Coaches & Network Marketers - THIS Is Preventing You From Success!

Coaches & Network Marketers – THIS Is Preventing You From Success!

hey how's it goin in today's episode we are talking about the number one thing that is causing struggling network marketers and coaches it's preventing them from achieving the success that they want and you might be making this really big mistake to most people don't realize they're making and in some situations they are actually taught to do this dun dun da what could it be right well if we haven't met my name is Jen Casey I am a business strategy and NLP coach and I work with online coaches who want to turn their social media into sales and run profitable purpose driven businesses here's the thing what is it exactly that is keeping network marketers and coaches from achieving the success that they want right what is that that thing that we don't realize we're all doing it without all of us struggling network marketers are doing this so here's the thing in network marketing in particular there's a concept around duplication making your processes your social media all of these things duplicatable but somehow the idea of duplication which is based around the field of modeling looking at what someone's doing ok that's how we do it and now I'm gonna learn how to create my own voice versus duplication has really become copying and pasting in many situations and I have had coaches reach out to me saying that their site their stuff is getting swiped I've had network marketers say not only that their downline is not coming up with anything on their own but they're just copying and pasting but people who are like my upline copies my stuff and here's the thing copying and pasting someone else's stuff your upline your coaches copy pasting their stuff is exactly what failing cookie-cutter network marketers and coaches do it is right and I understand that in network marketing especially and maybe some coaches there's this concept around just duplicate what I'm doing just take what I'm doing and duplicate it but if you've been at this for any length of time you've probably already realized that saying the same thing as everybody else in the industry is the fastest way to become more static become more noise in an already incredibly noisy and competitive industry because if you think about it this way I understand the concept behind duplication helping people get things off the ground but if everyone stuff looks the same well then it's just more noise and consider this if you're if you as the individual or if your team or if people in your your client base if they are always copying off your paper or if you're always copying off someone else's paper then how will that individual ever be positioned as a leader in their industry how will that individual ever find their voice their specific mission their specific message and I know and I keep coming back this but I know in particular in network marketing there are people who sign with someone who's their upline and then they don't feel aligned with their message and they feel boxed in and believe that they have to simply say what they're saying show up the way they're showing up train their team the way they're training their team enroll customers the way they're doing it and that's not the truth so when we really take a step back outside of the coaching or network marketing bubble and we look across the board at not just people who you see as one step ahead of you but the people who are truly killing it in their industries who have been in their industries for weeks months years 10 years 20 years like let's look at the people who have been in this game for a while who have made the mistakes that newbies make and really model off of what they teach half of how they show up and if you look at six and seven figure eight figure and coaches the way that they show up is very different from newbee in fact the way that they attract new customers like they have people coming to them there's a reason that certain people are hitting the top ranks every single month getting the top and sales are getting whatever it is in your company like the most amount of points or the maximum amount of bonuses there's a reason that certain people are achieving more success and it has nothing to do with how many workouts come in your coaching package or how many vitamins and minerals are in your company shake can I get an amen right now it has nothing to do with that right the reason that especially now and we're seeing this trend even more clearly especially on Instagram I've seen a very distinct shift in the last year that people went from posing pictures pictures posing with their their shakes and their supplements and there's been a real shift to personal branding and that's a big concept but that is the secret behind how you grow a brand and how you grow a business that has nothing to do with your company or your products because your products are not your offer and the reason that the people who have built a personal brand are more successful is because they're not selling the product and when I say product that could be your one-on-one service it could be your coaching package it could be your course your offer is different the offer speaks to the transformation whereas the product program service is usually you're speaking to the features of it's got this many vitamins and minerals it comes with this many coaching calls that's not what compel somebody to buy that's not what's to get somebody to bust out their credit card you see that so what is it then that these individuals who are positioning themselves as a personal brand why is this so powerful well because they're able to easily and effortlessly sell to the point where they really can't be cloned copied or competed with because people are looking at their stuff and they've injected so much of themselves in it with their own stories with their own personality their own persona that it will literally make no sense for another network marketer or coach to come in and try and copy and paste it it would make no sense and it would be so abundantly clear that it wasn't theirs the reason that they're successful is because they create conversation and connection with their audience conversation connection so when people are like how do I create more engagement someone asked me that the other day inside my my group coaching program my course pitch to your niche and they said how do I create more engagement and a bunch of people started or smile I go try this with hashtags do this and I said you create more engagement by not giving a what the numbers are like just create content that you feel excited about create content that you love create content that your ideal client needs to hear today that's how you quote unquote beat the algorithm cuz numbers don't really freaking matter the numbers on your engagement right like this many people like something this many people commented I had to post the other day about an uber driver that had made a comment about something around an iPhone and people were very polarized by this and people are engaging and it had you know thousands of people engaging with this post well sure I got a lot of engagement on that but that doesn't that doesn't directly relate back to him I can't monetize that entire audience most of the people who engaged on that because got shared very far and wide they're not business owners they're not looking to build an online course they're not looking to grow a network marketing company so sure I hid the algorithm for the moment but it if you can't monetize those likes then they're kind of useless you know saying you know what I'm saying so when we look at people who are successfully building a personal brand what is it that they're doing well they're not showing up with vanilla cookie cutter content saying what everybody else in their bubble is saying saying what every other health coach is talking about talking about whatever is hat like in network marketing a lot of times my news feed will be flooded with whatever company they've got a new release a new product a new program a new and all of a sudden that's all everyone wants to talk about and my newsfeed gets flooded with it like I was saying before it just becomes noise it just becomes more noise and we scroll why passing away up they announce something new and I'm sure you've either you've either seen this or you've been a part of it so hopefully this is giving you more clarity and more understanding not just like I'm not sitting here just saying hey don't do it I'm trying to help you understand the consequence of how it's not gonna help your engagement how it's not going to attract new ideal clients to your inbox and how it actually positioned you as a novice newbie coach because that's what all the other newbies are doing so you can continue to throw up all the vanilla cookie cutter stuff on your newsfeed or you can get a little bit uncomfortable and really develop your own voice and start positioning yourself as a personal brand because you have something to say now here's what happens when people recognize that and they say you're right I'm you to step forward I need to start sharing my own mission and message what happens when people finally make that decision they see oh my gosh I've been holding myself back I've been playing small it's time to step forward and own my truth oh my boys well then it's like oh my gosh what if I fail what if I fail what if people don't like me what if people judge me what if some people come out of the woodwork and try to tell me that I am wrong so tomatoes at me through the computer screen and someone asked recently in my group coaching program pitched your niche and said you know what if I fail can someone just give me some encouragement and my response to her was like very like so everyone else I love my tribe they were all very loving and saying you know it's okay you know keep pushing through this is just like a bump in the road and I was like no no no no you're a hundred percent gonna fail it's not a matter of like what if you fail like you're a thousand percent going to fail and if you want to achieve any level of greatness and significance you're not just gonna fail once you're gonna fail multiple times like over and over again not only in the beginning but at each level new level new devil there's gonna be new things for you to work through new things for you to understand new problems quote-unquote problems for you to solve the difference is the difference is successful coaches will tell you that as they've gone through their journey they no longer freak out about the quote-unquote failures because they actually see that the road to failure is exactly what led them to their success and so without failure if you're not failing that's a very clear sign that you're playing small if you're not having failure you are still inside your box of comfortable it's an illusion so you can choose to decide that you don't even have a comfort zone like what if you made that a belief that there's no such thing as your comfort zone that's that could be cool try that on for size but here's the thing if there were no failures I can speak for myself on this as well if there were no failures in my life in business I wouldn't be sitting where I am today I wouldn't have what I have today I wouldn't be able to speak to the things that I'm able to speak to because I would be boring people who live in a little perfect world with no failures no challenges no struggles they don't have character struggles and challenges in order to get through to the other side we must grow and so somebody who has no challenges doesn't experience growth for example if I were to hand you a million dollar business tomorrow would you know what to do with it or would you freak out panic and sabotage that business most people wouldn't know what to do with it like let's say this million dollar business it has team members people who are employees that work for you you've got thousands of custom you've got three different offers maybe you've got some one-on-one services maybe you work with some people in the corporate world would you know how to run and manage and sustain and market for a business at that level probably not most of us wouldn't unless we are in the process of getting close to that but a lot of people are complaining and saying I want more customers I want more customers but they're not actually preparing the back side not to the but not to the but the behind the scenes they're not preparing the behind the scenes of their business to prepare for that and one of the things when I'm referring to behind the scenes is the infrastructure of your business and the other side to that is the inner work for you your mindset as a leader so if you're trying to avoid failure because you feel like somehow if you fail then it makes you a failure or if you fail it makes you not good enough or if you fail it makes you stupid well guess what you are the you are the bottleneck in your business right now you are the reason why your business is not more successful because you are preventing yourself from experience that next experiencing that next level of growth because the only way you're gonna grow to the level that I know you want to get to is by making a few mistakes I tell my team and I'm not talking at my network mark I don't have a network marketing business so when I say team I'm not referring to network marketing I'm talking about team of people who work alongside me I have an integrator who does project management I have some people who help with social media and blogs and Pinterest and Instagram and customer support and all those things I could not do that on my own right so in getting to that level there's gonna be failures there's gonna be tensions there's gonna be conversations that are uncomfortable that you have to have and if you are not growing and making yourself uncomfortable on a regular basis well you're not just you're not just saying stagnant there's no such thing as stagnant we're made of energy we're always moving so if you're not moving forward where are you going where are you moving and like I said these these choices these quote-unquote failures they're not just at the beginning of business there's so many people that are under this buying into the solution that when you hit six figures everything's easy you hit a million dollars poof everything just becomes you know that you don't have to make hard choices that the business just runs itself that you know it just happens and that's not the reality the reality is it's a constantly growing evolving shifting thing and it needs love and attention it needs love and attention here's the thing though the difference is as a novice coach when we're trying to avoid failure we're not growing because we believe if the if we do fail it makes a failure but once we shift and step into this a very level of thinking which is really the CEO when we step into that role of six or seven or eight figure CEO we begin to see how failure is so necessary in moving us towards our desired end result and then we are able to pass that message on to our team that we're growing team of like employees or network marketing team or clients or anybody so before you can step forward as the most powerful leader and start sharing your message sharing your voice and owning it unapologetically I added this piece about failure at the end because you've got to get on board with recognizing that that's all part of the process and right now you might be hearing this thing well it's sure Jen that sounds good that sounds good I'll try I'm gonna try family I'm gonna try family I'm gonna try like not freaking out about it I don't want you to just try it I want you to accept and understand that it is a part of the process and I want to encourage you to fail faster fail faster now when we say fail we all have different interpretations of what that is for a newbie coach they interpret failure as the end of the world when you're a little bit more seasoned and you realize like okay I can pick myself up I can brush myself off and I can carry on and this didn't end me this didn't close down my business then we can start to be more aggressive and more excited about how quickly we say and when we look at high six and seven figure and eight figure entrepreneurs the one thing that I've noticed across the board is those individuals they don't waste a lot of time getting into the story of well what if this doesn't work what will that mean about me well what will people think they just go great let's execute let's do it that's part of the vision I mean know our vision is I know what our outcome is let's go after it so if you're in a place right now where you're feeling stagnant I'm gonna invite you to set the intention to fail a little bit faster and if you're still feeling a little queasy about the idea of failing why don't we reframe it because every time you fail well it's really you've overcome a challenge and you've come out the other side and you're still living and breathing and what if that challenge was actually an opportunity for growth so you can choose the way you want to perceive it and interpret it and if you have really big goals and big dreams and you want to achieve great things I would encourage you to try on the beliefs of the high level CEO and so if you're in a place right now where you're wanting to get out of the cookie cutter copy and pasted using all these templates and things you're like I just want to be able to wake up know what I want to talk about on social media feel confident in my message feel clarity in what I'm creating in my business and actually make sales then I want to invite you to come check out my free on-demand masterclass you can go to hey Jen slash masterclass if I break down my entire three-part method my pitch to your niche method where I walk you through exactly how to speak to your ideal client avatar at a high level so that oh yeah speak to them at a high level so that you instantly stand out to them online and everybody else who's still doing the cookie cutter nonsense that all falls away they see and hear you and from there you're able to really build this beautiful infrastructure to your business so you can easily and effortlessly make sales and have people coming to you seeing how you show up online and being like girl I want to be in your energy I want to learn from you I want you to coach me I want to be part of your team I want to be part of this community that you're building so if you want to make that happen in your business that's exactly what I'm gonna be breaking down for you in the free master class so you can go check it out right now hey gen Casey comm @ / master class there's there's some good ones in here and we'll also be putting this up on the inner boss podcast so if you're not already subscribed to that you can find us on all platforms on iTunes stitcher SoundCloud all the good ones all the big ones passes on to somebody who you know needs to hear this today and I would invite you to pass this on to somebody who is willing to hold you accountable to what we talked about today pass this on to somebody who's going to make sure make sure they're gonna keep an eye and make sure that you are stepping outside your comfort zone doing something that feels freakin uncomfortable today and I challenge you to share something on social media today that maybe you've never shared before maybe a story a post that you were kind of afraid like what if people don't like it what if it doesn't get engagement and what if it's not well-received and I'm gonna challenge you to not listen to the likes or look at the comments or anything like that and just to show up and share something that you feel compelled to share our job as content creators as influencers as thought leaders is not to babysit our content it's to create so go and create something be the creator and if we're an influencer you want to ask what are you influencing people to do if you're a thought leader what are you encouraging people to think well if you're not creating things that are compelling that might stir the pot a little bit that might challenge somebody's beliefs and you're just doing this copy/paste stuff are you really making the impact that you want to make probably not right so that's what I have for you guys in this one if you have any questions drop them below come join the master class I will see you over there paging / master class and I also want to invite you to come and check out our free Facebook group online coaches make bank lots of cool stuff is gonna be going down in there over the next couple of weeks so kind

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