49 thoughts on “Charcoal Drawing Tutorial – Female Portrait”

  1. Great demonstration and lovely drawing. You started well with the outside shape, but I feel you left too early before it was correct. i.e. Her Right Chin and jaw. This in turn added to small errors. Nevertheless, a great demonstration. Thank you.

  2. I think you should sell your art supplies and stop fantasizing about underage girls before you get yourself in trouble.

  3. Man, I don't what the crits are thinking.
    Portraits are always interpretations of a physical appearance…at least the most compelling ones are anyways.
    I think that there are a lot of people out there caught up in the hyper-realistic art crap. If that's the type of art you want to create, then save yourself some time and buy a camera!

    Excellent value range. Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow based on the comments I thought it was gonna end up looking horrible but it ended up looking good. The proportions aren’t even that off. I don’t know what everyone is talking about.

  5. Why do some people have no appreciation? They should appreciate the beauty of the drawing. People this days.

  6. Trying to capture a likeness is somewhat a challenge. I don't think she was entirely aiming for a likeness but rather the characteristic and mood of the subject and she's executed that really well.

  7. This is an interesting median. I'm a young artist and I'm finding like a area in art to work with. Initially I thought about colour pencils and realism but this is also interesting. Thank you

  8. I would have used toned paper. The 6b should for the darkest darks but not everywhere dark thats why it looks flat the vaules build form and structure. I agree the proportions were not measured properly. The hard dark lines round the face makes it look cartoonish it would have been better to drop the neck in shadow on the right so the face doesnt look surrounded by a dark line. They reference photo doesnt help its not clear to see the mid tones highlights and shadow areas well. The hair should be given suggestions and highlight so it doesnt look like a flat mass and she has baby hair at the front.

  9. This is wonderful work. As we are all self critical and critical of others there is always room for improvement. However this artist has done a wonderful job. She has willingly shared her work and skills with the internet. If you, the critic, can do or have done better please share your youtube video as this will help all of us in our technique, understanding and will better our craft. If not, please remain quiet as you are helping no one. It's easy to talk the talk, but walk the walk ???

  10. Ears are too high. Eyeballs are too big. Chin too narrow. But for a characteristic drawing and exercise okay. 👍🏻

  11. In school we would make squares on the paper and picture then draw the outlines with pencils then use the charcoal for the shading and darkest spots…. looks good though

  12. I was expecting for the chick bones you never noticed it.. But it nice just keep drawing you can do even better 😊💪

  13. Hi honestly the drawing was very different against the image for example eyes & nose were bigger than real face

  14. not even 2 minutes into the video but… for somebody that just began with drawing and doesn't know anyone in real-life that draws this video is an eye-opener!
    Thanks Kara, appreciate your work!

  15. So sad to see such hateful people in comments. As an artist I try to draw as close as the reference. Proportions don't matter because if the nose is sideways than you draw it sideways and if the ear is lower than the head you put it lower than the head. It all about making it as real as the picture. When I draw I add everything I see so when I look at the end result I know it is the same. Now sometimes nose or lips can be hard so you change it a bit to look close to the original. I don't believe in art class nor do I believe in art college. I have a style that I use and I'm going to stick with it because it is what I love to do. I think this woman did a phenomenal job on this and i think this look like her plus I love her style. Picasso and Michelangelo have their own style which made them know for their beautiful or weird artwork. Art is supposed to be expressed in a way people feel inspired. Also us as artist have the right to have any style we want and have the right to show it! So if the nose is off or it doesn't fully look like the person who cares because it's your art and you own it! I hope I get this good drawing with charcoal. 🙏💕PS ART IS DIVERSE!!!!

  16. Hi nice to watch your video .me too an artist frm India.may God bless you sister , keep on drawing find new techniques , share.

  17. I think this is called a free hand drawing, having to see there was no grid or any measuring tools was used.

    It looks decent and good. However, I think it is much better to put the drawing video alone without the reference IF THE TUTORIAL is about quality shadings and tones alone (tho part of some shadings was off as well, which made the facial structure more different). In portrait drawing, the portrait exactness does not rely on the outline alone, but also with the shadings, just like how you do the contouring for face shaping.

    But having to show the reference photo seems quite off since people will tend to expect it will look like the picture.

    I heard in the comments that there is no wrong in Art, yes that is acceptable….but this is about Charcoal PORTRAIT DRAWING, it's a portrait of a person that should somehow resemble the reference photo. Unless it is a caricature, which was not stated in the description. I saw you are doing charcoal portrait lessons, which I think too early for you my dear. I'm really sorry to say this. This is my first time commenting in this VERY harsh manner (I feel half bad writing this, but I think it will do good for you). I'm learning as well and wanted to do lessons too, but I tend to instead concentrate first on getting clients international than to teach.

    Keep drawing!
    Keep smiling!

    Love from a co-artist,

  18. honestly at the beginning i was a little worried about how it would turn out, but it's very cute in your own kinda style. you go girl. also what did you use for the highlights? or does anyone know?

  19. Oh my god who cares if it isn’t perfect?! You can’t expect it to be!! Just leave this woman alone she is doing what she can and what she wants. I am sure she is aware of any imperfections and practices to get better, just bug off

  20. I like your style! Good job! I like the eraser and white pencil you used. I am still learning to draw realistic portraits and still life 😊

  21. People criticising and pointing out their own opinions need to shut up. There are an awful lot of armchair critics who's only agenda is to shit on everybody else's hard work. Please move on. Art and drawing or painting is a journey of progress and evolution. They are also personal journeys and evolutions. A lot of assumptions are being made about this picture. Firstly no one knows if the picture is supposed to look exactly like the photograph, it could have just been an inspiring photograph to draw from , secondly, it is an accomplished drawing by any standards. if you want to say anything please put a link to YOUR attempt to draw. That way we can all see if you can put your money where your big mouth is. I think this lady has done a brilliant drawing at the end of the day and it has inspired others to take up drawing. She spends her time teaching other people how to draw and inspires a lot of people to take up art.

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