caricature or intelligence 4 the bag - cardi b & azealia MY THOTS

caricature or intelligence 4 the bag – cardi b & azealia MY THOTS

what one this is my wine Tomodachi I got one question for y'all oh and your head out in the background what do you all think is gonna happen you think about Carter be she kind of prides herself on being someone who is not trying to be no role model she prides herself on being someone who is not gonna change for nobody she's gotten plenty of complaints about her really not acting at the end of the day yo the complaints are she's not acting mature that's that's the way it looks like to me right you hear have you heard people use that word a lot maturity acting with it some sort of respect for yourself and that kind of thing but I'm wondering what will happen once cardi B has a little cardi B hmm cuz as much as she likes to say she's not a role model she's gonna be one 24/7 as mama cardi B what kind of example was she sent for she the little one we should continue to make the same music people said when jay-z had a kid he would no longer rhyme about bitches he would think as soon as he got a girl or you would think he would have never talked about women like he was abused as a child scared to smile but anyway what do y'all think is gonna go down you you saw what happened with Azealia Banks he is basically ready to pull up baby baby ready soon come still she ain't change till she's in that caricature mode that that sister is Ilya Banks talked about when we talk about caricature we're talking about something that existed before you that was put in place to basically expose you for being you know shiftless useless nothing serious and kind of a negative light on the reality that's kind of what the caricature is like for black men the caricature is that whoa were super predators like we want white women uh oh we want just wanna rape you that's a camera caricature that continually massaged and created in the media and there's a different caricature for black women now whether or not cardi B is black women is one thing but that's what was revealed in that latest little beef between car to be in Azealia Banks very interesting y'all because at some point she actually got cardi B to get em on I don't want to say out of character but to reply in such a weird way okay because yes she was she was she was uh here she is this car to be saying I'm from the hood I speak I am how I am it's almost like it's part of us some lyric from her one of our songs I did not choose to be famous people chose me people followed me on Instagram I never asked to be an example or a role model I don't want to change my ways because I'm famous that's why I just mind my business well she's already showing she's she could change something about herself to get more fame by getting their little ass injections and almost killing herself willing to change to be famous and to get more money some wondering if she tried to attack us Illya banks like this is coming from a woman that bleached her skin but she want to advocate now it came out that she bleached her skin because of some conditions she actually has like she has to do it so she's the cardi B didn't know that so the beef itself is kind of unfortunate to see play out I think it's interesting that Ilya banks called her out the way she did about really not about being a caricature being something that's not real you know being just this caricature out here she's like two years ago the conversation surrounding black woman's culture was really reaching an all-time high she's talking about Beyonce and lemonade they were talking about this push a strong push and they say it banks is like but here comes cardi B she's taking away or overpowering the conversation I don't think she's saying we did we don't want that kind of thing but she's saying here comes this overpowering the intelligent side of women then I found that interesting that you have that balance so we're not balanced but you have those dynamics Azealia Banks was coming from you know intelligent perspective she says and cardi beat Ruby you go to young lady who's made enough money being sort of crass being herself and all that so is that how she's gonna be with like as a mother no one ever knows how impact out of my becoming a mother will impacts a month you know but she's got money so it sort of reminds us lesson at the end of the day people are gonna be competing against this thing called capitalism capitalism and you'll hear people who study gender relations gender studies like if you study men studies math you know men's studies dr. Tommy Curry and you study you know bell hooks whoever you want to study you also see how they compare or see the interaction between feminism or making sure you as an individual or seen as an individual you know and your group is respected so this is beef between feminism and capitalism right so you got women who aren't really trying to be all about that feminist thing if that bag is right you got a bunch of dudes who might not even be all about that all I'm a man shit if the bag is right you got a lot of people on here who might not even be all about that oh let me try to uplift no people if the bag is right and like what the people chose me and in and this is what I'm doing I ain't gonna change for nobody this is this kind of thing was as though your banks got her to say she proceeded to delete her her Instagram again like you said like I said she's pregnant right now and our main man just got into a car accident so we're gonna see something happening with car D beep there's gonna be pressure for her to come out with more music come out with more shit talkers I'm gonna nasty shit sucking dick talk oh I don't know what she's gonna do we'll see this is my one Tomodachi job mind over matter TV do you all think cardi B has to is going to alter her image at all or do you think she's gonna keep trying to get that money as whatever image she is right now which as Ilya banks says there's some caricature it has nothing to do with intelligence very interesting just so happens to be sisters disgusting these things in the United States of America May 28th what do y'all think this is Marwan Tomodachi trying to dissect and analyze and understand what happened with this beef between Azealia Banks who got her own corner I don't think I can't say right now that she's necessarily hating on cardi B and her success everybody would like the bag right everybody would like to bag everybody want that back I think the zillion banks knows her respect has its own little area over here and that she can come out and talk shit when she's got an album coming out and people will come out and check her musica bottom line she happens to be kind of cute I like how she presented herself in The Breakfast Club interview and I think as the Ebanks is more attractive personally than cardi B to the extent that matters to anyone in gal I wonder what you walked it this is Mawlana Tomodachi mind over matter TV ladies I'm not gonna say stop fighting but make sure whatever you do yeah have some intelligence which you you know be able to defend yourself or be able to just dust your shoulder off like what

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  1. Maybe if I was in my teens I would of been a fan of Cardi B's music. I don't know much about these two woman to give my opinion. Judging from a distance, i couldn't stomach being around Cardi-B for too long.

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