sure, this conversation has never happened 哦,对了。还有一个问题想要请教你
Oh, one more thing 如果说,我要验证一幅画,你有什么推荐吗?
If I want to authenticate a painting, do you have any recommendations? 我知道这么一个人我相信他会很愿意跟你合作的
I know somebody who would love to help you 那么这一幅呢,就是前几天AIC被盗的梵高1887年的自画像
This is the self-portrait that has been stolen from AIC a few days ago 我们现在可以开始验画了
Now, let’s begin 根据这幅画的笔触、颜色和质感来看,这幅画应该是真品
According to the brushwork, color and texture, the painting is original 画我已经带到了,那么…
The painting is here, now.. 很愉快与你合作
Nice to have business with you 等等,还有一个人要来
Hold on, someone is coming 李总
Mr. Li 开始验画吧!
Go ahead! Scanning… Loading… Successful 从扫描结果来看,这幅画与图像吻合
From the scanning result, this painting coincides with the objects 画布和画框也都通过了碳同位素半衰期检查
Canvas and frame passed the radioisotopes for measuring the decay rate 而颜料,也通过了年份鉴定,所以这幅画绝对是真品
and pigment also passed the year of pigment test, So this painting is absolutely original 好
Okay 额,那,那,那我们就,
Well… then 既然这幅画是真的,那合作愉快
Since this painting is original, then nice to work with you 合作愉快
Nice to work with you 敬我们的团队
Cheer to our team 敬创造新闻帮我们偷走画像的人
To the thief who stole the portrait and kicked off the scam 敬欺骗艺术
To the Con Art 敬我们逆转大局的Han
To Han for reversing the situation 想要伪造颜料的年份是不可能的
It is impossible to fake the pigment 所以我托人找到了一个19世纪的颜料样本
So I got a 19 century pigment sample from my friend 然后把它涂在了探测器的探头上
then put it on the detector probe 这就是为什么探测出来的结果是真品
That’s the way I fake the result

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  1. good idea for a video, and good use of a flowing camera in the beginning to establish the characters and premise. some points to improve upon:

    1. MEMORIZE THE SCRIPT dont think you can get away with glancing down and reading it off the table
    2. dont make long continuous shots (1:45 – 3:29) instead, keep each shot short, cut to different angles and perspectives, and show the conversation from different points of view. however, dont violate the 180 degree rule ( )
    3. dont just insert a background soundtrack to avoid use of silence. instead, learn to use minimal music and instead make emphasis with silence and various minor sound effects. the show breaking bad does an exemplary job in how it uses silence and sound effects. try watching a few episodes (or seasons) and use it in future films

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