Breaking News Update Slim 400 in Stable Condition (Yg Artist), Snoop Dogg Wants 50 Cent Pay Up

Breaking News Update Slim 400 in Stable Condition (Yg Artist), Snoop Dogg Wants 50 Cent Pay Up

this Jordan tower with JT News makes you smash that like button and make sure you hit that subscribe button let's get right in to the news okay so we got an update on slim 400 then we got an update with the game and the 40 Glock then we got snoop dogg and 50 cent going back and forth friendly though but it's funny George average 18 news had that Bell had that subscribe button makes you hit that thumbs up button I appreciate you guys so much hope you had a great Saturday a relaxing Saturday and let's get right into the news so slim 400 as we know he was you know some things happen in LA yesterday were sent up to the hospital but he is pulling through he's reportedly stable after getting popped in time so you know that's that's great you know we everyone was sending prayers his way and okay yeah he was able to pull through which is great because you know it's too much too many people pass it on and you know you know we knew him from this you know a lot of people know from the Takashi thing or you know him and actually going back and forth a lot of people thought he was a bully then but I don't think he is I mean a lot of people seem to be showing him a lot of love out in LA since I have a lot of ties with people in LA so you know that seemed more of just a personal matter probably over our affiliations you know but yeah very great he pulled through and he's stable then we got so we all remember the game and 40 Glock and he took him to court for yeah I'm just pressing him you know I know you all saw that video from years ago and that's still going on now I forty Glock originally wanted four point something million from the game they reached a settlement of two hundred thousand dollars and give the game is yet to pay now when you don't pay especially an amount that that high 40 lakh was able to probably put a lien against his house even did post about that in the back months ago remember we said that's our house and he would put up games house well it seems like they are reportedly closer to getting him paid you know the game has a lot of debt he has a 7 million dollar debt against him for the Viacom thing with that woman from that show he did for the love of game or whatever was he was accused of doing some stuff on there and the woman was awarded 7 million dollars so 40 Glocke resettlement just under two hundred thousand one hundred ninety six thousand and it's I guess since you put a lead on the house that made him go a little bit cool little faster forty Glock said I'll never let that go with the game so all your social media bloggers and male/female groupers who can quit asking me this ain't a rap battle this is for life never pull left to me unless you take me out don't ever lie or mix my name and with rap okay so that's that that's about to be settled up and then lastly we got some funny when Arthur boom we got so fifties guys some other kind of money he wrapped his Lambo and like Versace he's wearing the same fireside she's got the Saatchi shoes said new skateboard a lot alert tell where the big boys DJ remember you tell me tell them I said pull up well he performed that bar close last night stupid dog came out and Snoop Dogg says hey man yo this guy owes me some money man and he said he I need he said you got to give me this car [Applause] Thank You Emma take your car cut you [Applause] that car does look nice so 50 cent responded yo check out last night lights new car and Bob gave us on top his new thing is getting people's money form then he also said it all starts out like this when you owe a dude because he had hits before you and then a bulrush said you know Russell Simmons said that's love nothing to you you can give that guy a car and you won't even feel anyways guys this Georgetown JC news I hope you guys have a great day no check you guys in the next one welcome guys welcome to another day of motivation now in this talk I'm going to be talking about how to be a winner how to captivate people and how to be magnetic to people alike how to attract people to you how do you be a leader well first and foremost you have to know and no matter whatever you're doing in life that everything's gonna be okay everything's gonna work out so you got to put your best foot forward risk it all and just know that everything's gonna work out and everything's gonna be okay you're not gonna just fall on your feet sometimes you will but it'll be okay you just gotta fight the fight and know that everything and have faith in yourself that everything will be okay next be the way that you are and just be who you are that's all that matters who you are matters more than what other people think this is how you become yourself and become unique to others if you're always following other people and worried about what other people think and you follow what they do because you're worried about being different then you're not gonna be unique and you're not gonna be different than everybody and then you're gonna just be like the others and then you're always never gonna grow because you're always gonna be wondering what they think about you and that's not good you have to be your own person with no fear and realize that everything's gonna be okay even if they think ill of you or they don't like or they make fun of you who cares you are yourself there's only one you don't be like everybody else is being lemming this is what leaders are they believe in themselves and are who they are and don't care what other people think next up have integrity and be honest don't lie at all don't leave doubt in people's minds even little white lies like you did this or you pick this up for the storm and you didn't do it just and you tell people what you think they want to hear you lose integrity when these white lies come to flourish and when people realize like this guy is lying all the time they don't know when to trust you you want people to trust you no matter what without a doubt they can trust everything you say there's a hundred percent you don't want to leave any doubt in anybody's mind you don't want them to ever question you a true leader you lead and you you realize that once you follow them they are telling you the truth and that everything is gonna be ok when you follow this person because they wouldn't lead you down the wrong path and if they are they're gonna be honest with you about it you have you can't you're hurting yourself even stop lying if you ever tell tell why I stopped it today stop telling lies today because you're just hurting yourself okay next up don't persuade people ask ask once and if they don't follow through let it go cuz when you start trying to convince people and persuade them you see me and when you seem needy you seem desperate and people don't want to be around desperate people they want you just ask once and you move on and you go to the next the next thing keep it moving don't just keep trying to persuade people they're gonna be like why is this guy wanted so be honest like you so need it so bad you seem so desperate that they just want to push you away and this is a way to demagnetize and push people away from you if you do not want to do that and you don't spend an ounce of time convincing anybody last we once and if they don't like it let it go be confident in your purpose when you walk into a room and you know people ask you what you're doing on what are you doing in don't feel like you're just bragging be proud of what you're doing brag about it say yeah I'm gonna do this and I'm doing this and I'm gonna do this next week people like that you have a plan you're about something don't think that you're just bragging you know how when you like get into small child with people in your way be very confident and be very clear in what you're doing act like you have a plan okay you have it all planned out you have it all figured out you have a set path you're on you're gonna do this and then you're gonna do this and you're doing this or I'm doing this this and this and this is why I'm gonna get to this people like that people who are like oh this guy has it figured out but this guy has a blueprint in his mind of where he's going in life that means a lot that means a lot to people when you're in a group of people okay and next be first be a leader be the first to volunteer be the first to do everything might be the first to have an opinion be the first to applaud somebody and doing a great job be the first leaders are always first be the first to jump out the plane when you're doing a skydive everything it applies to everything just be the first person don't hesitate lead the pack this is a true leader and then and then where I started I said everything would be okay do all this and realize that it'll be okay it'll all work out you are who you are you don't have to follow the next person you be confident in who you are know your path be honest and it'll all work out and then always be first and people will follow you and you will lead and you will be on the path to the success that you're destined to get in life okay and people will want to be around you and you will have this ambience of a winner and that's what you just got it follow these steps this is oh this is like the core to your being stop lying if you're lying today and realize everything will be okay all right that's the broadcast for today I hope this helps you guys and your future goals I'll tune back in in a day or so and we'll get back to more motivation

24 thoughts on “Breaking News Update Slim 400 in Stable Condition (Yg Artist), Snoop Dogg Wants 50 Cent Pay Up”

  1. Ain’t no one knew 400 before that Tekashi beef…. feel bad fa him but dead ass FUCK KYRIE IRVING…. HE LEFT THE CELTICS CAUSE HE AINT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP, HES A LEBRON JAMES TWIN

  2. The judicial system is fu.ked up how a woman goes on the Game show knowing she suppose to fu.k but sue him after, and gets awarded 7,000,000, gtfoh, only because he's a black man,803

  3. God is always watching over good people and check out new music track called Hanky Panky by virtue scripts

  4. 50 always claiming everyone owe him now he must pay the doggfather awe… im glad slim 400 is stable our prayers where heard.

  5. I’ll put money that little joking around with snoop and 50 can get ugly real quick 50 a real street dude and they act like they can take a joke but they can’t they got to much pride and shit can go left with these type of dudes real real quick

  6. Jordan what happened to slim ? U just keep saying he got popped. Give us the story. Gang related? Type of gun? Suspects? Where did it happen? Related to 69? What was the beef? The story man not the headline. All right watch all your stuff and love it. This one felt a bit light.

  7. You literally get your news from The gram why did you want us to subscribe? No videos no nothing snoop and 50 are just playing around it ain’t that serious it’s a joke they got you LOL

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