BTS x Mattel Dolls Repaint & Makeover: Jungkook of the Lotte Family Concert 2019

BTS x Mattel Dolls Repaint & Makeover: Jungkook of the Lotte Family Concert 2019

This video is not gonna be about the lovely ‘Maknae’ (*the youngest) who reminds us of a rabbit. Rather, it’ll be all about recreating Jungkook
at the Lotte Family Concert this year. He was too hot and dangerous in that wet hair. That’s why I bought this black curly wig. I hope I had the right idea about it. WARNING: Jungkook gets bald in the next scene When you remove the head, use a hair dryer so the connecting part could get a little bit flexible. Then yank it out carefully. Make sure not to break this plastic connector
while pulling the head out. To make its forehead higher, I put tweezers into the head and tried to scrape out the remaining hair threaded through the scalp. I was too poor at it, so ‘R’ helped me with it. (*my husband) Now all the hair threads at the forehead have been removed. I’m gonna fill these pores later in this video. (What broke off from the scalp) I began with hair styling cuz I thought it’d
be the core of the Lotte FamCon look. I put some spray on the wig to tame it first. This barbie girl has a smaller head but anyway, I’m gonna put this wig on it and leave it wrapped up over night. These hairpieces are what fell off while being cut and I’ll put them aside for future use. It looks like Jungkook but with his chin stung by a bee. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot to be ground around his face structure. I marked where to grind with a pencil. And then I ground it until the marks were gone. And I repeated this. While being ground, the surface had gained angular shapes, so I trimmed it using a finer piece of sandpaper. I made basic patterns for these BTS dolls by draping cutting. I’m still not familiar with making doll clothes, so I just followed the steps in this book. I highly recommend this book for those who wanna design their own creative doll fashion. That’s not to say that it’s easy but perhaps you can at least learn how to modify ready-made patterns. And this is the other book I referred to. I’m gonna apply this shirt to my design. It’s for small dolls of 11 cm tall and that’s the reason the patterns and the methods here are quite simple, which is a good news for beginners. Seeing this page, I’m gonna transform the basic top patterns I just made into a long-sleeve shirt. I pasted the traced patterns onto thicker
paper for convenient use later. This fabric is satin from which I’ll make a shirt. I copied the patterns on the cloth and cut out all the shapes. I’m not good at machine sewing and instead sewed by hand for the most part. (It’s like an open book test) (Jimin worked as a fit model) The sleeve openings were narrower than the width of its hands, so I had to detach them first. I’m gonna put this fabric fastener at the
front opening and paste buttons as decoration. I fixed the fastener with a nail glue and then sewed it onto the shirt. These were the smallest ones I was able to get. I used the nail glue, too, for the buttons. Finally, it’s time to begin repainting. Remove the stock makeup with acetone and sketch with colored pencils. Before moving forward, I decided to close these pores at the forehead with acrylic sealant. I did a test at the back of its head first. Once dried up, the texture felt like ‘gum.’ I found that sanding it down didn’t work very well and only made it messier. So, as an alternative, I found this flexible wood filler. And the test result seemed pretty okay to me with the barbie girl. Here’s how I did. First squeeze a suitable amount of wood filler. Then pick some beige and light brown pastels and grind them into powder. Mix the filler paste and pastel powder together. You can add drops of water for smoother texture. While the former acrylic sealant felt like chewing gum, the latter wood filler felt like play dough (paper clay). I gotta say this method can’t be complete coverage, but still, this is noticeably better than before. (Having a refreshment) After spraying, add pastels. Do some contouring around its jaw, nose, and eyes, and slight blushing on its cheeks. Now let’s move on to color paints. Fill the white of the eyes first. And then paint the pupils brown in a thin coat. At this point, leave the highlight area unpainted. Instead form a distinctive boundary between the highlight area and the adjacent area by by painting dark brown. Make each strand of under eyelashes and eyebrows with a detail brush. I’m trying to be patient while painting and pause for a moment as often as possible to check if it matches his image. I sometimes finish lips only with colored
pencils and when I feel like I should make them look moist, I just use a brush and paints to make gradations in color and depict wrinkles in them, more often than anything else. It seems like the facial structure has grown too round while being sanded. So, I’m gonna reshape it carefully using a handpiece and then finish the surface with sanding sponges. After spraying, do some contouring again. Slightly blend a black pastel under the outer corners. I think this muscle looks too bulky, so I’ll blend a light brown pastel on it. The last step of repainting is making black strokes to its eyes so it can just stand out. (Adding moles) Perhaps there’s no such thing as the last step in repainting. I found a couple of pores had lost the fillers in them, so I had to do repair work. What will complete today’s fashion is this: a little excessive earrings. He’s wearing seven rings in total. Not having silver rings in bigger size, I tried painting these gold rings with a metallic marker pen. They turned out to smear everywhere, so I didn’t use them in the end. Now it’s time to put this wig on my Jungkook doll. To tame the wig, I wrapped it with foil and heated it. I forgot to film though, there are strands of hair I attached around the parting line. Let’s dress him up. I ordered this three-piece suit before I completed the black satin shirt cuz I thought it’d take too long to make all the three pieces. I figured out that the female silicon bodies share many sizes with BTS dolls except the waist. It’s not necessary but I wanted his thighs bigger, so I attached some adhesive bandages around them. I mended the waist of pants and finally gave him back his feet and hands. And here we go. Let’s put Jungkook on the stage.

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    sis knows what them types of armys want and said "no thank you, not here" 👏🏻

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