Celine Tam – ALL Performances America’s Got Talent 2017

Celine Tam – ALL Performances America’s Got Talent 2017

-OMG Hİ Hi! Adorable How are you doing today? I’m doing good What’s your name? and how old are you? My name is Celine and I’m 9 years old.The nine years old? This is my dream being an american’s got talent. ohhh! So what are you gonna doing for today? I’m gonna be singing! I got a litte sister ok and what’s her name her name is Dion celine and dion ohhhhh ohhh wow!!!! really!!!! so, i am guessing your parents loves celine Dion yes of course,
right so, when did you realized that you had a great singing voice when i was in the car, my dad was driving and then suddenly i just sang “my heart will go on” and then he was “WOW!!!!” celine Dion, song ? , yahh we got that, we work that out this is celine Dion connection, (…….) so, what kinds of music do you like to listen to ? , I like, hmm “celine Dion”, yaah.. and, and what is your big dream ? to be the next celine Dion, she got it, …… This is my dream… This is your dream??
– yea yea yea Celine! Can i ask you a question? What artist you’re gonna be singing?? Celine Dion Well, Celine! Good Luck! Thank You Every night in my dreams I see you,
I feel you.. That is how i know you, go on… Near, Far, Wherever you are I believe that the heart does, go on… You’re here,
There’s nothing i fear… and i know that my heart will go on …. We’ll stay forever this way You are safe in my heart and my heart will go on and on … Thank You very much.. Here she is .. Celine
Hi! and i remember your name is Celine and you sister’s name is Dion. Right? Yeah. Because you guys are little bit obsessed with Celine Dion So which Celine Dion song are you singing for us today? Well, today i not singing Celine Dion Song I’m singing ‘how am i supposed to live without you’.. I wish you the best of luck.
– Thank You. I could hardly believe it
when i heard the news today. I had to come and get it straight from you. And i don’t wanna know the price
i’m gonna pay for dreaming. Even now its more than i can take. Tell me how am i supposed to live without you … Now that I’ve been lovin’ you so long. how am I supposed to live without you. How am I supposed to carry on. When all that I’ve been livin ‘for is gone. Celine! The crowd is going crazy for you. Thank You! First, i would like to hear from our very special guest judge I just wanna eat you up and like take you home You’re so adorable and so cute and your voice is amazing. You are so talented. Thank You so much.
I’m really blown away You are so talented. Unbelievable, so adorable.
I might just have to … Many nights we’ve prayed With no proof anyone could hear In our hearts, a hopeful song We barely understood Yet now I’m standing here My heart so full, I can’t explain Seeking faith and speaking words I’d never thought I say There can be miracle When you believe Though hope is frail It’s hard to kill Who knows what miracle You can achieve When you believe Somehow you will You will when you believe

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  1. Селин просто чудо!!!! Я пересматриваю и пересматриваю много раз….ее голос, мимика, харизма поражает и заряжает!!! Береги себя, маленькая принцесса Селин….

  2. Как такое маленькое чудо может рождать столько прекрасной энергии – ума не приложу? )
    Будьте счастливы и радуйте нас! )
    Привет из России!

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  6. She really wonderful! She is so young and still can sing really wellIt is really wonderful! She is so young and still can sing really wellIt is really wonderful! She is so young and can still sing really well! I couldn't sing that well, and still can't!😂❤️

  7. Your so pretty Celine your face is so perfect yet your still young i keep on repeating to watch your video because i love it and you make me smile always i love you celine watching here at UAE

  8. more than 100 M viewers in you tube has already proved that celine is talented, loved by this globe, did any agt winners having such massive fans?

  9. First the Celine's questions was funny so it's a talent too not talking about her amazing voice, she's beautiful and her sis is cute

  10. Everybody should watch Celine Tam new original song "who I am" she performance on world's got talent 2019😍it will make your cry!!!😭😭😭

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