BIG 17” MONSTER HIGH DOLL REPAINT / 17 INCH / How To Draw Face, Freckles Art Speedpaint Tutorial

BIG 17” MONSTER HIGH DOLL REPAINT / 17 INCH / How To Draw Face, Freckles Art Speedpaint Tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome to my very special dolly paint video It was my dream already for a very long time to repaint the big 17-inch Monster High doll But I could never find any here in Belgium, and now I finally own this beauty And I just can’t wait to start working on it So let’s remove her clothes and accessories and cut her original hair Now I need to remove her hair, and I can tell you honestly I am scared like hell to do This dolls head is made with some kind of harder material It looks more like plastic and I think I might have some troubles here I watched a couple of videos of other doll artists working on such a big monster high doll and Everyone just skipped this moment in their videos It seems there is a lot of suffering even backstage so wish me luck I’m going to warm it up with a hair dryer like I usually do it and let’s see how it will go Well I just couldn’t do it in front of the camera because I needed to have full control over the situation It was pretty difficult to take it off and I needed to warm it up at least for five minutes to make it completely soft and Even then the risk [of breaking] the neck was pretty high So now I’m very happy it worked and now I need to remove the rest of her hair from the inside of her head And it goes quite easy There is at least no nasty sticky glue inside Now I need to remove her original face And I have no idea how this sort of plastic will work with acetone So I’m using an acetone free nail polish remover and it goes quite well And then I make a wig for her I will not show the whole process here, and if you want to know more about my method of making wigs You can check the special video on my channel And now I’m going to change her pink skin color into a natural-looking one and for this I’m going to research a color wheel I have already explained how it works in my previous videos Now the doll skin color is somewhere here It’s quite a bright pink, and if I want to neutralize it I need to use the opposite color, and it’s going to be such a bright green Let’s try and see what will happen You see how just one layer of green soft pastels has turned the pink face into a natural color It’s of course still quite orange and nowadays you just cannot leave your dolls Even a little bit orange, otherwise you’ll get 300 comments from people who think that your doll looks like Donald Trump So let’s kill the orange with the blue following the same logic of the coloring I have to cover all the traces of green and blue pastels, I will apply a layer of such a light amber And now let’s take my pencils and sketch her eyes I also draw the nostrils and the line between her lips And then with soft pastels and an eraser I sketch her eyebrows For my work, I use Faber-Castell Eldridge doodle watercolor pencils and Rembrandt and Faber-Castell soft pastels Now we have already a basic sketch of her future face and Now we need to give it some extra dimension to make it look more realistic and alive For this I take soft pastels a little bit darker than her new skin tone and I contour her eye crease, the sides of her nose, the mouth, the cheekbones and the hairline Then with darker pastels I make all the shadows all the time a little bit deeper and darker Then I had pink soft pastels to make the shadows softer and then with reddish pastels I add some blush to her cheeks Now it’s finally time to take my pencils and to start working on her eyes, eyebrows and lips First I draw the irises, and I think she’ll have blue eyes Then I draw the white of her eyes first with a white pencil And then I add gray shadows to them because they shouldn’t look too white And then I’m working on the water line For her eyebrows, I will use mainly brown pencils in different shadows and Sometimes a little light touch of red, black or almost white pencils And it’s also very important to be sure that all your pencils are very sharp Her lips I color with red soft pastels I still want to make her eye crease a little bit deeper, so I work on it with Kaput Mortem and Indian red pencils And then I blend the pencils with the blending tool or with q-tips it depend just on what I have next to me right now With the same pencil I add creases to her lips and with a light color pencil I highlight the Cupid’s bow thing above her upper lip And then I repeat all the steps again and again until i’m happy with the end result It’s important to understand here that our eyes are not flat and an eye is not just laying flat on the face it has its own shape and Dimensions and this is what we’re trying to draw here using highlights shadows and sometimes color accents Now with the brown pencil I make all the shadows a little bit darker And now finally I take my black pencil and draw the eyelines, the bottom eyelashes and the reflection of upper lashes in her eyes And then with a very light pencil I covered the most highlighted areas on her face And then I blend the pencil very good with q-tips or with a blending tool And now your face is almost ready, but we still have the most exciting part left Now we are going to apply the freckles For this I’m mixing together orange and brown acrylic paint and the color should be just a little bit darker than the skin tone And then have some water First I need to try it of course on a piece of paper And if you are happy with the color and with the size of the dots You can take a doll face and to spray the freckles with your thumb using a course, synthetic brush And then with wet q-tips I need to remove all the spots from her eyes and also clean all the spots that look maybe a little bit too messy Like this you can apply two or three layers of paint, and then you should let it dry for a while Now your freckles are kind of laying on top of your skin and to make them look more natural, I’m applying a layer of red blushers to her cheeks on top of the black Now we take white acrylic paint and add all kinds of dots and highlights to her eyes And now of course I need to change her body color as well For this I first sand it with nail buffers to remove the glossy top from the body Then I clean it with an acetone free nail polish remover After this I shall twist three layers of Mr. Super Clear sealant and Then I apply the same colors of pastels like I used for her face And now it’s the moment of truth I need to put her head back on I have cut this pin to make it easier, and now warm up the doll’s head again with the hairdryer And I will try to put it back on without making any damage. I will try, really Phew, thank God, it’s all went pretty smooth, low damage, everything looks good and now I need [to] just attach the false lashes to put some gloss acrylic varnish to her eyes and lips and Of course in the end, I still need to sign my work Especially for this doll I’ve made the skirt and the top and I’ve also customized her boots And finally I can show you the end result I can tell you honestly This is one of my favorite dolls ever and I really really really loved working on a big Monster High Doll First of all, I just like drawing on bigger faces it is easier for me and Secondly, look how good and how pretty she can seat and pose and what do you think about my first 17-inch experience? Please write your thoughts here in the comments under this video And of course don’t forget to like it and subscribe [to] my channel if you don’t want to miss my new doll paint videos every week Friday Also visit my Instagram I put there a lot of backstage processes and old pictures and life hacks And I hope you enjoy this video and see you very, very soon. Bye

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  1. Yey I finally get one big Monster high too but hair are so bad 🙁 I am thinking about a wig 🤔 can u give me some help? The easy way to do it n where I can buy hair 🤔 please help I need to fix them

  2. I laughed out loud when you mentioned the 300 hate comments about orange skin tones! I do think that the blue tone gives the doll a lovely peachy glow though!

  3. She is gorgeous… I want to try a 17" doll… I am really scared about the head so I may just cut the hair short and make a wig… I am not as brave as to risk the neck!

  4. Please don't take it as offense, I love your work I think you're super talented, but I really but reaally can't stand your voice, it sounds so weird you go so low with your voice and then so high I don't know why you do that but it sound just super annoying, I'm sorry girl ahahahah I always thought that, sometimes I have to turn off the sound cause I just can't stand it… Maybe you should do some kind of work on it? Just learning how to speak with the right voice maybe? Again, I really appreciate your work, is just this little thing that really is annoying

  5. Good thing you didn't use pure acetone to take off the paint on her face! Acetone melts plastic (yes, it melts). I learned that the hard way last year when I was repainting a doll…

  6. This is one of my FAVORITE dolls!!! I am a red head with blue eyes. There are very few dolls with this combination. Please do more!!!

  7. I guess I missed a something because like??

    Poppen: Now we’ll add freckles
    Me: What happens if the freckles go on her already colored eyes?
    Me: * *

  8. I really love you and your channel! You are so charming, and you even admit to mistakes and show parts others usually cover behind the camera XD or you tell us what even happened. And you are incredibly talented, a true inspiration ♡
    I started customizing dolls again but I am often so upset with myself because they turn out so ugly 🙁 I wonder if I'll manage to become good at it. I'm a very untalented person in terms of crafting and arts. But maybe one day I can make the custom of my dreams 🙂

    By thr way a question… How do you manage to make the white faber castell pencil draq so well? It doesn't draw on my dolls head at all 🙁 even with msc. I have to dip it into water to get any line, but then it smudges so much..

  9. Yo hablo español🙂 pero quiero decirte que haces muy buen trabajo😀 se be que tomas tiempo y dedicacion tienes mucho talento 😉💖 en hacer tu trabajo soy tu fan te quiero 💖💖💞

  10. These videos look so easy to make. Not the dolls, that's the hard part, but the video… Like think how long it takes to make one of those dolls… She speeds up the footage a bit to show you what she's doing. But really, that's basically all she has to do .. then just piece together each long section. And add the same elevator music over and over until the videos done. Then adding short voice clips to soften the music to give you a break. Lmao!! I'm high . ..

  11. I did not like it at all, it's a lot of freckles and that ruins the little doll's face, few freckles but many for me you ruined the doll's face, the only thing I liked was the clothes after that, nothing.

  12. I know this an old video but, it just kills me that you put so much effort into making the doll so realistic and you don't get rid of the skin drips. I love your videos regardless but I think it would be so much better if you just sand them away.

  13. Some people submerged the big dolls in almost boiling water and they slowly ease the head off. They sometimes need to heat the head up a few more times before they can get the head off without damaging the neck peg

  14. I really love your videos but that music…. Pleeeeease change it up a bit 😳🙄 it drives me crazy after 10 minutes and stops me watching a whole video

  15. Im aorry but it still kind of looks like donald Trump im sorry. Still looks really good nice job!

  16. That particular doll reminded me, before you started painting, of an African princess. She might look quite good as an ethnic doll…

  17. I’m rewatching this video, and thought “I know that she’s glad that she has an airbrush, now”. That was a lot of pastel work.

  18. The doll turned out beautiful just like all the others! I just wish she had used the exacto knife and cut the paint drips that were on the doll body. But I love your work, so this is really not important is is just my personal thought. Your work is amazing!

  19. You can't ask me about what I think of your first 17 in experience!! … I have a dirty mind!!! And it sounds painful 😱

    P.s. the Doll is absolutely gorgeous 💕💞

  20. I have a feeling that doll makers are immune to hot glue. HOW DO THEY JUST TOUCH IT LIKE NO BIG DEAL?! O-O

  21. Can't believe I've never seen this video! I love redheads! And her tanner skin tone makes her look like a biracial girl with red hair, which I've seen alot of. So seeing a doll look the same is awesome!

  22. What about doing a life size Barbie…the big dolls are amazing!!! Your creativity is totally inspiring!

  23. Такое чувство, что моя соседка по парте, которая совсем не умеет на английском говорить, пытается объяснить мне что происходит на видео

  24. It looks breathtaking. I'm starting to repaint dolls too and this looks so awesome!

  25. love it – thank you I have this doll, I have trimmed off the drip marks and am sanding her body – your video is perfect ty

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