Bizarre Artifacts Unearthed at Construction Sites

Bizarre Artifacts Unearthed at Construction Sites

from mummies to mammoths there have been some strange and amazing historical artifacts unearthed at construction site don't forget to click subscribe to become part of the DTR family and that little bell icon so that you know when we post new videos number twelve 1800s era shipwreck at sea port district South Boston in May 2016 during the excavation of 121 seaport Boulevard the construction crew discovered a large preserved ship Skanska the construction company temporarily called off excavation and sought help from public archaeology library P al Inc according to these archaeologists this shipwreck was from a two-masted schooner known as pinky the 60-foot long vessel belonged to the 1800's era somewhere between 1869 and 1885 it was used to transport lime as dozens of partially filled lime barrels were found parallel to the keel a total of 1200 lime barrels were estimated to be present on the ship these barrels were covered with Rockland lids which meant that they belong to Rockland Maine interestingly a knife and a pair of Forks from the late 1860's were also recovered from the vessel number eleven ten thousand year old stone tools Redmond Washington before the construction of Redmond Town Center Mall in Washington archeologists who are surveying the area stumbled upon ancient artifact these included more than four thousand stone tools that were around 10,000 years old Robert copper old the archeologists working in the area provided that these tools were amongst the oldest found in the area he was pretty amazed by the discovery stone flakes awls and spear points were included in the list of tools that were unearthed it is assumed that around 10,000 years ago when ice retreated from Redmond small groups of individuals started living in the area chemically analyzing the tools revealed that these individuals ate salmon bear dear a big thank you to all you guys who leave us comments for today's video we are giving a big shout out to a musical me who commented on her video bizarre statue discoveries around the world thanks for watching and commenting o musical meet number 10 woolly mammoth tusk Seattle Washington in February 2014 when construction workers were digging seven feet below the surface level at a MLI residential partner apartment in South Lake Union in Seattle they suddenly came across a fossilized mammoth tusk paleontologists found that the tusk was 8 feet 6 inches in length it belonged to mammoths from Columbia although the definite age of the tusks wasn't declared yet it was said to be more than 16,000 years old it was taken to the Burke Museum of Natural History and culture where it accompanied 25 other tusks as per paleontologists the tusks will help in doing further research on these ancient fossils number 9 Native American artifacts Pelham Bay Park Bronx while workers were busy with the construction of Pelham Bay waterfront access in the Bronx they accidentally discovered Native American artifacts according to experts these artifacts date back to 200 AD around 100 pieces of ceramics pottery and stone tools were unearthed from the site the exact tribe to which these artifacts belong still remains unknown experts say that allies or neighbors of Algonquian unkept hog and Shinnecock tribes might be the rightful owners of these tools New York City archeological repository in Manhattan will be the home to these artifacts number 8 13th century medieval manor Wellington Somerset in April 2013 during the construction of long horse farm in Wellington Somerset archaeologists came across the remains of a 13th century medieval building complex as per the discovery the place was robbed and only a halt and service swing was identified some amazing artifacts included ceramic root and other decorated floor tiles these remains indicated that this place was used for religious purposes a senior historic environment officer found the unearthing to be unique and mysterious the owners as well as the origins of this medieval Manor are still unknown but one thing is clear that this strange building belonged to wealthy and affluent individuals from the 13th century number seven ancient whale fossil santa cruz county california during the excavations for a housing development project in santa cruz county two paleontologists discovered ancient whale fossils the fossilized skeleton was four million years old and it belonged to an ancestor of the baleen whale the length of the skeleton was 25 feet with pieces of skull shoulder blades and jaw and arm bones still intact how this whale reached into the hills according to scott armstrong a paleontologist earthquakes and shifting of tectonic plates caused lifting of land small tools including shovels and brooms were used by workers to excavate this unique find the fossilized whale was covered in plaster in order to protect it during its transportation number six fifteen hundred year old Byzantine church Israel in December 2017 the excavations worked on the romaso mesh expansion was in full bloom when a group of archaeologists made an amazing discovery a 1500 year old Byzantine era church the church was in working condition since circa 150 C II it was till seventh century when the church was abandoned and the place was been used by Islamic farmers archaeologists working on the site considered this reveal to be something big the church had decorative mosaic floors with Turkish marble large window panes and ceramic tiles on the roof the mosaic floor in particular had an eye-catching design with bird leaf and pomegranate decorations several hundred coins and other glass material were uncovered from the site as well over 1,000 teenagers are taking part in the excavation of the church a few other monasteries and churches have been discovered in the neighboring area number five 15th century Spanish Hospital Madrid Apple Inc is on a spree of opening new stores around the world one such store was being constructed in Madrid back in 2013 when a groundbreaking discovery was made the construction workers found remains of a 15th century Spanish Hospital in the 1400s when the plague took over Europe this hospital was used to treat the victim this discovery wasn't out of the blue for archaeologists as remains of a church were also found in the adjoining area as per historians the church was located right next to this hospital for 10 months Apple halted the construction of its new store and held negotiations with the local authorities in order to decide about the future of these ruins eventually Apple came up with the solution to open a window onto the ruins this allowed the visitors to take a look at this fascinating piece of history number four Roman Eagle statue London in October 2013 at a hotel development site in London archaeologists found an ancient Roman sculpture the statue had an eagle which was firmly gripping a serpent in his mouth it was made out of limestone and was around 26 inches tall according to archaeologists two statue dated back to first or second century and it was indicative of the craftsmanship of people from the Roman Empire the eagle was a symbol of good whereas the serpent represented evil the sculpture clearly highlighted the struggles between good and evil it has now been placed in the Museum of London number three one hundred and twenty-one year old time capsule came juicy Scotland in August 2015 construction workers from Morgan sindelle Company were working on a six hundred and twenty-two thousand euro project of constructing a new bridge in the Scottish Highlands they uncovered a metal box from the site which was actually a time capsule from the 1890s this capsule included a folded newspaper a bottle of whisky and a paper scroll the newspaper is a people's court was dated the 29th of September 1894 it was interesting how the liquid was still intact within the whisky bottle Robert aah grumbling discovery for them this one hundred and twenty-one year old time capsule was donated to Highland Falk Museum have you heard about something incredible being discovered at a construction site let us know in the comment section below your comment could be featured in an upcoming video number two ancient Roman villa Wiltshire UK mr. Luke Irwin who had the intentions of getting electricity work done for his home near Tisbury village in Wiltshire stumbled upon one of the largest remains of an ancient Roman villa he is a rug designer by profession and he wanted to get a few lights installed for his kids in the back side of his house a section of Roman mosaic became visible when the construction workers were only 18 metres below ground level mr. Irwin called in a team of archaeologists who examined the site it was found that the villa was built somewhere between 175 and 228 it had around 25 rooms and it belonged to a wealthy family amongst the artifacts that were unearthed there was a Roman well a child's coffin discarded oyster shells Roman coins and heating pipes under the floor interestingly as the cost of excavating and preserving this massive site is close to hundreds of thousands of dollars archaeologists have reburied these ancient remains number one 700 year old mummified woman East China in 2011 in the city of Tai zu in East China a few Road workers were digging the ground in order to expand a road it was just like any other construction day and they were digging around six feet below the ground level what they didn't know was that hiding beneath the layers of mud with a coffin within that coffin lived a 700 year old mummified woman according to archaeologists the mummy belonged to a high-ranked woman from the ming dynasty between 1368 in 1644 she was an excellent condition with her eyebrows and other facial features still intact she wore a silk and cotton dress and a ring on her right hand in her coffin she was immersed in a brown liquid the workers also discovered two other coffins thanks for watching coming up next amazing discoveries found in caves because of the temperatures inside the cave that peak at 136 degrees Fahrenheit with about 90 to 99 percent humidity the air inside is also acidic and there's no natural light flooding into the cave just last year scientists discovered 40 different ancient microbe strains trapped inside

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  1. It’s amazing to think below ground could artifacts like these could be found! It’s fascinating to hear about these amazing discoveries!

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