Bhool Episode 31 | 9th October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Bhool Episode 31 | 9th October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

It seems as if… The moon has come in front of me You know that The light of moon is not it’s own That blue light Is in you Look Aymen… God has sent all your happiness to you The God has given you… My last joy Considering this as our first joy we will always keep it sister, ….I can’t see brother He has gone to take Qazi (one who conducts the nikkah)
he’ll be coming shortly Imran my son You take Ayesha to sister’s house And remember son… We are with you, not only in joys but in sorrows also I know it very well that this is a very tough trial And I think that on your way….you should meet Sidra’s family And yes… I also thought the same thing But what is the need for that now? There is need Son…if Ayesha’s uncle had been alive She would have wedded-off from the same house I believe that Aymen would be very happy You remember Awais… I used to pray That may both of us remain alone in this world And look… Good has ….accepted your prayers I got my first joy from you And….the last also No Aymen You are my last joy This is true Awais If you hadn’t come Then Ayesha would have….carried the debris of her dreams the whole life I have come Aymen….but I came back very late Till then… Everything had finished Anyway….now You ask God for your life So that God listens to this prayers of yours also and…. And we also get our last joy Greetings I have to meet aunty
Come inside Greetings aunty What are you doing with him at this time of night? We have got married Congratulations…. Many congratulations But actually I have come to say thanks to you The marriage would have been held a bit later It got hurried because of you So thank you…..thank you Sweets… My prayers are with you, Ayesha May God give life to aunty also…
Ameen I know that you’ll not pray for us….but Just forget….if it is possible Close the gate, when they are gone You….curses I’ll see you…. Imran….leave me brother, leave me. Imran give her divorce please….please Imran….look Imran.
Imran….. No…. Mother control her. If you delay it further…. Then the allegation you have been casting on Ayesha
would become true for your own daughter I’ll not sit until I get Ayesha divorced
Enough…..that story is finished now I don’t want to listen this thing again from you You should not get us insulted further. Rahim is absolutely right The only solution for you is that we get you married I’ll not marry anyone except Imran. I’ll die
You’ll get the beating from me Enough Imran was never yours, nor will he become yours ever The story is finished. Do you understand? He belongs to Ayesha, and “tit for tat” it is better that way Get her married. Now she will marry only where we will want her to Will you get me married forcefully….
You’ll die from my hands I don’t want to listen further to her rubbish. Close the door Noooo…… Don’t do it…. I’ll die….I am saying the truth You…how you are here Uncle and aunty has sent us….for mother Are you fine? Why have you people come? If we hadn’t come here then, we had to spent the whole night on road Mother and father have strongly insisted on it Ayesha will stay with you….. till the time you recover fully Why you people are destroying your happiness because of me? And if only you are our happiness….then No…you did well by coming here You take rest, when you will get up…. Then I have to complain about Imran to you My complaint…. what have I done? Yes yours. You’ll know it when I will tell to mother It shouldn’t be less then capital punishment Ahh!….excuse me Hello…who is it? Sidra Sidra….why have you called now? You have betrayed me… You lied to me How can you you get married so suddenly?… Remember one thing Imran… I’ll not let you belong to anyone else I will die I will die for your sake You…better remember one thing It is not your brother who has slapped on your face
It was time which has slapped you First slap And if you do all of this again…. Then these slaps will increase in number….will increase further I don’t want to hear you again Imran……Imran!! (Sobs) Why me?…. (sobs) How am I looking ?
I have dressed up especially for you Very pretty… My pretty Ayesha… Thank you What has she got in her?…. Do you know why it is so? You are not Ayesha And neither you can be like her, ever Imran likes Ayesha….that’s why I have done their engagement I had come to your house to ask some thing
Now what shall I say, standing like this Ahh!….these people have come with a proposal for our Sidra I will definitely give you pain for the rest of your life I love Ayesha and …..I’ll remain hers forever What…. you have done
You will pay for this We have got married Today I’ll talk to uncle Manzoor about the shop
Hmm Sidra hasn’t woken up as yet Sidra… Sidra my daughter Sidra… Mother leave her, she will awake herself She is the first one to rise
Sidra…. O God, why she is not opening up the door? Sidra, open the door Sidra…..
Come here you are always scolding sister Come and open the door
Sidra Sidra my daughter Open the door
Leave it, get aside my heart is sinking… Sidra…Sidra….Sidra Sobs…for what sins I am being punished Sobs and wails We have arranged the grave….it’s near uncle’s grave I’ll have to take mother to hospital She is not well
After funeral or now We’ll see It’s Rahim’s call… Pick up Hello……greetings Yes Ayesha, this is Rahim How are you Rahim? Sidra’s funeral is after Asr prayers What? Whose? She has committed suicide What happened Ayesha? Ayesha…what has happened? Sidra has…..committed suicide What! Ayesha What has she done? Why she has done it? It’s a very painful thing Really I can’t believe it The fire…that was building up inside them That had to burn some thing This thorn will never be swallowed Mother are you coming? Son I would have gone but some packing is left for your father You go, I’ll come later Aunty…you leave it Don’t know what you’ll have to face there Daughter whatever it is, there has been a tragedy in that house At this time we shall share their sorrow I’ll leave for airport after four hours Father why are you going so early? It’s necessary to go my son Uncle we’ll return after a while No…no daughter. It is important for you to be with your aunty Or you shall be with your mother And all of us are together anyway And both of them will come to visit you, if God wills Not both….but three of you. Hmm! Okay father, we’ll leave
Okay son, go Okay daughter take care of yourself Take special care of her You may go Aunty please don’t talk about this with mother She doesn’t have the capacity to bear the shock now
Okay daughter Go Gasps!….what has this girl done? Yes…those people Who nurture these kind of things…cause harm only to themselves That’s correct What has been left for …packing? Hai (wails)…… Sidra…. Sidra has gone…Sidra has gone leaving all of us (Sobs) Now nobody will fight with you
the one who fought with you has gone…she has left us How will I live? (Wails and sobs)…..she is gone I… Would like to hear the gossip What actually happened? Whatever God wills Ayesha….if possible please forgive Sidra whole heartedly She got the punishment of her misdeeds
What are you saying? She was my sister If there was anything, it finished after the marriage I don’t have any ill feeling in my heart for her Did you tell it to aunty? I will not even tell her She is not in a condition to be told such thing Imran….thank you very much for your coming Oh!…. what are you talking. We’ll come again These are the ways of world Whosoever has come…has to go May God grant patience to all of us And strength Sidra has put us in a strange sort of guilt This thing should not reach mother I also think so, but…. We have to tell, if somebody comes from there Who will come from that place now? There is only Rahim and he is… Had there been of someone of old age then we would have understood This news is nothing but shock But till when we’ll hide We’ll hide it till the time we can Has your father gone Imran? By now he would have reached airport Immediately after the marriage you are facing the trial Oh no…perhaps this is life But, the death of Sidra has disturbed deep inside that…. I don’t have the strength to even talk What’s the matter…what did you talk to aunty? Mother will not stay here in any condition She is insisting that she has to go from here I know that she will not stay with father under any condition She will go the same house where… Grandmother, grandfather and uncle lived I know her very well I fear that…what will happen when she will know about Sidra Ayesha….I also know this much that she can’t live here I….I think that we can’t control everything Because of mother I was not able to ask Sidra to stay I want to cry out loudly… Ayesha….this is not the place and time You should leave this place now Anyway aunty is upset by his coming

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  2. Bht boring drama hyy..ab dramy be itny tenshion waly dekhy bndaa…ary be kya la rhaa aj dramy itny achy aik he Rona dhona bs😠😠😠

  3. Hr shakhs ro rha he hr shakhs marr rha he aik bhi scene is dramay me khushi ka nae he sidra k marnay par bhi ayesha itne gehray makeup me afsos krne a gae, agar insan k halat ki kahani hoti to reality ko bhool kr fazuliyat bich me na daltay is qadar depression se bhara drama he koi aik positive bat nae he is dramay me siwae is k, k imran ko us ki mohabbat mil gae us k ilawa hr koi ansu baha rha he

  4. Mri Ammi ko b cancer hi huwa tha… Blood cancer and she is no more now from previous 17 years…
    Allah unhain Jannat mn jaga dy.. Ameen Sum'Ameen 🤲

  5. Agar Aeman pregnant thi tu essi halat mein aurat ko Talaq nahi hoti. Tu ye log is baat ko clear kiyn nahi kar rhy k us ki Talaq hoi hi nahi. 😞😞😞

  6. Boaht axha darama tha Allah sb behno ki ijzato ki hifazt kary Amen. Dosto mere channel ka vist zaror karen or subscriber zaror karen plz

  7. ڈرامے کا مرکز تھا بھول …اور ہم بھول بھول میں اپنی زندگی برباد کر دیتے ہیں یہی دکھانا مقصد تھا جس میں لکھنے والا اور ڈائریکٹر دونوں تعریف کے قابل ہیں. ہمارے معاشرے کی عکاسی اور سبق ہے .ہمیں کسی بھول میں نہیں رہنا چاہیے کیا پتہ اگلے کے دل میں کوئی برائی نہ ہو اور ہم اس سے نفرت شروع کر دیں.

  8. بہت  ویران  ہے  دِل   کا  نگر  اس  کو نہیں کہتے
    مجھے کہتے ہیں یہ دیوار و در اس کو نہیں کہتے

    بہت ممکن ہے دل کی بات اس تک بھی پہنچ جائے
    زمانے  بھر  سے  کہتے  ہیں مگر اس کو نہیں کہتے

    خدا  جانے  مرے  بارے   میں  وہ  کیا  سوچتا  ہوگا
    میں جو کہتا ہوں ان کو ' نامہ بر اس کو نہیں کہتے

    اسے   کیسے   بتائیں ' ہم   نہیں   پرواز   کے  قابل
    کٹے ہیں کس طرح یہ بال و پر اس کو نہیں کہتے

    نہ  جانے  کون  سی منزل جدائی بن کر آ جائے
    جو رستے میں ملا ہو ہمسفر اس کو نہیں کہتے

    طلوعِ   مہر   کا   مطلب  سکونِ  دِل  نہیں  ہوتا
    جو شب کے بعد آتی ہے سحر اس کو نہیں کہتے

    تجسس  شرط ' کنجِ  عافیت  تو  دِل  میں  ہوتا ہے
    جہاں ہم رات کو سوتے ہیں گھر اس کو نہیں کہتے

    جہاں  تصویر   ہوتی  ہے   وہاں  آنکھیں  نہیں  ہوتیں
    جو سب کچھ دیکھتا ہے ' دیدہ ور اس کو نہیں کہتے

    کھڑا تھا دھوپ کے رستے میں جو دیوار کی صورت
    وہ  سایہ  کھو  چکا ہے اب شجر اس کو نہیں  کہتے

    یہ  آنکھیں  دیکھنے میں سیپیاں معلوم ہوتی ہیں
    جو شے اِن میں چمکتی ہے گہر اس کو نہیں کہتے

    وہ اک شے جو ہمیں تخلیق پر مجبور کرتی ہے
    اسے  تقدیر  کہتے  ہیں  ہنر  اس کو نہیں کہتے

    ہے  کوئی  ہم  سُخن  جس  کے  لیے  شہزادؔ  کہتے ہیں
    یہ سب کچھ کس کو کہتے ہیں اگر اس کو نہیں کہتے

  9. Ye Sajjal ki sister apni behan ki parchi per ajj kal her dramas main nazar arahi hai wo bhi lead role main. Director kia andhay hotay hain bhai isko cast kerne se pehle iski shakal tu dekhlo. Koi churail bhootni ya dayan ka role ho tu baat samajh main atti hai lekin isko tu heroine ka role mil jata hai. kia doosri lerkia mar gaye hain. jab t.v kholo iski manhoos shakal dekho

  10. خط کے آخر پہ بنایا ……. ہوا تھا دل اس نے
    میں نے جب کھولا تو کاغذ کو دھڑکتے دیکھا💕

  11. Best maa ka acting kiye h Aiman ekdum ammi k tare jaisa koi bhi maa apne beti sa karte h ushi tara

    Imran bahot aacha ladka h very lucky Aisha

    Imran k parents bhi bahot aacha n supportive h

    Owis bhi bahot aacha acting kiye h
    Ek galti kaha tak le jante h.

    Rahim bahot aacha kam kiye h last kuch episodes may

    I hate sidrah but pata nhi q aaj aatna zada taklef hoya uska secens dekh k

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