Cobra Kai Ep 1 – “Ace Degenerate” – The Karate Kid Saga Continues

Cobra Kai Ep 1 – “Ace Degenerate” – The Karate Kid Saga Continues

( dramatic music ) ♪ ♪ All right,
ladies and gentleman, this is the moment
we’ve been waiting for. The presenta– ( inaudible dialogue ) Daniel LaRusso’s gonna fight? Daniel LaRusso’s gonna fight!
( cheers and applause ) Now, isn’t this
what it’s all about, folks? Go! ♪ ♪ Hiyah! -Fight!
-Here we go. ♪ ♪ Turn. Kneel. Johnny, you’re a cream puff! Sweep the leg. You have a problem with that? No, Sensei. No mercy. ♪ ♪ Two points, LaRusso.
Lawrence, nothing. Ready? Fight. One point, Lawrence. ♪ ♪ One point, Lawrence.
Two, two. Hiyah! Get him a body bag!
Yeah! Warning for illegal contact
to the knee. Whoever wins the next point
will be our new champion. ♪ ♪ Finish him! ( music stops ) ( dramatic music ) ( cheers and applause ) The new champion:
Daniel LaRusso! ( dramatic music ) ♪ ♪ ( solemn rock music ) ♪ ♪ ( alarm blaring ) Ugh. ♪ ♪ ( gunshots and men screaming
on TV ) Hey, I’m Miguel. My family and I
just moved into 109. Great. More immigrants. Actually,
we’re from Riverside. But anyways, I was just
wondering if you were having trouble
with your water pressure, ’cause I know our sink’s being
a little weird right now and– Oh, bottles go
in the blue bin. ( glass clinking ) Listen, Menudo… I’ve lived in this shithole
for over ten years. The pipe’s don’t work.
The fountain’s full of piss. And the only good thing
about being here is I don’t have
to talk to anybody. So nice knowing you. Okay, well… have a nice day, I guess. ( engine turning over ) ( “Nothin’ But A Good Time”
by Poison plays ) ( tires squealing ) ♪ ♪ You got to be kidding me. Not another one. ♪ ♪ Now listen. ♪ Not a dime,
I can’t pay my rent ♪ ♪ I can barely make it
through the week ♪ ♪ I’m always workin’,
slavin’ every day ♪ ♪ Gotta get a break from
that same old, same old ♪ Hey. Creep. ♪ If you could
hear me think ♪ ♪ This is what I’d say ♪ ♪ Don’t need nothin’
but a good time ♪ ♪ How can I resist ♪ ♪ Ain’t lookin’ for nothin’
but a good time ♪ Ugh. Sick. ♪ And it don’t get better
than this ♪ -Hey!
-( children laughing ) ♪ You see I raise a toast
to all of us ♪ ♪ Who are breakin’ our backs
every day ♪ ♪ If wantin’ the good life
is such a crime ♪ ♪ Lord, then put me away,
yeah ♪ ♪ Don’t need nothin’
but a good time ♪ ♪ How can I resist ♪ ♪ Ain’t lookin’ for nothin’
but a good time ♪ ♪ And it don’t get better
than this ♪ It don’t get better, girl. ♪ ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the hell is this? Don’t worry,
it’s gonna be level. I’m just lining it up. You put it on the wrong wall. I said the wall
across from the door. This is the wall
across from the door. Not that door, idiot.
The door. Just move the TV.
I have company coming over. Wait, hold on. I’m gonna have
to fill the holes, re-measure, match the paint. It’s gonna take me an hour just
to get to the hardware store. That’s not my problem. I’m not the dummy who put the
TV on, literally, the only wall in the house that
a TV would not go. Why can’t a TV go on this– Look, I’ll come by first thing
in the morning and put everything just
the way you want it, all right? -I just can’t do it now.
-Well, that’s just great. Not bad enough you took a shit
in my powder room. You said that’s
where I was supposed to go. Yeah, I didn’t know
you were gonna take a shit. Okay, okay, we’ll figure
this out, all right? Just quit bitching at me. What did you just call me? No, no, no, no, no.
I didn’t call her a bitch. I said she was bitching at me. There’s a difference. You’re firing me
because of that bitch? You know what?
I hated this damn job anyway. You better pay me
what you owe me, Mike. Mike? ( engine turning over ) ( over radio )
Banzai. ( chuckles ) I’m Daniel LaRusso. And at LaRusso Auto,
we kick the competi– ( upbeat Latin music ) ♪ ♪ That one. ♪ ♪ Aren’t you gonna wear gloves? ( speaking Spanish ) ( speaking Spanish ) ( in English ) Can you
put that on a plate? ♪ ♪ -My grandma’s not feeling well.
-Didn’t ask. Come on, what’s Spanish for
“just give me my damn slice”? ( sighs ) ( speaking Spanish ) ( in English )
What did you just say? -What did he say?
-You don’t want to know. No, I know it was something
bad; just tell me. Uh, he sai–
he said you have a tiny… He said I have a tiny wang? -Tell him he has a tiny wang.
-I speak English, asshole. Oh, really? ♪ ♪ ( hip-hop music blasting ) Whoo!
( music stops ) Hey, yo, Brucks,
get the light beer this time. Got to cut weight
for the meet. -Hundo P, son.
-Damn right. Whoo! Man, you should get some
condoms too. ( doorbell dings ) ♪ ♪ Finish up
and then beat it. -Excuse me?
-This is my mart. You ain’t hustlin’ no coin
at my mart. I’m not hustlin’.
I’m not homeless. That’s my car. What the hell are you doing? Why you got
to blow up our spot? Man, he thought
we were in college, dumbass. I didn’t know you guys were
trying to buy beer. -I’m sorry.
-( grunts ) ( laughter ) -Yes, let’s go.
-What the hell are you doing? Ooh, what do we got here?
Yeah, what do you got? What do you got?
Pepto. Oh, shit, someone has
frickin’ diarrhea. ( laughter ) Hey, we should
call him ‘Rhea. -( laughter )
-Give it back, dude. -What are you ta–
-It’s for my grandma. Oh, it’s for your grandma.
Ah, shit, I’m sorry, man. Hey, you want it?
Hey, you can take all that– -Ugh.
-Take that. -( laughter )
-Yeah. Bitch. Asshole. -Oh!
-What’d you say, ‘Rhea? I-I didn’t say anything. ( groans ) -Oh. ( laughs )
-That’s brute, Ky. Oh, what?
You crying? -Hey, where you going, pussy?
-( groans ) -( laughter )
-Hey! Watch the car, man. -Who’s this dude?
-Just leave the dork alone. You see this guy? Eating his dinner
at the mini mart like a bum. ( laughter ) Wait, I-I think
I know this guy. He’s the jerk-off that cleaned
my dad’s septic tank. ( laughter ) That explains why
he smells like shit. All right, trust me, you guys
are pissing off the wrong guy on the wrong day, all right? -Really?
-Yeah, really. Get the hell
out of here, loser. ( dramatic music ) ♪ ♪ ( dramatic synth music ) Ah. Let’s get him. ♪ ♪ Holy shit,
how did you– ( grunts ) ♪ ♪ Ah! What’s the matter?
Having trouble breathing? ♪ ♪ Is that all you got, ladies? -Come on, Ky. Let’s go.
-Ge off me! ♪ ♪ ( siren wails ) What’s the matter?
Having trouble breathing? Hey, get off the kid! ( screams ) Hey, hey, hey! It’s not his fault! ( grunts ) ( calm rock music ) ♪ ♪ ( groaning ) Hey, I just–
I just wanted to say thank you. All right,
well, you said it. So last night, was that,
like, Tae Kwon Do or jujitsu or MMA or something? It’s karate. Old-school karate. Do you think you
could teach me? What? No. What? Come on,
when school starts, those guys are gonna make
my life miserable. -It’s not my problem.
-What? ( stammers ) If I just knew a little bit of
what you knew then I would be– Forget it.
I don’t do karate anymore. All right?
Besides, I need to find a job. Well, you can open
your own karate school. It’s called a dojo. Well, you could
open your own dojo. Look, I’m not getting
into this with you, all right? I’m not even sure I’m allowed
to be around kids right now. All right, you want my advice? Stop being so annoying. Maybe you’ll stop
getting your ass kicked. Okay. ( woman speaking indistinctly
on TV ) You got Encore? Yes, ma’am, that’s correct,
Your Honor, she is– Who the hell are you? You know
those little red stickers that say “further reduced”? That means spoiled.
You know that, right? You’re eating bad meat, boy. What the hell are you doing
in my apartment, Sid? Oh, that’s
some thank-you. Who do you think
bailed you out? Again. I never asked you
for anything. I think that little incident
at Applebee’s would’ve taught you to keep
your hands to yourself. You know… when I met your mom, she really
knocked my socks off. Beautiful. Blonde. Tan. Tight. Little did I know
I’d be taking care of her schmuck kid forever. Yeah, Sid, you were the
stepfather of the century. Well, high praise coming from a world-class daddy
like you. How old is Robby now? 15? 16? When’s the last time
you saw him? Just get
the hell out of here, man. I’ll get the hell out of here when I’m goddamn
good and ready. -Sid.
-What? Blood pressure. Ah, keep watching your
bullshit judge show. Will you, Rhonda?
And stay out of this. Jesus. God.
( mumbles ) This is why I’m here. What’s this? Well, you know,
I told your mama I’d take care
of you always, but… in this case, I think even she would cut me
some slack. I’m buying you out of my life. I’d rather be homeless
than take money from you. Oh, well, hell…
Yeah, okay. Rhonda! Lunchtime! Call Art’s. See if they got that belly lox. ( sighs ) I’d say
get your life in order, but, uh, at this point, you’re like the meat
in your fridge. ( chuckles ) Chappy, Chappy,
where are you? Just put in that tape,
that’s an order. Nothing you can do about me. Chappy, I want to help you.
Where are you? Climb high like I told you. ( alarm blaring ) Doug, I ain’t gonna make it. ( blaring continues ) ( jet crashes ) Chappy! ( solemn music ) ♪ ♪ Chappy: A bunch of things
must’ve gone wrong if you’re
listening to this. Whatever happened, I know
you must be real scared. Right now
you’re probably filled with all the doubts
in the world. But I’m gonna tell you
something, Doug. God doesn’t give people things
He doesn’t want them to use. And He gave you the touch. It’s a power you have
inside of you, down there where you
keep your guts, boy. It’s all you need
to blast your way in and get back what
they took from you. Banzai! Daniel LaRusso here
for LaRusso Auto, bringing you specials on
all of our inventory. We have an excess
of Jeep Grand Cherokees priced to go. Get a lease for only–Nah. Make that–Chop! Yes, we are chopping prices
on all of our Hondas, Nissans, Acuras, and Audis. ( exhaling rapidly )
Hiyah. So come visit
any of our locations in Tarzana,
Woodland Hills, North Hollywood,
or Sherman Oaks. And as always,
every customer leaves with their very own
bonsai tree. LaRusso Auto Group.
We kick the competition. ( engine turning over ) ( Foreigner’s
“Head Games” plays ) ♪ ♪ ( horn honks ) ♪ ♪ ♪ Daylight, all right ♪ ♪ I don’t know ♪ -Yeah.
-All right. ♪ I don’t know
if it’s real ♪ ♪ Been a long night,
and something ain’t right ♪ ♪ You won’t show,
you won’t show how you feel ♪ ♪ No time ♪ -♪ Ever seemed right ♪
-( groaning ) ♪ To talk about the reasons
why you’re not fine ♪ ♪ It’s high time
to draw the line ♪ ♪ Put an end to this game
before it’s too late ♪ ♪ Head games ♪ ♪ It’s you and me, baby ♪ ♪ Head games ♪ ♪ And I can’t take it
anymore ♪ ♪ Head games ♪ ♪ I don’t wanna play
the head games ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ I daydream for hours
it seems ♪ ♪ I keep thinking of you,
yeah, thinking of you ♪ ♪ These daydreams ♪ ♪ What do they mean? ♪ ♪ They keep haunting me ♪ ♪ Are they warning me? ♪ ( car stops,
song ends abruptly ) ( foreboding music ) ♪ ♪ Man: I got second place. Second place is no place!
You’re off the team! That sucks.
I did my best. -What did you say?
-I said I did my best. You’re nothing! You lost!
You’re a loser! -No, you’re the loser, man.
-Oh, I’m the loser, huh? Yeah. Now who’s the loser? You know,
you’re really sick, man. Hey. -Hey, come on!
-Hey, what are you doing? Don’t. How does second place
feel now, huh? Come on, he can’t breathe. -Mind your business.
-You’re gonna kill him. Sensei, please,
you’re hurting him. How does second place
feel now, huh? ( dramatic music ) ( tires screeching ) -( panting )
-Oh, my God. Yasmine, I told you you
shouldn’t be on your phone. What the– What are we gonna do, guys?
What are we gonna do? We have to call the police. We can’t.
My parents will kill me. What the hell are you doing?
What are you– Open the door!
Open the door! -( girls screaming )
-Drive! ( tires screeching ) Hey, where do you think
you’re going? Where do you think
you’re going? Shit. ( engine sputtering ) -Oh, come–
-( airbag hisses ) Take care of her.
She’s a classic. Mm-hmm. -Hey, where do I pick it up?
-It’s on the card. ( engine turning over ) ♪ ♪ LaRusso. No, no, no. Hey, hey! Ah, come on. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ How you doing, sir? -Would you be interested in–
-No. ♪ ♪ Great.
You’re all set. Thanks so much.
Have a great day. Thank you. Hi, welcome to LaRusso.
How can I help you? Hi, I just need
to pick up my car. I’m in a bit of a hurry. Oh, this came in last night? It’s gonna be at least
a couple of weeks, but we’ll call you
with an estimate. No, no, no, my car was not
supposed to come here. Okay? I want it towed
to a different body shop. Why? We have the number-one service
team in the Valley. We beat all prices. We kick the competition. Yeah, yeah,
I’ve heard it a million times. I just prefer to do
my business elsewhere. And here are
the watering instructions. Thanks again for being
returning customers. Before you go, Mr. LaRusso
wanted to thank you personally. Let me go get him. Can you hurry it up?
I got to go. Hold on. Um, it says your car is in one
of our intake lots. I’ll just figure out which one. You know what?
I’ll come back tomorrow. But, sir, I– ♪ ♪ Johnny? ♪ ♪ Johnny Lawrence. I-I-I knew it was you. Holy– -How the hell are you?
-Hey, man. ( chuckles )
Oh, my God, look at you. You still got
those golden locks, eh? God, this is crazy.
How you been? Great, man. Thanks.
I’ve been great. That’s great.
Hey, hey, Anoush. Come here. Louie, get over here.
I want you to meet somebody. -I got to go.
-No, no, no, no. This is Johnny Lawrence. He and I go way back,
right, buddy? This guy was the toughest dude
in my high school. When I first moved here
from Jersey, he and I… We got into a little bit.
( sighs ) This guy
really had it in for me. Yeah, well, you did move in
on my girl. Well, she actually wasn’t
really your girl anymore, was she? I mean… Ah, all right, that’s all water
under the bridge. Wait. Is this the karate guy,
the guy from the tournament? Oh, this is the guy
whose ass you kicked. ( stammers )
It was a really close match. But if you want to get
technical, I kicked his face. ( laughter )
I’m just busting your chops. It was an illegal kick. Oh, illegal, really? Come on, what about that elbow
to my knee? Yeah, I got a warning.
You got the win. Whoa, whoa, whoa. No fighting
in the showroom, guys. All right, back to work. -All right. Nice meeting you.
-Get back to work. Enough reminiscing, right? So what brings you in?
You looking for a new ride? He wants his car towed
to a different body shop. Oh, no, no, Johnny, we got
the best prices in town. That crook at Cole’s
on Van Nuys– he’s gonna try
to screw you over. Sheila, let me see
the estimate. Pontiac? Firebird? Wow. Someone did
a real number on this thing. Maybe it’s time
for an upgrade. Why don’t we walk the lot? I could give you a great deal
on a certified pre-owned– I just want my car. All right.
All right, all right. You got it, all right? Let me see how low
I can get this repair. Friends and family… My own personal code. You know what?
It’s on the house. No way, man.
I don’t need your charity. No, no, you’d be doing me
a favor. Our guys aren’t used to working
on a car like this. They could use the practice.
You could use the repairs. -This is win-win.
-I said I’ll handle it. All right. Okay, but it’s– John, it’s gonna cost
more than the car’s worth. ( somber music ) Listen, don’t worry
about it, John. It’s my pleasure, all right? -All right.
-Okay? Just hang here a second.
I got something for you. One minute. ( mysterious music ) -Hey, Dad.
-Look who’s here. ♪ ♪ Open the door! ( giggles )
I’m good. You got to be kidding me. ( indistinct chatter ) Hey, Johnny, wait up. Johnny, wait up. ( footsteps approaching ) Every customer gets one. Come on. And, hey, look,
I don’t blame you for what happened
back in the day, all right? I know that wasn’t you. It was Cobra Kai. We’re all better off
without it, am I right? All right, take care
of yourself, and I’ll call you
when the car’s ready, okay? This is crazy.
You look–you look– It’s good to see you, man. ( indistinct chatter ) ( dramatic music ) ♪ ♪ ( trash can lid rattles open ) Are you sure you’re ready? ‘Cause once you go down this
path, there’s no turning back. You’re gonna be
my karate teacher? No. I’m gonna be your sensei. ♪ ♪ I’m gonna teach you
the style of karate that was taught to me: a method of fighting your pussy generation
desperately needs. Good luck.
It’s all yours. All right. ♪ ♪ I’m not just gonna teach you
how to conquer your fears. I’m gonna teach you how to
awaken the snake within you. And once you do that, you’ll
be the one who’s feared. ♪ ♪ You’ll build strength. ♪ ♪ You’ll learn discipline. ♪ ♪ And when the time is right… ♪ ♪ You’ll strike back. ♪ ♪ Remember that guy
from my high school? The blond pretty boy that
you beat in that tournament. I never remember
calling him “pretty.” Cobra Kai isn’t just
about karate. It’s about a way of life. What does any of this
have to do with karate? Do not question my methods. Anyone I have to worry about? There’s this one guy. How about we invite him over
for dinner on Friday? So tell me about that shiner
you got there. Oh, this? I know high school kids
can be rough. ( chuckles )
Oh, it wasn’t a kid. Some things never change. You’ve seen Johnny’s story, now click below for another
free episode of Cobra Kai to see Daniel LaRusso’s side
of the story.

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  1. What's the movie that Johnny is watching during his breakfast in the first minutes of the episode? (it's not Iron Eagle btw)

  2. This is such a great show but I hope the kids do not see the fight as anything close to being realistic. Because they will get their butt kicked.

  3. So the very first episode shows that Johnny didn't change much … you know the saying "we learn from our mistakes" and all that ! Lets see how this going to unfold …

  4. *When I saw the original movie when I was 15 and a fanatic Karateka. . I Remember it was the only time I cheered for the bullies in a movie. The Lawrence kid knew his moves , while larruso actor had done a 2 week 'Hollywood karate course,

  5. Okinawa is not Japan. They want independence, and the Japanese government's domination of aggression has only continued. karate is a martial art made by the invading Okinawa people to fight against the Japanese army during World War II. Think about why all the Japanese government-funded American films are talking about Okinawa, and Japan is lying about making the first karate, sushi and bonsai. Asian countries are not fooled by the lies, but Westerners are deceived.

  6. Realmente está muy buena la serie,y muy bueno recrear la película del 84, ahora es una mala forma de promocionarla, dándola en unos capitulos gratis, y después exigirle al espectador comprar premium, será hasta que pase el tiempo para poder verla ,pero no me suscribire de esta mala.forma. La serie está muy buena ,pero la forma no está tan buena. Saludos

  7. I would like it not to be the same, the argument has to be , the union of them against crime …, to get into neighborhoods of naros , and eliminate the criminals.

  8. This show is all heart – has spirit and doesn't fail to surprise. I love episode 8 because THERE'S A FRIGGING EMPIRE STRIKES BACK REFERENCE IN IT – cool beans! There's another touching episode before that one when Daniel-San visits the cemetery and it was actually moving. I hope Barns, Mr. Silver & Snake appear down the track. Great show, guys. R.I.P. Mr. Avildsen.

  9. I really wasn't a huge fan of the movies. And when I first heard about this, my thought was "can't they leave anything alone from the past without beating it to the ground?" But I admit, this show is absolutely GREAT! Well done!

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    유튜브 희대의 병신프리미엄영상
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