Central American migrant caravan | IN 60 SECONDS

Central American migrant caravan | IN 60 SECONDS

What’s up with the caravan of Central
Americans planning to cross the US border illegally? Tragically, it appears
that desperate people have been made part of a dangerous stunt. El Salvador,
Guatemala, and Honduras sit in a transit zone for illegal drugs heading to US
consumers who abuse chemicals to escape there first-world problems.
Central American governments are unwilling or unable to take on drug
traffickers who are flush with cash and armed to the teeth. Vicious gangs murder,
extort, and force young men into their ranks. Insecurity scares off investment
and chokes off commerce. Every day, thousands of poor try to sneak across
the US border, but the caravan is made for television, exploiting desperate
migrants to embarrass local authorities, defy US law, and sow chaos. President Trump already has said he will cut off US aid, which will undermine programs that help
our neighbors fight drug trafficking and build healthier, safer homelands. So the
caravan has done a lot of damage, dividing and distracting countries that
should be working together. What do you think about the caravan that’s headed
into the US border? Let us know in your comments, and let us know what other
topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to like and
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32 thoughts on “Central American migrant caravan | IN 60 SECONDS”

  1. What these liars at the American Enterprise Institute are saying is a complete misrepresentation of the facts.These refugees are coming to the USA and presenting themselves to border agents as refugees in order to enter the USA as refugees,this is legal,sneaking across is illegal but those in the caravan aren't sneaking.What needs to be done is preparing for their arrival so they can be processed fairly and quickly, those who are judged to be refugees get to stay ,those who are judged to only be economic migrants get sent back this has been going on at borders for decades ,it works pretty well.

  2. The caravan is an outrageous political stunt that is abusive to humanity. If these Central American countries really wanted to stop drug and gang violence in their respective countries they would most certainly partner with the US whose drug problems are made manifest by such traffic. I think those government officials are likely on the take from those same drug gangs and lords. Therein lies the real problem.

  3. First off I'm pretty sure USA has an opioid epidemic that are produced and come from american pharmaceutical companies, so this argument about migrants bringing drugs into US that Americans use to deal with their first world problems seems like a bit of fear mongering and blaming a drug issue on immigrants (effectively ignoring US pharmaceutical companies much larger impact on this epidemic).

    Someone else mentions below the caravan's plan is to walk up to the boarder to be processed as refugees. Pretty convenient how AEI paint south america as this violent place with drug gangs, but then act like the caravan could never be processed as refugees and need to "sneak" over the border. US programs such as the war on drugs really did a great job in stabilized both the North and South Americas, great timing with the video when the war on drugs was announced as a loss by the way. If there are other programs to helped stabilize the region would love hear about them though, but currently AEI seems to present a real hollow point here (what programs?)

  4. Islamization of the Globe – that's their Koranic objective and they are brainwashed even to die for that for they will be rewarded appropriately in heaven. If they get -in, it is a double bonus – rape, torture or kill the non-believers; again more opportunity to make Allah happy and receive rewards.


  5. A minute is now 120 seconds. Where are the scholars when you need them. We get our news from you. Does that make us scholars too?

  6. BUILD THE WALL! It will curb drug flow, slow the flow of illegals (who work for cash and therefore do not pay our taxes). We should follow all laws and accept only workers with proper papers (who pay our required taxes and who get insurance coverage while working). Those wishing to seek to live in the US must go to a port of entry and also follow our laws.

  7. What about when the Caravan
    becomes our Caravan. It's coming soon; I know that
    you all can't see it yet. It's going to
    be our caravan going to their country because
    we will be escaping from the same thing
    that they are fleeing from now. Trust me; everyone will remember how you are treating them right now, and how you didn’t care about them in there time of need.

  8. Where's the videos of the invaders throwing rocks and bottles at border guards? C-mon, show that too. That's what I think.

  9. 1: Any country that this invasion has passed through should have their money from the USA be CUT to ZERO.

    2: We should invade Mexico, only about 1000 meters/yards in order to prevent any individual from this this invasion enter the USA.

    3: Have an A-10 on standby so that the A-10 can strafe the invasion, potentially/hopefully causing about 10% of this invasion to "kick their air addiction"/"lose their meat suit"/"kick the bucket"/whatever.


    5: Stop all immigration for at least a year, NO EXCEPTIONS! (up to, potentially ten years, or longer)

    This is an invasion. The job of the military to protect this countries from "bad countries". Every military in the universe has the same job. These people in the invasion constitute a threat, and we should deal with them appropriately.


    I am a veteran. I was placed in danger for this country, of my own volition. BUT, you have been protected as best as I/we can. To every non-veteran, it is time to "pay the piper" for our service.

  10. Mexico offered them refugee status. They said NO. The Army needs to create a buffer zone at the border. Anyone caught would be dealt with as invaders.

  11. October 27, 2018 Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: "Solemnly, I tell you, your nation* is under attack from within. This caravan of people** descending upon your southern border threatens the collapse of your financial system. I told you before that evil comes clothed in goodness – this is a prime example. On one hand, it would be good to assist all of these poor people in any way possible. On the other hand, your nation cannot successfully absorb thousands of needy at one time. This has been engineered by an outside source who seeks the collapse of your government through an economic collapse."

    "As citizens of this country, you must unite behind your President*** in support of his efforts to protect your nation from this assault. Pray for the poor people who have been misled by evil to believe they are marching towards a solution to all their woes. They are simply being used towards an evil end. I am opposing this evil dressed as good by giving you the Truth."

    * U.S.A.
    ** Thousands of Central American migrants are walking through southern Mexico in hopes of reaching the US.
    * President Donald J. Trump.

    Read Ephesians 6:10-17+

    Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having fastened the belt of Truth around your waist, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the equipment of the gospel of peace; besides all these, taking the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the Evil One. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    + Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.) http://www.holylove.org/messages_by_year.php#bottom

  12. Regardless of why, this simply can not be allowed! We must defend our borders and send a message to illegal criminals everywhere you must repect our law's!

  13. This American President is sending thousands of highly
    trained fighting service men and women to the southern border to act as custom
    inspection agents, to curtail the entry of illicit drugs among the caravan
    travelers, and if a fraction of what he claims could enter, piled to the second
    floor of my high-rise building, no one would touch them. Except those patients that
    have been addicted by highly paid doctors to write prescriptions, and the
    pharmacies to dispense them, by the  pharmaceutical
    industry, creating the now harden American addicted who will certainly find use
    for the drugs until death becomes them.

  14. From all the pictures of the caravan people, none looks thin or emaciated. Starvation is not the problem because everyone in the photos is either overweight or at the very least well nourished.
    They are invaders, a Trojan horse with a lot of criminal combatants embedded within. Don't believe the msm.

  15. When I speak the people that like a unlevel playing field that give them advantage over other people, white rich people like sadistic Donald Trump will feel very offended I and not a yes person like what Arrogant Donald Trump have around him and I and not a person that Donald Trump can manipulate with his ginnal ship, the history of Texas whole of Texas was a part of Mexico 🇲🇽 And Mexico went to war with America and Mexico lose the war so Texas became apart of America and the people that originally that live on the land became immigrants
    Donald Trump is no different from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un they are both self conceited dictator
    I cannot understand how the American people allow Donald Trump to manipulate them Donald Trump do not have any policy that would improves the life of ordinary American people, the only thing that
    Donald Trump can come up with is the racist device of immigration, so take away immigration from Donald Trump policy and he have nothing to debate about

  16. Let me address all the American people especially the white European people remember that you are the caretaker of America the rightful owner of America is Jehovah our righteous majestic creator you use Unity along with brutality to dominate America, you devise a plan to take away the land from the Red Indian, So you use wisdom along with brutality to kill off the Red Indian so that you can get possession of the land you forcefully remove black people from out of Africa because you’re so lazy and you did not want to work so you put black African people in slavery and your conscience did not bother you with the wicked evil way that you treat black people just so that you can surround yourself with vanity you cannot say that Jehovah god our righteous majestic father told you to do what you do, did not the holy Scriptures say though shall not kill so why did you disobey and brake Jehovah righteous commandment and order and kill to suit your self the day of reckoning is coming up very soon when you have to face our righteous majestic creator Jehovah and you have to give account for your out of control sin.

  17. And people our free uncontrollable time on planet earth is running out fast it is coming to a end you do not expect that you would be doing what ever that you please for every I am very shore that you that know that Jehovah our righteous majestic father is going to take back his planet earth so all people that use wickedness along with wisdom that will only work on human being People like politician and government that have a responsibility to take care of the people that Jehovah god made with his two hands you politician discriminate against people so that you have the reason to fight against people you immigration system can never work because it have a lot of discrimination attach to it, and it is very bias against non white European, and first of all you label 🏷 all the people in the migrant caravan as criminal yes there may be criminal that attach themselves to the migrant caravan so why did you not look at the good people that is begging you a chance for a better life you said that the people should join the queue of people that file for immigration
    the truth is when people filed for immigration all you do is just ignore people with your arrogant self
    And the people is not Roberts that come under your command and the people have a right to peacefully come to the border of America, to see if there fellow human being would have mercy on there unbearable situation, and when Jehovah god was making America where was you, you did not to nothing what so ever to make America all you did was just shed innocent 😇 blood so that you get control of America. And as for now just remember that you are just the caretaker of America and not the rightful owner,as we all know that the rightful owner of America and all the earth is Jehovah our righteous majestic father that live in heaven.

  18. Personally I think the first group was mostly organically created, but was facilitated by leftist open borders organizations who encourage open borders. Once the group grew, then became a topic could use to for US politics for the mid-Terms. There are this many or more folks coming across US border all the time. Yes, the groups are dramatic and get attention. I think the people joining them are largely economic migrants who saw the news of formation and decided to go too. Wasn't this big to start and was created with social media, but put on Honduran news and then took off.

    Now more groups are forming using social media. The groups are getting aid from organizations like "Pueblo Sin Fronteras" – Town without Borders. Open border people are indeed helping them!

  19. This is a great topic! It would be neat if you had a video on Bolivia's current situation. Evo Morales is about to ignore a Referendum that said no to his re-election by popular vote. There are a few judges (appointed by him) that are about to make the decision if the re-election is valid or not. If they do so, Bolivia's situation is going to become very critical. Some even say that a Civil War is possible.

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