Big Wave Surfing and Artisan Coffee

Big Wave Surfing and Artisan Coffee

meet Sara legendary surfer who also happens to be a pretty good scientist and me tryin caffeinated visionary who is changing the coffee game this is what happens when two pioneers share their passions this is how we cruise hey Sara hi how are you wow it's really nice to meet you right I love your coffee oh thanks thank you I thought I'm excited to get to go surfing today yeah the waves won't be like it's not gonna be like 30 feet overhead oh you final defeat right along the sandbar perfect not fortunate cool I'd love to take you over to our roastery where we have our headquarters but I have to ask we take me surfing before we do that sure Molly small ways Molly so I wanted to surf Mavericks for years before under tyranny when the opportunity came to choose a place to move for work we just we didn't want to go anywhere else yeah mountain biking here we're surfing here we a community of people here has just been so incredible so I have to ask you what is the draw to like the biggest gnarliest waves what makes you say I want to go surfing because I don't understand that you're asking me deets like life good sessions right now don't do this so there's just some inner sense and desire to know what my limits are and then to be part of the wildness well Sara thanks so much that was awesome well let's go over to verb now I can show you show you what we do we started with one cafe of on the east side of Santa Cruz 41st Avenue and we've grown from that store to nine we have four stores here in Santa Cruz three in Los Angeles one in Tokyo and one in San Francisco yeah so it's been a great community to grow our business in hey you called me nice so we titled the espresso street-level it's an Italian coffee culture where people would wake up and go to their little corner espresso street-level Cafe Santa Cruz is a great hub for us in terms of the crafts movement there's breweries wineries coffee roasting facilities spirits the whole thing Santa Cruz has historically been a place where people are shopping at farmer's markets and keeping it local and organic and that type of thing it means so much more to them than just a sticker on a bag that says you know sustainable or gather for whatever there's so much soul and heart and that obviously you've gone a hundred thousand miles extra to make sure you're taking care of every single level and you face it yeah yeah


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