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Cleveland Institute of Art: Illustration

Illustration is
the perfect major for students who have
strong drawing skills, who are interested in telling
stories and solving visual problems for a client. As sophomores,
the focus is going to be on developing
the fundamentals and experimenting with a variety
of mediums in unexpected ways, both traditionally
and digitally. They’re working with
paints and pastels, as well as with programs like
Photoshop and Illustrator. We encourage students
to brainstorm to develop and explore
a variety of concepts from multiple angles
so in the end, they’re putting forth
their best possible ideas. Juniors begin working
on assignments with local and national
clients in the industry through their community
projects courses. They may work on an assignment
with an art director from American Greetings
or Hasbro or Disney. They’re developing
problem-solving, communication skills, and time
management, as well as learning how to meet the
real-world demands of a client. A unique aspect about the
illustration department is that students are
given their own work spaces, which simulates working
in a major studio environment. We provide students
with the tools necessary to thrive
in the industry. Students learn to work with the
latest technology and software, such as Adobe Creative Cloud. We bring in a wide range
of industry professionals to not only inspire
our students, but to give them feedback
on current assignments and portfolios. Students work in areas such
as picture books, editorial and advertising. They could become character
designers and concept artists for feature film,
television, video games, and consumer products. They could choose between
art instruction or fine arts or even art direction. Students may choose to be
creative entrepreneurs, where they create, publish,
license, and sell their own intellectual
properties. The possibilities are as wide
as their own imagination. So we want their skills to
be elevated to a level that’s compatible with a professional. Illustration is such an
exciting and rewarding career choice for an artist.

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