CDJ-2000nexus HID Mode With Serato Scratch Live Tutorial

CDJ-2000nexus HID Mode With Serato Scratch Live Tutorial

Hid mode on the CDJ-2000nexus is now compatible with Serato scratch live. Hid mode on the CDJs basically means you can control DJ software without using time code CDs, so the CDJs act as controllers to the software. You can use your existing Serato sound card, so we’ll connect each CDJ to get started via USB. Then once we’ve done that we’ll open up scratch live and we’ll hit link. We can scroll down to control mode, push to connect and then you can choose between deck one and deck two. Deck one is left and deck two is right. So we’ll chose deck one here, go and do the same thing here and then choose deck two. So once you’ve done that, just go in to the two virtual decks on Serato and set them to internal mode and that tells Serato that the Playback is being dealt with inside Serato and the CDJ is just a controller. So once that’s all been done you can then see the library on screen. So I’ve got the crates here and as I twist it you can then see everything on screen there. If I click and load a track at random, the waveform then loads at the bottom. And all of the controls then work instantly so there’s no extra mapping to do at all All of the controls do link up to those in Serato, the only controls that don’t link up is the slip mode button and the two beat sync buttons, but you can map those to what ever you want.There’s a full list of what the controls do in out start up guide and the download link will be in the description of the video. When using hid modem there’s a couple of things to bear in mind, first of all make sure you are on the latest version of scratch live so it supports the CDJs This can be downloaded from Serato as of now Secondly you may need to get a USB hub is you are using multiple CDJs if you haven’t got enough ports on your computer obviously And lastly you have to keep your firmware up to date on the CDJs just to make sure it works with Serato. We have got a video on how to update the firmware so if you’re not sure how just check that one out.

36 thoughts on “CDJ-2000nexus HID Mode With Serato Scratch Live Tutorial”

  1. I would literally kill to use a set of Pioneers…it looks so brilliant, i'm sick of using my Numark N4 to DJ XD

  2. Within Traktor I can only switch decks with CDJ 2000 if I reconnect the USB cable. Would like to have a third deck. But it's too expensive. "-_-
    Please add a feature I could switch decks more easily.

  3. Why would anybody use the nexus players with Serato? You are losing do much functionality built into the CDJ's.

  4. I don't see how this is helpful unless you haven't ready set all your cue points up in relkordbox. You already have a scrolling wav form on the nexus.


  6. So happy we finally got hid mode! Imagine spending 4k and not having this option, I was about to sell my nexus! Way to go pioneer

  7. because my studio has everything besides serato, and I host an internet show and there are Dj,s that wanna use cd's and not serato.

  8. At least someone knows WTF is going on. You buy Nexus decks, the last thing you want to use is Serato and CDJ's in HID mode..

  9. They don't want to convince CDJ users to buy Serato, they just want Serato users to be able to link them up when arriving in a club.. We are not all bedroom dj's so Serato is quite handy when you play on different CDJ's/Turntables/Mixers during a weekend 😉

  10. When you have the Rekordbox (which is the BEST software to use with CDJs and DJMs) to manage your tracks, why do you use the CDJ-2000Nexus as a controller (as you said)? If you want to see the waveforms, Rekordbox and the CDJ-2000Nxs' screen shows you that. And If you want to use Serato efficienly, don't waste the best set of players, go get yourself a DDJ-SX.

  11. Can someone please watch my video and tell me what I am doing wrong? I am only able to get one of the decks to work with HID mode and the other one still works, yet I do not have all the features as full HID mode.

    Go under my profile and look for the "Pioneer CDJ 2000 issue" video…

  12. I think DJ's must focus only to the mixing (If you're doing visuals, you're a VDJ not a DJ 😉 ), you can do it like Armin van Buuren does if you want.

  13. The one draw back to HID mode, is that the rotation marker in the center of the jog dial is at an absolute fixed point to the song. You can never change it, which is standard to CDJ mode. I just wish there was an option to make it locked with the rotation marker of Serato because this makes juggling difficult when you want hot cues to start at 12 o clock. The solution to this is to keep some timecode CD's in there, and switch to timecode when performing complex juggles.

  14. i have a question people are having problems with hid mode for serato dj,but my question is can you use time code to fix that problem

  15. Can I connect my laptop with the link button while the music is playing from a usb stick? Or will the music stop playing at the moment I connect my laptop?

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