Cara Majaka Telugu Full Movie | Geethika, Sangeetha | Sri Balaji Video

Cara Majaka Telugu Full Movie | Geethika, Sangeetha | Sri Balaji Video

Mother, Land Goddess. I am going to our family god temple with my family.
Please take Care of my house as usual. Padma lets go ok These house people might have left
jewellery and money and went to other town. Today is ours. You wait here. I will
go inside and show my talent. You come to my land and
planned to commit robbery. When Kalika is here no One
can escape from my eyesight. Even air also will not
escape. Idiot I will leave now. If you have dare go and touch the jewelry
box with your hands. You will see my power. Mother Goddess Please
forgive me….. Forgive me…. forgive me. forgive me. Soldier. Good evening sir I want to go to the Godservant Aparanji What are you saying
sir? I didn’t understand. Bloody didn’t you understand? I want .. go to dancer Aparanji’s house I want to go to her house Sir at this night..Going
such far might be risk Why? Now Land Goddess Kalika
will watch this village safe. At his time if anyone faces her,
it’s dangerous to their life. What? Goddess Kalika watches this
village now? Are you mad? Sir. Don’t do this
sir. I am telling truth. Land Goddess Kalika means not
a normal thing. She is Goddess. We can’t see one sun with our eyes. But
she is equal to 10 suns. Listen sir. Please. Good Joke Good Joke. I thought Ladies in your town are
only black but is there fire too. I want to see her. If it is Goddess Kamakshyamma or
Meenakshyamma there will be no problem, they are love sharing
Goddess. We can escape anyways. But this is Land Goddess Kalika, she
not only watches village she kills also. What you are doing too much. Where do this Land Goddess Kalika lives? Village outside well sir Ok. In the well 24hrs swimming. Then she is not goddess
Kalika, she is sexy women. Sir Don’t insult her. Watch
goddess. If she hears you your life is over. You talk too much. I must go to that well now and test whether
Kalika is in that well or not. Sir God can test us
but we should not test God. Sir Land Goddess lives in that well only. There.. Yes Sir Your lady God.. Body guard in that well. Yes Sir I will go and see whether see is there. If she is not there I will throw you
in that well. I will murder you. Stupid. Body guard…. Body guard… Sir. It’s not normal
well it’s sacred well. Sir please don’t go there with boots. Soldier bring the lamp Hey Land Goddess Kalika come
on. come out lady. Come. come out Hey Lady come..come out come out Lady come..come out Where is this Kalika?
She is not in the well. Hey.. Save me… Sir.. Sir Save me.. Save me.. Mother Land Goddess Kalika please
leave him seeing my face. Please forgive him. For a pilgrim like you, I
am sparing a stupid like him. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I
am stupid please forgive me mother. Very much thank you Mother. you have asked to save his life. Don’t you ask anything for yourself? Mother you should be with us for all
my lifes. Please save my family tree. Mother Durga What Master? Go home and ask your mother
to pray for you. Ok. Master Durga you are winner in this
TV dance competition Congrats. Thanks sister. Good morning Teacher. Good morning children. Good morning. Thank you Hey sonu why are you
crying? What happened? Durga has drunk all my water Miss. Durga Didn’t you bring water bottle? I brought it miss. But it has
completed in halfway to school. First period is not yet completed
and you drank two bottles of water? It’s abnormal. Are you so thirsty? I don’t know Miss. If anyone of these is thirsty
their tongue gets drier, but for me my whole body gets heated. Ok Ok. Ok children before
starting class you all have good news. What Miss? Last Saturday there was
drawing competition conducted? Do you know who the winner was? No. me me Ok.Ok. Durga Silence Silence.. I thought Durga likes only water drinking
but she likes water painting also. Her art was exactly
like photo print See. Hey Old Car. It seemed like Akbar used car. Keep quiet. Durga you thought to draw car, its
okay. But why have you painted old model car? I think you haven’t
seen old car like this before. You don’t believe what I say Miss,
actually I thought to draw Innova car but, this car painting came unknowingly. Oh, in that case this car and you
might have some relationship in last life. Ok children. Claps to Durga. Brother I am thirsty!
Could you give me some water? Brother I am thirsty!
Could you give me some water? Didn’t you hear? I am thirsty
give me some water. You stupid I am thirsty give me water. Devil Car? Devil… Devil Om shanthi….Om
shanthi..Aaaa God Shiva. Dumb…Dumb..Dumb. Whom you are saying Dumb? Me or God? I will break your teeth. Here puja is not
completed and you put that cooker on stove. It is disturbing my pooja. How do I perform puja now? You made
a habit to tension me every time. Tension…tension..tensionn…om
tensionn namha See, Cooker will make sound its
natural. Feel it like background music. Hey Good joke. Don’t irritate me. I
am loosing prestige due to that cooker. Prestige Padmanabham… See Gayatri, you are
doing too much.Ok.Ok. Today it has to be decided either
cooker or me has to stay here. If there is no cooker no
work can be completed by me. That means all works will
be done to you in my absence? Not like that. Will you beat? No I am saying I want cooker. I am saying no cooker. -I want cooker A for -Apple This is old lesson. I will tell you new one. A for Asin. B for -Ball No. Bipasha C for They have started
fight again for cooker. Durga shall we bet on this.
Will mother win or dad wins In every house Mother wins Good intelligent. Then who
do you like mother or father? I like them both. I like
my brother more then them. You don’t have brother,
which brother are you saying? I always get dream of a brother,
he looks very smart. Durga Mother is calling. Please
get me down Grandfather. Come..Come..Come.. Will give you food go Which brother is she dreaming at
night? Confusion. C for confusion What happened mother? Blade has hurted my finger. Show me? Blood… Be careful mother. Your father’s hurry made me
like this. Anyways small injury. Whatever mother you said we
both have same blood group. I will give you as much
as blood required to you. Priests daughter, they are saying
you and I have same blood group.. I will give you as much
as blood required to you. Mother? What happened Mother? You are just talking like savitri. Who is this savitri? Do
you mean that lady in photo? Mother. Do you mean she
and I have same blood group. Yes. RH negative. How is that possible mother? You are my mother so I can have your
blood. But how can I have her blood. She is not outsider kid. She
is one of our family members. That is why I am keeping her
photo in our house from last five years. Savitri I can’t forget you. Mother who is that
Savitri and where is she? She is with God kid. Mother. Mother please forgive me. Please get me out of these chains. Please get me free.. Mother Please get me out of this chains. You don’t only get free. You now
got time to punish that evil person. Durga fears for fire.
She is now sleeping. This is right time to make evil Eyes away from her. Sister. I am very thirsty. Please give me some water. Please give me some water. Sister Please come. Sister. Brother. Have you come? Here drink water. Brother today is our death anniversary
and our enemies should also die this day. Ok Sister. We have to kill them. Kill them. Kill them. These cars are to be shipped to
Germany. How do you load these many cars? Don’t worry partner I will employ
sufficient labor tomorrow and load these to ship. Workers have union problem. Make
sure these are done with our people. This side cars should go to Thailand. We should not miss even one order we have received
so that our clients gain confidence. Hey how does this car come here? Now it is not there. But it is seen in Mirror. Hey look. Come on.Come on. Be careful. No come on fast No No Husband. What Happened? What Happened? Mid Nite,Why have you shouted like that? Durga is missing Durga is missing? Why are you so panic?
She will not go anywhere. She might have gone to
bathroom. Go and check. No daddy. I have seen everywhere. Main door is open so I have shouted. I have seen it closed.
Who have opened it? That’s why I said don’t
let her dance in TV shows. Have you listened? Someone
might have kidnapped her Don’t panic. Let’s go
and give police complaint. Not necessary. I came home. Durga..Durga.. Durga.. Durga.. Where you have gone at this time Actually what happened? Let’s talk about it later,
first go and bring mug of water. Go and bring water? What happened dear? Why are you pouring water
like that? What happened? Tell me. You only told me know we should have
head bath after attending death ceremony. What is she saying? Durga.. Dear Durga Where have you gone? Nothing mother. I have wished
to visit harbour from many days. Today I got chance so I went there. What you solely went to see harbour? You don’t even know where harbour is? You don’t get panic. I
understand know completely. Durga went in sleep and
saw the harbour in dream Dear Durga. Don’t scare me. Please tell me where you have gone? What is this? How many times
you ask me same question? I am bored. Need to see TV. Good evening. I am Jyothi varma. Main News Today in Visakhapatnam a murder took place. Police are investigating
for criminals. Police are searching entire city. Visakhapatnam Police are
searching entire city. Murder in Harbor? Yes. Murder in harbour. Why are you
panic as if it is happened in our house. Daddy please Kid, murder took place at harbour. That’s why I took head bath. This is not the last
murder. More to continue What are you saying? Saturday, someone will follow
them. Ok priest daughter. Got it ! Dear, only Savitri used to
call you as priest daughter no? Yes daddy. Then why Durga is calling you like that. I don’t know Dad. Today is Savitri’s death anniversary. I told you many times not to keep
that Savitri’s photo at home. Just now I will throw
that photo outside. Gayatri, What happened
to Savitri’s photo. Savitri Brother Hot water Is the water heat good?
Overheat doesn’t work for my car. Hey Rambabu, I know you love your car very much.
But bathing with hot water is too much. I don’t know its 3much or 4much, but it rained heavily at Water
became so cold. water but can’t bath with cold water sir. water. That is why. We can drink cold Idiot that is for human beings. Car is non-living
being. It doesn’t know difference between hot and cold water. Dad, I have prepared milk, ghee, honey
and everything for ritual at temple. But I have small doubt. What We have prepared these many items for ritual. How do God
Siva idol know difference between various items of ritual. Mistake. Mistake. Do
you call God as stone? Angry? You see God in
idol and they see God in car. No…No…No… What Gayatri said is correct. You are great Priest’s daughter.
You have answered you father greatly. Any ways you are my best friend Ok…ok.. Daddy start
early. God shiva is waiting for you. Going. Going,No one is waiting
for your permission. Then what are you waiting for? Savitri, have this. What is that? Its sweet rice. Have it. I
know you like it very much. No, I think your dad made it for
God. It’s mistake. God takes my eyes. Did you hear anywhere
God making people blind? If humans eat its like serving God. Eat. Savitri, What happened? Priest’s daughter you care for me lot. If I
have another life I will born as your daughter. Don’t cry. Sister you have good news. Savitri .. Savitri .. Where has she gone. Dear Savitri .. Savitri .. She will not go any
where without saying. Dear Savitri Brother Savitri .. why have you slept in car. Nothing brother. Sleeping in this car
feels like sleeping in mother’s lap. Take this. What is this brother? You like Biryani know. That’s
is why I brought biryani for you. No Brother. Why Sister? No Brother. You like biryani very
much. Why are you rejecting. Nothing brother. Morning I took
Priest’s daughter to hospital. She has less blood in her body. She
need more blood at the time of delivery. Others blood is not suitable to
her. Only my blood is suitable. Give definitely. But for giving
you need to be strong. So have this. No brother. Gayatri is Brahmin.
She doesn’t eat non-veg. If my blood mixes with
her it become unsacred. So from now onwards I don’t eat
non-veg till Gayatri gives birth to child. Come on boys. Super place. Its party time. Let’s celebrate. Kunagirmaharaj palace is amazing. Heavy
elevation outside and cave inside great. Not only he built building, he
used to enjoy a girl everyday. Ok.What is this? You are
saying history like tourist guide. Come to present. This area people fear
this is ghost house. But we change this to
youth house and enjoying. You, Stop extras and open bottle. Good evening friends. How are you? Hey Mantra Murthy when
do you came from Kerala. Just now. Before you used to run for half bottle,
but now full bottle came to you flying. How? This is Magic learned
by me from my guru. Magic You have given me full bottle
so I will gift you with chicken. Super ! I thought you are only Manthra Murthy for
name sake, but you really became magician. Can you bring bank
locker here with magic. For that only I am
praying for last year. If I offered young lady I
will receive more powers than now. Then Swiss bank
will come running for us. To become rich we have
to sacrifice a young lady. Yes I know a young lady. Lets sacrifice my cousin. Brother some sound of explosion
came from outside. Yes But nothing seems to be here. Where? Oh! no two tires busted at
same time. It’s very strange. I also don’t understand. Brother Brother, Brother-in-law Why he has come. Welcome Brother-in-law. Seeing
you suddenly make some stun. Please wait here I will come just now. Hello. No formalities. You
siblings are seeing me as guest. But I am this
house son-in-law. Brother-in-law
is it true. Yes I want to keep the word given by
mother to yours. So I decided to marry Savitri. Brother-in-law
I am very happy. I don’t need any dowry also. I will
marry your sister and see her like goddess. From now your sister will be in heaven What is this brother-in-law it happened
in this way while talking about marriage? No worries. This machine
doesn’t understand good and bad. First I go and fix dates.
You keep wedding cards ready. Which card
brother-in-law? Card means wedding card. Savitri, you are too clever. I will go
Brother-in-law Ok What happened sister? Brother-in-law offering
to marry me makes me happy, but you brought me like parents from
childhood. How can I leave you alone? No.No. Don’t cry like kid.
Do you know who my sister is? Hello What babu Mother I… I have seen you somewhere. I resident of Ramapuram
well from last few years. You are saying Ramapuram. Don’t you fear
to walk alone with all this gold at night? Me? Fear? Any one has to fear
seeing me. I don’t fear anyone. You resembles like my mother. Please tell
me where to drop, I will drop you. I can go like wind to any
place in seconds. Don’t worry. Ok mother. I am in my sister’s
marriage hurry. Just wait kid. Yes, Mother. You called me mother. So I will
tell you one thing. will you listen Yes, Mother Your sister’s
marriage should be stopped. Don’t ask me why. It
should be stopped immediately. See mother. You seem like Goddess. Why are you speaking like this? This is my mother’s selected match. My sister’s
interested bride. If god says also I won’t listen. Not like that Mother please don’t say
anything further in this issue. Please go. See Mother please don’t come to my sister’s
marriage. I will not spare you if you come there. Mother you should be with us for all
my life’s. Please save my family tree. That day I have promised
to save your family tree. So I have today come to save your
sister. But your fate is not good. Rambabu.. Savitri.. What happened? What happened Shastri sir? Gayatri is having delivery pains. We
need to take her to hospital immediately. Come. Sit in front seat. You are helping us in correct time. Don’t worry Gayatri.
I am here to save you. Savitri God will help you Careful Sit carefully Careful You also come sister. No, first take her to hospital. I will
pray to Goddess and follow you to hospital. Come fast. Ok brother. Gayatri I am feeling scared Don’t worry. Nothing will
happen. You take her fast brother. Savitri, where are you
running? What’s hurry? Brother-in-law , Priest’s daughter got
delivery pains. They took her to hospital. I am bit worried. So I am
going to pray goddess. Why going to temple. Come with me. Where
brother-in-law? I know a priest who gives sacred thread. Tie it to her hand and
nothing will happen. Priest’s daughter will
have happy delivery. True? True. Then I will come
definetly, Brother-in-law Where is
savitri.Gayatri needs blood urgently? That is what I am worried. How? Don’t worry I will go and bring her. Go fast Brother-in-law,
this is ghost house. Why will swamiji stay here? Savitri this is devil’s house for everyone but it is
sacred place for swamiji. Come inside and see swamiji’s power. Ok
Brother-in-law Where is this Rambabu’s sister going? Brother-in-law its very scaring. I need
to go to hospital immediately. Let me go Wait Here there is no swamiji.
You said there is some prayer? Prayer will start now. See me. see in my eyes. You follow as I say? Friends remove her saree. Apply sacred things
and make her sit before me. Rambabu. Rambabu stop. I’m in hurry.. I have stopped to tell you about your sister
only. I saw her going to ghost’s house with Nagendra. Why see went there. Mother Savitri.. Mother.. What? What are you doing to my sister? Leave her. Leave her pease. I
beg you please leave her. Mother savitri. Build temple for my kalika with camphor. Mother savitri. My goddess should feel
happy with this fire. please leave my sister. Brother-in-law
Please. No. Please stop. Don’t burn her. Please stop it I have brought up my sister like flower. Please leave me. Savitri I lost it. I lost it. My ritual for more powers is
wasted. My power is wasted. The prayer I have made from last 365
days has been spoiled in just 3mintes. There spirits with more will come to kill
us, even though we ran any part of this world. How do we escape from this spirits? There is a way for that. I have learned it from
my guru. Don’t worry. How? I like doing things, then saying
I will show you than saying, See now This spirit will not come out
even after 100years from this magic No…No… To whom do I say
this? They are eating my brain. Sir..Sir why are you beating
your head against that wall? Why! Does anyone believe what you are saying?
Does anyone believe car has killed your friend? We have seen that car killing. Are you drunk? I also get dream with
heroines when I am drunk. Do we say this in public? Inspector, be Serious Don’t joke with us. We are VIP’s in city. My
partner Surendrababu has been murdered by that car only. He started again. Ok, say complete details about that car. It’s a old car. Full
type.Might be 1948 or 1950 model. What are you saying? I am asking for car registration number and other
details. If you confuse me more I have to resign this job? Ok Why resigning? Sir my partner will
draw that car picture. Ok. Draw. This car has murdered. This like car in old cinemas. This car
has murdered your friend? You can go. Ok, I will talk with commissioner. Sir please take this
complaint seriously. Do you feel I am making comedy? Don’t play with me. Go. I will call you frequently
you need to come. Oh my God. Dear… Dear…Once
come here. Come fast. Tension.. Tension.. Why have stopped and screaming? What happened child? Once see there. Durga. What is this? She has slept in
room. How has she come to car? This car seems like sacred in
yellow. But this is devil’s car. From last five years it is in
ghosts building. How has it come here? I am scared. Dear please wait. Dear Durga.When did you
come to car and sleep? Yesterday midnight night only. Midnight. Ghosts travel at that
time. How did she come at this time. It’s like sleeping
in mother lap when in car. Nothing brother it’s like
sleeping in mother lap while in this car. Ok come let’s go inside. Father-in-law, you are saying many
scaring stories about this. What to do now? Don’t worry,
son-in-law. I will call police and say that there in unknown
car at our doorstep and there might be bomb in that. Then they will take it. Do it happen like that? Come aside. It will blast. Hello it is police station. Yes. Here in 4th lane there is waste car in front
of my house. I doubt there is bomb in that car. God till now they said ghost car and
now they are saying unknown car. What to do. Varadharaju, please come here. Yes sir. There is unknown car in Gandhinagar,
4th lane. Go and bring it. There might be bomb in
that, shall I call bomb squad. You thinking intelligently. Proceed. Yes sir He might have overcome
me. I need to be cautious. Rather searching for that waste car, we
might have gone to bar and drink chilled beer. Sir it might be that car only. These many people came to search
this useless car? We have lost our bribes. If we have raided wine shops
we might get more money. Check for bomb in this car. Ok sir. Tension.. Tension.. See, don’t you pass time
without making me tension. What happened dear? I said you to give coffee early
in morning, what are you doing here. Why are you getting worried? I
am thinking where the car has gone. Don’t worry about that. Your dad has complained
to police about that car. They might have taken it. problem solved. So go inside
and make strong coffee. Ok. She is unnecessarily getting tensed. I don’t understand what’s happening? Where did you get this car? I only brought this mother. They are selling many cars at school
and brought one. Come brother lets go. She is talking just like Savitri. Dress, panchangam everything is ok Dear there in meeting by swami at temple. Even though son-in-law knows
all mantras they called me as my voice is good. So we both will go there. They say it starts
this Friday, last Friday Today is Friday Today is Friday only. That means Tomorrow is Saturday. Day after tomorrow Sunday and
Monday. Then come in row. What’s confusion? What Gayatri? Why are you worrying? You asked me for coffee ? We don’t have time
to drink coffee now. On the way we get best
coffee at hotel. Let’s go. This murders don’t stop
with this. They will continue. What are you saying? If you are dead on
Saturday, someone will follow them. Ok priest daughter. okay na Bonvoyage satishkumar. Shit Take the stretcher. Slow. Slow Hey stop. This dead body
doesn’t belong to me. Why are you bringing this
here? You came to wrong address. Correct address only sir. Someone named Satish
kumar dead in this house. Who said like that? I
will kill that person. Someone named Nagendra sir. He
called and said this address. What happened? Why
are you bringing garlands? Sir, are you still alive? Why? Have you come to
send me to burial ground? It has came now only in
paper and you all people came. No brother, yesterday night only Nagender
sir texted all us about you. Nagendra..Nagendra.. Why is he
spreading fake news in town like this? This is powerful Goddess sacred powder. It has
power to burn you. Its not possible for you to cross this. Why are you seeing like that? I don’t know
the reason but I know what is going to happen Today is Saturday, someone is going to
die somewhere and you are going to kill them. I don’t want my
daughter to be murderer. I don’t want anyone to loose their life today.
That’s why I have stopped you with this powder. You said Saturday died people takes
someone with them. But now it doesn’t happen now. Hey what are you saying?
Yesterday night my cell is switched off. How can it send messages? Switched off! Then how messages
are sent? This is like some magic. From Surendra’s death
something strange is happening. Hey what are you saying? Surendrababu died on Saturday and
today is also Saturday. Be careful. I am feeling scared. How
to escape from that devil now. You do one thing. Go directly to
commissioner’s office and wait lets see what that devil can do. Don’t worry. I am also coming there. Ok ok Dear Durga What grandfather Who have drawn this pic? Me only grandfather. You have drawn a line and why are you
confusing as if you have not drawn. This line has to be erased
without hand and blowing air. How? What this has to be erased without
hand and blowing air.ok Very simple. Wait I will show you. How? How is it? Super. You are intelligent. hank you Grand father. That is why I don’t go anywhere outside.
Japan people might kidnap me for my intelligence. Father who has erased this line. Me only. Then Durga. Went outside. I need to
insure my brain for 100crores. My plan has been spoiled. Now who
is going to die? God please save them. Today is Saturday. You might have gone to death
ceremony. Have head bath. How do you know? I know you are inside
my child’s body, Savitri. Sir I have brought all
suspects in Bombay Circus Company. Here this is Nagendra, circus
company owner Meena Sir I say same thing
even you ask many times. Harbour and Circus murders are
related. These are done by that devil car. Don’t talk rubbish.
What car. Nonsense. Sir You say how satishkumar
came to circus and get murdered. I don’t know sir, next
week there is camp in Kakinada. I just came know. I don’t know
details. But there is a clue. What clue Sir there is a secret camera in
circus ring. We can find criminals easily. Sir if you see that
we can easily find them No..No.. Arrest him Sir that devil is trying to book me in
this murder. I didn’t do this murder. I have doubted you earlier only. You have murdered your both partners
and bluffing devil car killed them. I will arrest you. Tell to Arrest him Not me its devil Immediately book FIR and
produce in court and send to remand. Great. It has came in all
papers. Great Savitri. You have killed one in harbor and other
in circus and booked some innocent to jail. How can you judge movie
without seeing fully. That day…. Savitri you have to take revenge
on all those stupids. You have to burn them all. But how fair is you enter my daughter’s
body and do these things. If the snake is in temple, we worship.
But how can we worship if it is in Home. Priests Daughter, I have energy only if I stay
in this body. If I leave this my energy is gone. Then don’t leave her till your revenge is
fulfilled. But you need to go as soon as is it is fulfilled. And also my family should not face
any problem due to this. Promise me? You should not even say
to your husband about me. Ok. Tension..Tension.. You made habit to tension me. What happened
father-in-law. See I am talking like you. What happened I have habit of walking in night. Morning I fear to go to barber due to Japan people. But this kids
goes to every where at night. See Gayatri is taking that kid to school. See gayatri is
taking that kid to school. Go.. School? Gayatri Ramgopalvarma’s Ratri.
Is it necessary early in morning? Let’s see FTV. How beautiful she is
walking. Cat walking. Where are you? Gayatri -Yes. Why are you sending Durga to school. Yes Why now? You only said some ghost is in
her, but why are you sending her to school now. No dear. She doesn’t have any
problem. I only felt like that. Not like that Who are you. Who? Why you brought me from
jail. Are you ghost or devil. Don’t you know who I am? Hey Manthra Murthy you? Yes How do you got these invisibility power? I had made prayers to many demons and got these. I have
tried to make sacrifice to gain more power but it failed. Then I immediately went to Nepal
at met a new demon saint there. He has taught me many
magic and came along with me. Demon Saint, very nice.Where
does he stay? Here! In this locket? In locket want to See Teacher. He is not even size of
thumb finger and he knows magics? Unbelievable. Then see Demon saint, please show him your power Please help Saint, Please forgive me Now do you believe Nagendra? Saint please leave him. How is it? You are short but very strong. But if you came 15 days before our
friends Satish and surendra wouldn’t have died. I know all that have happened.
I came here to save both of us. Which means you know the people
behind this murders? Do you need to show who
it is then see in my eyes. These.. I have doubted correctly. But
how have they escaped your magic. Some other magician released them. With help of our Guru we
are going to catch them We have a small problem here. Magics
wont work there only sacred threads work. Guru what are you saying? That spirit cant be hurted till
it is in that kids body. Guru how to get that
spirit out of that kid body. Now I will change my shape and makes
her mother to remove the sprirt from kid. Jai Jagamma Beggars should come in morning
not in the evening. Durga what is this getup. There is a drama in school, I
am practicing for that. How is it. Its not nice. You need to do dress like Theresa,Gandhivivekanada.
Not like this its not good. I don’t know. I am hungry. You mother has prepared curd
rice on table. Go and have it. Curd rice. No. Curdrice is our family
food. Why is she saying no. Hello Sharma sir, tell me sir.. Rajeswari kalyanmandap, I will come sir Blood… Devil, stupid , you are
spoiled. You have made me full of blood. God shiva helps me… Hey what happened? You
are bathing at evening. Tension..Tension.. We have doubted some devil is
in our kids body, it is correct. It is drinking hen’s
blood like hot coffee. What you have seen. She is here Hi, Daddy. why are you seeing like that. I
have just brought our kid from school. Whom have you seen Durga.Durga.. Then who is inside. Blood, hen, durga What happened dear? Gayatri I have seen Durga saying hungry
and eating hen as Dracula with her teeth. God Shiva. I know what happened. You have eaten
curd rice in afternoon fully and slept. You have got some bad
dream and you are scared. What are you thinking about me.
Am I a Joker? Don’t tension me. Dear hear me Hey which place do you belong? you
came to my house and doing nuisance. Is this Durga or savitri from inside. How is it. Worst Why do you want my details? Do I say who you are. You are Short demons
saint. heart and send me out. Its not possible. You are not only short but
dangerous. You came here to broke Gayatri’s Its not possible. I am expert in that Do you think I am small one? I am magical king. I know how to
get rid of you. See. You will loose. Ok challenge. You will loose. See who will loose. How is this. Priest sir. Its like our Rambabu’s voice. O it’s car He is dead five
years ago. How is it possible. Priest sir come. I will drop you. No Priest sir Devil…Devil… Priest sir please sit in car. I will give
you free ride. If not give me 50, 10 or tea. Please sit in my car. Devil I will kill you bastard. Then buy me tea Priest sir Devil….Devil… Priest sir Don’t you have manners. Son-in-law what
are that bad words. Where are you hurrying? Devil Father-in-law you? Sorry. I
have slipped tongue in tension. Why are you running
and coming like this. I have seen devil, Have you hear this These are all movie names. Now all these movie names came true. The car that was seen at our house has followed
me. In that there is only Rambabu’s head and no body. God.. His head is rotating around my head and his head around
mine. That is why I came running and hit you. Stop that head rotation issue
and see what’s happening backside. Mutton,chicken yummy. What she is going to
hotel instead of school? That is not kid its devil. Its blood drinking devil. Without blood it
can’t live. So it came here under name of school. Follow me God Rama. Do you think this is Vegetarian
hotel? Its full of chicken, mutton,etc., I don’t come You need to see devil In that case also I don’t come. Come closing your nose. Come Father-in-law
scooter. Don’t worry its center of
road, no one will touch.Come on Hey Apparao come here How do you know my name Your face says that
otherwise do you have name of hero’s Any ways what do you have Chicken biryani, mutton
Biryani, crab,fish ,etc., Wait. Go and bring two plates each. bring two plates each. Oh my god Son-in-law, see. She is
ordering two plates each. Devil Its devil only Sorry I have forgotten Father-in-law you stay here and see
her. I will go and bring Gayatri. Why Gayatri. Don’t bring her here.
She hate non-veg name from childhood. I will bring her. Then how do gayatri
know about this devil . Son –in –law come fast. Otherwise I
die breathing this chicken, mutton smell. Dear Apparao, what else do you have? Nothing else madam.
Only chicken feather. ok. Get out Devil What is that stomach or
sea.Eating every living being. What priest sir. You came here.what do you want. I don’t need anything I came
to see that kid, my grand daughter. For her only i am waiting here What! Brahmin daughter
eating non-vegetarian. She has born in other
place.ok.that is why this problem You go and do your work Chicken fry for Priest sir Gyatri…Gayatri..Come fast. Where? Military hotel See saying this made you sick.
But our daughter is eating there. What are you talking? Truth. You didn’t believe me
yesterday. Come today and see what She is eating all items
available in Militry hotel. Very tasty. Foreign food
is useless before this one. See this Then that Vomiting is coming like
flood. I need to go home. Kid here is the bill Bill ? Not here give it to my grand father. Grandfather. Finished old man Bye How are they eating? Where is she Hello What is this? Bill -Bill Where is the kid gone -kid gone First bill then you can
go, she is you grand daughter How much 3,999.99/- What is this like bata price? I don’t even have 99 paise,
I can’t pay and I am going Then it has separate route come on What are you searching sir? Where is the old man here. You sir? Kid’s father Ok. His grandfather is busy inside
sir.if you want you can also go and see. father-in-law what
happened. Why are you reading prayers? If I stay here and do this work
some more days I may forget prayers. That devil have eated
fully and made me pay bill. Very pity. With sacred hands you are
doing this work. You are so great no? If we eat in hotel and didn’t pay not only
me even Ravisastri will have same treatment What is this? Paprikaas? Why? For doing paste. Your daughter has made rs.3000/
– and above bill. If do this works for three months also it is not enough. you also sit his beside and help me. How dare you ask my son-in-law to do this work? Do
you know his social status, family background,etc., Hey oldman first settle bill. You go and bring my son-in-law
scooter from outside and keep it pledged. Father-in-law We will pay and take it. Father-in-law You don’t talk. Give them keys father-in-law Follow me Father-in-law Stop Devil…Devil Father-in-law Why are you shouting so loudly. What shall I do? Devils are in house if you scare me like
this , I will go to coma What shall i do? How can we be free
keeping Devil in house Gayatri is not believing
they are Devil’s in house Gayatri is her mother type, she
will laugh today for last months joke. But I am not getting laugh You wait How do we make Gayatri believe
there Is devil in my kids body. I am saying you same thing.
You don’t interrupt me in middle. Super idea First tell me the idea, I will
decide whether it is good or bad As if we charge cells every day, devils
also drink blood and recharge themselves. Today night, at midnight 12o’ clock
definitely devil in kids body will drink blood. What? Whose blood? Why are you scratching for that? we
will only know after it started drinking. Now lets bring Gayatri and show her when she is
drinking blood. She will realize immediately. How is it? Good What? Little Devil came. You need to
understand some things with lip movement. If we talk loudly she will understand. See father-in-law, she has
kept blood in school bag only She might have brought it from blood bank. She might be planning
One day A group, other day b group and so on. What group this might be? A group A group means? Soul group Then mine is B group. Means Fear group Wait here father-in-law. I will go and
elope Gayatri. Sorry sorry. Bring Gayatri. Father-in-law.
Don’t worry Do you need to scare me for this? Sorry. O Devil, you drink that group
blood only, don’t drink mine. Come out of sleep and see What seeing? Just miss. That devil just went inside.
If you come bit earlier you an see it drinking blood. What Daddy? You both are unnecessarily
blaming on that kid. We are not blaming, it’s true If you want go and see her
bag you will half-blood bottle. Blood is not here it is only water. Water? We just have seen her drinking blood
and keeping in bag with my own eyes. What do you say? Have
I seen with rented eyes? I have also seen with my
own eyes. Listen Gayatri Catch this. Ram Rama Listen
son-in-law catch No. This might turn into blood again Hey Satan, Going to Military hotel, bringing blood to
house. Why all this stupid plans. Don’t you have shy? Jackal doesn’t have shy or other
feelings. Its only target is to win I will send you out of this
house. For that I will do anything. I you do this type of works
on street you may get money. If you fight with me,
I will cut your nose. You are devil and I am Magician. My target is to get you out of this
house. I will not relax till then. I am not normally burnt to ashes.
I have been burnt in sacred camphor. I am powerful, very
powerful.Your are kid devil before me. Get out. You are only kid devil. Get out. Hail Goddess Jakkamma. Hail Goddess Jakkamma This house got bad time.
This is not said by be. It is said by Goddess Jakkamma. Some Satan has caught this house owner. Gayatri getup. How are you
sleeping, when some devil caught me. What? What are you saying? I am not saying anything.
That Beggar is saying. It will not leave you. It
gonna burn this house owner. He is saying some fire
and other things, I am scared That is not about you. Its not rattle sound. You caught big spelling mistake. He came at night and scaring
me, say something and ask him to go. Hey Who are you? Why are
you scaring us in night. Go. Go Go Go man,Go. Ladies are also saying. Ok. I will go. But offer
something to beggar who came to your house. Will anyone offer you anything at
this time. Go and come in morning. Why are delaying it till morning. He
might do blackmagic to us this night. Come fast. Atleast give
me some old clothes. This sound is scaring
me. Wait I am coming. Come I bought it in chandana bros
and wore only one time. Take this Sir. Is this your cloth? No sir. No Why has he thrown back? Why have you returned it? Tomorrow, you are going to
die.I don’t need your clothes. What? Tomorrow I am going to die. Sir. Sorry. I don’t need your
clothes. Hail Goddess Jakkamma What are you saying dear? We don’t have other route Gayatri.
We need to kill that before it does I have met scholars in Ashram. They told
to perform ritual to send that devil away. No. There is no devil in our kid’s body. You
are unnecessarily worrying. Don’t do any rituals. Gayatri, this is related to my
life. Don’t interfere in middle. Dear. Dear Subramanyam. Part
of ritual is completed. Now last part is to be
performed to get rid of devil. Then start it immediately Priest
sir. We need to immediately do this. Doing rituals to send
me out. It don’t happen I also know it doesn’t work. But you also
don’t know what’s going to happen. See Come. Has every this worked well. Have you
completed ritual and sent savitri’s soul away. Tell me. Tell me. I am asking you only. Your husband can’t talk dear? What happened? That devil has pressed his
throat and made him dumb. No. No it doesn’t happen like that. I don’t
believe. My Savitri will not do like that. Your daughter hand came and pressed
this neck, we all saw it. It’s true. Is it true Dear? I don’t believe. Dear Gayatri that devil is not good
one. It has shown its original character. It has shown its original character That devil has to be in
burial ground. You only decide. Hey, I have believed you completely about your
promise to not hurt any of my family members. But today you have shown
your real character. Without talking even one word
you have made my husband dumb. You leave my kids body
and go immediately. I have not done that. You don’t talk any further. If you are in my daughter’s body
any more, I will kill my daughter also. No Go. Go. Go Ok I will go. Our work has completed. We will go. Come on. Lets go Sister why did you come here. Brother, A magician has spoiled
my plans to take revenge. Hey Savitri, As if I have got you out of Durga’s body I
will get your brother also out of this car. From five years you are in
others handover, but you are mine. Good days came to us. Both the souls have been
caught. Threat has been gone. Hail Goddess Jakkamma. Nagendra, we have worried whose death will
this Saturday. From now we live freely. You are great my friend. But if we destroy that jailed
souls, it would be better. Its only possible on no moon day. It is
tomorrow only. So we will get rid of it tomorrow. You are great my friend. I have made mistake dear. i have made big mistake of getting
Savitri’s soul out of our kids body. To get you voice back only Land
Goddess Kalika should bless us. From my childhood I am worshipping that
goddess only, she has to show us a way now. Dear should remember
Mother Land Goddess. Hey Gayatri, come this
side. Fan is falling. Fan has stopped Dear you got your voice back. This Land Goddess will come as soon as you
think. Your husband got voice due to me. Those culprits will
also be punished by me. Does it have sentiments like this Come on. Come now. Come now. I need to tell this
immediately to Manthramurthi Nagendra Where are you going? I am here only. Hey Manthramurthi you. Is that you only? Yes. I know that car likes small kids. Thats why I came in this way. See that devil
car didn’t recognize me coming as small kid. Hey you are saying as
if you are big magician. But how does this devil car come
when your Preacher has jailed it. That Small Saint has done
something against us. He is traitor. Hey MathraMurthi Some lady magician has done this and
you have doubted me. I will not stay with you any more I will also release all
spirit I have jailed. Hail Godess Jakkamma. Wait.. Wait. I have unnecessarily doubted my preacher.
He have left me now. What shall I do. What ok. I also have many powers. Now all
those powers will kill all these souls. Will kill those souls. Mother please save us. Mother tomorrow is Saturday. Its
best time to kill those stupids. Tomorrow is not only
Saturday, it’s no moon day. Tomorrow is good day for Magicians. But you all
need to overcome it. I will make you to do so. Nagendra. Hey what is this? If I come normally that devil might
have kill me. So I came like this. You have magical
powers and have escaped. What about me. See your hand. Till that sacred band is to
your hand no one can do anything. Now I will go and kill those souls. You are great. Are you enjoying outside,
escaping from jail? Hey where are you
running? I will shoot you. I will make this full moon day pit I have
dug for you is waiting. Today is no moon day but I
will make it full moon day. Today is no moon day. But how did it turn to full moon day. Some godly powers are ruining my powers. Mother you have made us free. Thank you. You kids body has given
strength to savitri. Now savitri got freed. Your kid will have full life. I will
stay as protection to your family forever.

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  1. Nanarland brought me in. Not disappointed: Bollywood vs Transformers vs "Christine" vs "The Exorcist" and counting… – but the whole piece is by far waaaaaaay spacier than the references. Don't let some unsynchronized lipsyncing (guess it is a dubbed version) take you out. Give. It. A. Try.

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