BUSCO MECENAS | Joaquin Art n’ Stuff

BUSCO MECENAS | Joaquin Art n’ Stuff

As well as during the Italian Renaissance The patrons gave money to the artists to make their artworks. Today! Here in Lima – Peru I’m looking for patrons And you will wonder… Who’s this guy? Who knows him? Well… My name is Joaquin Ponce. I’m digital illustrator from Lima – Peru I enjoy making digital illustrations and concept art specially about videogames, fantasy and sci-fi. But the thing I love the most is to create universes with my own characters and stories. Now I’m making a lot of artwork because of my universitary thesis A guide to make concept art for videogames in Peru where one of my own characters shows up with her story I’m mega excited and that’s why I want to share all my stuff with you but in exchange I need your help. That’s why the title of this video “I’m looking for patrons” Because I’ve joined Patreon For those who don’t know what is Patreon I’ll leave you a video here and the link for my Patreon page will be in the description of this video I don’t know if above or below … must be there. I want to dedicate all my time to this project since I am very passionate and it’s the culmination of my whole career So this is where you come in With your support and good vibes I will be able to survive this journey Your pledges help me keep my computer and ideas turned on to pay my bills of water, light, phone, electricity, internet… and Netflix… yes, Netflix 😀 to have an exquisite lunch and dinner everyday with pineapple pizza but most importantly, your coins will give me the tranquility to focus only on the quality of this project If so, in a future I could make bigger and better projects But… how it work? This… Patron… Patreon… You’re going to rob me for sure. You bloody scammer. Take it easy If you like my stuff, and you want to help me just choose how much you want to pledge per month Even $1 means a lot to me I could buy cookies You will see that there’s a lot of interesting rewards that you can choose Even we can talk via Discord… to help you with something or maybe we can play League of Legends But take it easy. I know the situation out there is hard if you don’t have money right now Like me it’s not a problem Sharing this video will help me a lot And don’t worry. You can edit or cancel your pledge anytime you want I will not bother Thanks for your time and for the help in the way you do it. Thanks to your support and good vibes I will continue making art n ‘stuff

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  1. Si quieres ser un buen Patrono d'Italia, ven y colabora conmigo en Patreon 😀

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