Building an 8-Bit Computer From Scratch

Building an 8-Bit Computer From Scratch

If you watch this video shortly after I uploaded it Then there is a good chance that I’m currently live on slash live overflow there You can watch me building an 8-bit computer on breadboards this project is actually based on Benny terse video series on building an 8-bit computer and it looks absolutely Awesome, so I want to build this tool and along the way I and we can learn more about Electronics and go deeper on how a cpu and a computer actually works So if you’re also interested in that or just want to hang out and chat about whatever Join me live or watch penitas video series or even build it yourself. It’s an awesome project But if you watch this video sometime later, and I’m not live on Twitch, you can also find the stream archive on life overflow Too I decided to create a second channel because I didn’t want to spam subscribers with notifications on the main channel It’s not really security related. So I felt like I should put it somewhere else I do feel a bit of a pressure about the expectations on life overflow So for me twitch and I’ve also – are now new outlets where I can be a bit more creative and Experiment and be more free in what I do, but it should not affect the main channel life overflow at all So don’t worry. There should be a security related video on life overflow every week as some of you might know I’m not very confident showing my face. I Really don’t like to be the center of attention and so having a grown youtube channel has been an interesting experience for the past few years It’s still weird to show my face and gaining the attention I get but being in my room alone in my safe zone Makes it easier for me to be introvert and extrovert at the same time here I’m more comfortable to express myself. So I’m actually really enjoying streaming on Twitch. I Still don’t know what the future of it will be what happens after I’m done building the 8-bit computer, but for now I’m just judging myself to try new stuff and go out of my comfort zone So it would be great If you check it out on Twitch Maybe leave a follow maybe check out the second channel and maybe get to me a bit more personally and now as a short teaser Let me share some highlights of the past few days of streaming to give you an idea What kind of cringe fest you can expect? Thanks, and hopefully see you there I Should be writing a master thesis right now, but you know procrastination. You know, what when is the best time to start a new project? When you have deadlines to write a master thesis Just apply this To all your things here to your Skin. Oh My gosh, this was a mistake Do you like that scratch you like that scratch? Yeah, I pressed the wrong but might already be familiar with binary For example, this is and let me go a little bit in a rant emote That one led that I had directly connected to +5 volt is extremely hot

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  1. I can't believe LiveOverflow is doing this too! I built my 16-bit CPU and instruction set after watching Ben Eater's video series in high school. And I've been a fan of LiveOverflow since two years ago. This is like seeing two of my favorite educational channels coming together. Keep up the good works and thank you so much for donating your thesis writing time for education!

  2. The only person who finds your voice or face strange on video, is yourself. Many Hollywood actors hate to see themself playing. All the rest think you’re doing great! Love your channel, keep it up!

  3. Nice subscriber counter in the background 😊 and thank you so much for subtitles to the video!
    This is very helpful!

  4. Cool! I'm building one too, but I have too many (both interesting and uninteresting) things to do right now, so I'm still building the clock…

  5. 1:24 "confidential in my face" – The word you're looking for is "confident". "Confidential" means private/secure, "confident" means having faith in oneself

  6. Puppy!! Whats the puppy's name!?
    Edit: Also, well done on the most recent addrof() walk-through, it was well explained.

  7. Please learn how to make your own food. Do not eat this McSh.*. Its the same fun as reverse engineering. Cute dog btw.

  8. I started building one, but I stopped after some time, it was too tedious xD. However I watched all videos and they are great!

  9. Man I love your videos. Even tho I only understand 20% of the technical stuff you still deliver the basic idea that everyone should understand the context. Ich glaube du bist auch aus Deutschland 😀 liebe Grüße aus Köln wenn du tatsächlich aus Deutschland kommst xD

  10. Nice dude I’ve been wanting to build one myself based on Ben Eater’s video, too. And that book called Code.

  11. Never connect a diode directly without a resistor in series. it will work at first but as it heats up the current will reach infinity and it will eventually burn out

  12. ben eater is the reason i started with computer science and hardware. i built quite some CPUs and the more i make the better i get at it. same with assembly. it was hard to get into but i'm slowly getting better. also thanks to your channel.

    though i'm using a logic simulator (Logisim) to make the Hardware, since working with actual logic chips would be too much for me. plus i got myself some FPGA's so i can maybe rebuilt a CPU on there to have it run at like ~1 MHz or something, since Logisim is quite slow. (though i have no idea how)

    though i do have this simple Z80 Computer. 16kB of ROM, 48kB or RAM, 10 MHz Z80, Serial Communication via USB B, and fully functional
    just missing some kind of OS… which is one of the only things i still don't fully understand.

  13. "that one led directly connected to +5V is extremely hot"

    It should be burning in that state.

  14. I have made this! I made some modifications like having 8 bit memory address register, and instruction set with up to 256 instructions and support for multiple byte instructions and custom assembly. Probably the most fun project I have done. (Still doing… It is never over 🙂

  15. And instead of preparing my master's thesis presentation I'm watching you procrastinating your master's thesis writing…

  16. Should have called it LiveOverflowed Haha. It's more interesting seeing your face, I prefer learning face to face with someone or hands on by myself.

    Love your content, keep it up!

  17. Clickbait! This isn't from scratch, you appear to be using premade ICs. For it to be from scratch you need to fabricate each component you are going to use from something available from mother nature.

  18. What a coincidence, I just spent the weekend building one in StarMade, also based on Ben Eater's breadboard one. Unfortunately I missed your stream, but I'll check the VOD, if it's still up.

  19. I know the procrastination problem far too well: When I worked on my Diplomarbeit (non-germans: basically also a masters thesis), I started hiking in the woods around my university – a lot! (Mostly Geocaching) After getting to about 1600km in around 4 month, I put myself on a strict, alarm clock regulated regime of "work x hours – play x hours", without exceptions. I still barely finished successfully. So while I thoroughly enjoy your videos, I hope you get the balance of work/spare time right. And I'm definitely looking forward for your 8bit-computer-from-scratch series. I liked Ben's series a lot…

  20. Iv got a idea for the second channel what do you think about space/satelites?
    Ever thought about hacking 1 satelite or idk making a radio telescope i remmber youtuber made one and its was fukn stunning

  21. I have been following that series on Ben's for a but and been playing with building small parts of it. Watching them snapped back my old days in the 80s and 90s when I did digital electronics and it all came back to me quick. The 555 timer, buffers and and the like. Been playing with his ram example for my own experimental purposes.

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