• Expositie Bible Art: Van Dalí tot Chagall wegens succes verlengd
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    Expositie Bible Art: Van Dalí tot Chagall wegens succes verlengd

    Geachte dames en heren, het is een grote eer om u mee te delen… dat de tentoonstelling Bible Art… met werken van Salvador Dalí, Marc Chagall, Gottfried Engelmann, Gustave Doré, en de Duitse expressionist Otto Dix, wordt verlengd tot 28 juli. De expositie hier in de Gouwekerk in Gouda… kan op veel belangstelling rekenen van de media en het publiek. Heeft u nog geen gelegenheid gehad om de expositie te bezoeken, met daarin ook werken uit het project ‘Esther’ van Jan van Lokhorst, dan wil ik u aanraden snel alsnog uw kans te pakken en hierheen te komen. Het zijn echt unieke kunstwerken van wereldberoemde… kunstenaars die bijbelse taferelen uitbeelden.…

  • YouTube’s scratch-off lottery community
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    YouTube’s scratch-off lottery community

    These are some facts about the United States half dollar. It’s worth fifty cents. It depicts the head of American President John F. Kennedy in profile. It is two times as heavy as the U.S. quarter, making it the heaviest U.S. coin currently minted. It’s also the instrument of choice for YouTube scratcher Donafello. Donafello has over twelve thousand YouTube subscribers. There’s a whole community of YouTubers doing the same kind of thing. SirSkratchNsmoke “Holy shit.” Texan Candy “Alright, seventy bucks!” Scratcher Heaven “K, I got my twenty bucks back.” To name a few. “What’s uppppp family?” Back to Donafello here. This is his last video since disappearing from the…

  • Serena Talks About Her Experience with ANF Therapy
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    Serena Talks About Her Experience with ANF Therapy

    Hi Serena Dunsford coming to ANF Academy do you have been taking course three and four here at marvel yeah with dr. michael huff how was your experience fantastic that’s great did you get in more tricks and to go back to your clinic and to apply to your patients oh absolutely working with him one on one and in the group is just incredible and I have so much digest before I go back to my patients great did you try the therapy on your side yes how was it pretty cool pretty cool I notice a lot of changes but specifically less swelling that I didn’t really realize…

  • Attleboro Arts Museum – Jim Crow Blues
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    Attleboro Arts Museum – Jim Crow Blues

    Stop by the Aattleboro Arts Museum for an afternoon of history and entertainment professor RA Lawson and will hold a talk on how blues musicians use their music to resist and protest the Jim Crow laws of the nineteen and twentieth centuries An evening of nineteen-thirties blues music and poetry will follow the event will be held on saturday october thirteenth from three to five pm at the Attleboro Arts Museum tickets are ten dollars for more information contact Ethel Garvin at 508-226-6712 or [email protected]

  • Instrumenthead | Parthenon | Arts Break | NPT
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    Instrumenthead | Parthenon | Arts Break | NPT

    (funky bass line) – [Michael Weintrob] Instrument Head is a project that I’ve been working on that spans my whole entire career. It’s kind of my art project that took on a life of it’s own. When I was in college, I was the house photographer at the Aggie Theater and I would take photographs of the bands when they were performing and I would go back stage and take portraits of the band and on this particular day I took a portrait of the Derek’s Trucks band. The bass player came running now with his bass and I said do something crazy. I don’t know, put your bass down…

  • Can America’s schools be saved? — with Albert Shanker (1994) | THINK TANK
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    Can America’s schools be saved? — with Albert Shanker (1994) | THINK TANK

    Ben Wattenberg: Hello. I’m Ben Wattenberg. This fall our kids return to school. Do we need to set nationwide educational standards to help them compete in the global economy? Joining us to sort through the conflict and the consensus are Albert Shanker, the president of the American Federation of Teachers and a member of the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards; Denis Doyle, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and coauthor of “Winning the Brain Race: A Bold Plan to Make Our Schools Competitive”; Professor Kriner Cash, associate dean of the School of Education at Howard University; and Myron Lieberman, senior research scholar, Center for Social Philosophy and Policy,…

  • Artist Talk: Ergin Çavuşoğlu and Javier Téllez
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    Artist Talk: Ergin Çavuşoğlu and Javier Téllez

    PABLO LEON DE LA BARRA: Hi everyone, thank you for continuing being with us. I am Pablo León de la Barra, and I am still the Guggenheim UBS MAP Latin American curator. The next session is artist-centered, so it’s really about talking with the artists and seeing a bit of their work, and, through Sara Raza’s invitation, rethinking what ethnography in relationship to the arts means today. We’re going to have two speakers. Ergin Çavuşoğlu, which I hope I pronounced well, and Javier Téllez. Each one will speak and present their work for between ten and fifteen minutes. Ergin’s biography, you have it on the paper, but I’ll just give…

  • Can You Quickly Remove Car Scratches With WD40? – Watch Me Put it To Test
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    Can You Quickly Remove Car Scratches With WD40? – Watch Me Put it To Test

    Hey how’s it going do it yourselfers, today I am going to show you how you can use the WD40 and lighter trick to remove scratches from your car. I know it sounds hard to believe but this method is actually a very closely kept secret used by many body shops and detailors but I am going to show you how to do this today. Alright so hopefully as you can see we got some scratches and scuff marks on this door over here. First step it to get yourself some soapy water and shop towels and clean the damaged area. Next you want to grab yourself some wd-40 and…

  • To Cup or Not To Menstrual Cup? – Scratching the Surface | Vitamin Stree
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    To Cup or Not To Menstrual Cup? – Scratching the Surface | Vitamin Stree

    Periods The monthly subscription that’s been flooding women’s inboxes since puberty. Discussions around how to deal with periods are moving slowly from blue-inked sanitary pads to green alternatives like the menstrual cup. And although the menstrual cup has been commercially available since 1937, women in India are still suspicious of it. So… To cup or not to cup? That is the question. And we’re gonna clear a few things up to help you answer it! Does it hurt? Pain is a big concern when using the menstrual cup. But the cup is made from medical grade silicone, and is soft. All you have to do is fold it and insert…