Can You Quickly Remove Car Scratches With WD40? – Watch Me Put it To Test

Can You Quickly Remove Car Scratches With WD40? – Watch Me Put it To Test

Hey how’s it going do it yourselfers, today
I am going to show you how you can use the WD40 and lighter trick to remove scratches
from your car. I know it sounds hard to believe but this method is actually a very closely
kept secret used by many body shops and detailors but I am going to show you how to do this
today. Alright so hopefully as you can see we got some scratches and scuff marks on this
door over here. First step it to get yourself some soapy water and shop towels and clean
the damaged area. Next you want to grab yourself some wd-40 and than we are going to soak the
scratched area, and as you can see, wow they are already gone, but you want to grab your
sop towel and rub this down anyway. That is incredible, I can not see the scratches anymore.
Next we need to use the lighter with WD40 to complete our repair, now if you are wondering
how this works though, well basically it’s a well known fact out there that wd40 when
sprayed over clear coat and when it comes to contact with clear coat has a chemical
reaction with clear coat and it basically melts the clear coat. And once you melt the
clear coat it basically smooths out and removes all the scratches that were left on there
from the foreign object. Now WD40 is also flammable and that helps in re-sealing the
repaired area. And here is another look and as you can see the scratches and the scuff
marks are completely gone. Alright now I got some good news and some bad news for you guys,
first the bad news. Bad news is that this video up to this point has been a complete
hoax and a everything I’ve said has been a complete lie, good news though I just told
you I am a liar so you don’t actually have to go spend time and money on your own trying
to do this or even worse catch yourself or your car on fire. So next I am just going
to wash this down and see if the scratches that we supposedly repaired are going to come
back or not. And again I am going to clean this up with some soapy water and some shop
towels. And it’s not taking much effort at all, they are already back, I don’t know hopefully
you guys can see them, maybe you can see them better at this angle, as you can see WD40
and the lighter trick has done about zero to remove these scratches. Now WD40 does have
some cleaning characteristics so when you spray it on your panel and rub it down it’s
going to clean off whatever was left on there from whatever object you scraped up against,
so it might look like it’s repairing the area but it’s simply cleaning it and you could
have done that with soapy water and some towels anyway. And the other thing is since this
is oil it’s going to be somewhat glossy and once you spray it on there it’s going to give
it a gloss and it’s going to look like you brought back the shine and gloss to your clearcoat
and repaired it, all the while you just simply have oil on your panel. And the next time
it rains or when you take your car to the car wash it’s simply just going to wash it
off and you’ll be back to square one. And it should go without saying when you use a
lighter with the wd40 on your panel, you are actually damaging the finish on your panel
and you are going to be much worse off from when you start it. Now I know alot of you
are going to think this was a given and it was obvious this was not going to work I myself
saw this video on youtube and from the look of the comments and the thumbs up that video
was getting it looked like alot of people had no clue and actually thought this might
work so I felt the need to actually make a video myself and put it up. So with that said
hope those people get to watch this video and learn a valuable lesson, but if anybody
is wondering how they can actually remove scratches from their car I’ll put some links
on this side of the screen, there will also be some links in the description box that
you can check out, but if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you
want to see more like it and I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Can You Quickly Remove Car Scratches With WD40? – Watch Me Put it To Test”

  1. I dont think ppl are watching the whole video lol…. I knew it was bullshit already.. I detail on the side and have for years.. I know better. That "scratch" will buff out pretty easily with some megs 105 and 205..

  2. your going to tell me all you have to do to repear clear coat is spray wd 40 your full of shit. i've done bodywork for over 30 years. thats why they are called hacks. will that repear last a winter in Wisconsin.

  3. This was one way to ruin your reputation for being on You Tube even after this video people won't take you serious anymore, I stumbled across it and now I will move on and never return to this channel again. It was a good presentation but using false presentations ruined your character as a trainer.

  4. I tried this remedy on my bus but old Blakey wasn't happy at all.
    He told me to get it down the paint shop, so I suppose Harper will be off wiv me buurd tonight and I'll be stuck in with Olive and Awfa. Thanks for nothing youtube!

  5. I think you mixt up the old Thermoplastic paints on the old US cars, maybe it works on those paints because they float by heating up (Thermoplastic) But the paints used after the eighties you can heat them up but nothing will happen, or at last it going to burn 😀

  6. Thank you so much! This removed the scratches.
    It also removed all the paint on my car as it caught on fire.
    Now I have a new car. Thank you again. … 😛

  7. Alex, yeah, I had the same problem, but my technique is guaranteed to work. The product? It's called "Repo Man" I was 3 months behind on payment. Woke up the next day, all scratches and scuffs on my car were gone but sadly so was my car. So now my ride is an MB. No, not Mercedes Benz, a Mountain Bike.

  8. What a scam. No one in their right mind would think you could fix a scratch with WD40. Everyone knows the only proper way to fix a scratch for good is with Crest toothpaste. Geez.

  9. I don't need a hoax video to tell me that there are a lot of hoaxes on YouTube; that's like Donald Trump swearing by the holiness of marriage.

  10. Why do you have to bullshit and waste people's time? The solution is very easy. Try brake fluid and rub it through until it disappears, then wipe it and wash it with soap.That's all.

  11. the guy is thick, brain dead springs to mind. he wouldn't be laughing if I posted his home address so I could send him a court writ for damages for £30.000 , ile keep you all posted when I send in the bailiffs for damages

  12. As an ex-detailer, I had my doubts right from reading the title. But for shits and grins, I watched it anyway. Excellent laugh!! Thank you for an entertaining video.

  13. i'm a detail er and the wd40 trick is used on new cars when they get scraped on the lot and many shonky used car detailers to hide scratches. Olive oil is also used, anything that gets you a wet look ti fill the scratches

  14. Good on ya! Mate!!
    I wonder how many won't believe you, waste dollars anyway and go out to buy n' try? lololol 😂

  15. Thank You So Much ! It is refreshing to see a honest person here on Youtube. There are too many bullshit artists here just looking for clicks. You made my day ! Again, Thanks !

  16. This pos won’t make it to see 40 somebody will hunt him down and hang him by his nuts in a tree and gut him like a fish. 👍🏻👍🏻

  17. The first time I tried this on my mom's Toyota Camry, it didn't work so I figured I must be doing something wrong. I tried again using a propane blowtorch instead of a lighter, and now there's a giant black spot where the paint burnt away. This is all your fault….. nobody told me I had to watch the video all the way to the end!!!! You'll be hearing from my lawyer, buster!!

  18. We used vaseline and a torch. You just have the wrong king of paint. Lacquer or non catalysed paint will work if you do it right. Old tricks don't always work on new tech.

  19. I tried killing someone to see if they stopped breathing? they did stop breathing, but the scratches around their throat didn't disappear! will WD40 work? or will it damage the skin?

  20. Good video 👍👍👍👍👍👍 always learn something new when I your vids bro keep em comin👍👍👍👍👍👍

  21. Did you burn your finger at 1:20 ? For coating repair, I would just buy some Quixx #2 to seal the repaired area.

  22. He just had the wrong ingredient…..need something stronger like GASOLINE!!!….. worked wonders for me!!! 🙂

  23. Good job man, I love it! I gotta do a video like this myself, so cool lol, I think I'll practice a little bit first then add a video to my channel about it 🙂

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