Best Flowers for Everlasting Blooms

Best Flowers for Everlasting Blooms

Heirloom flowers delight the senses with their
stunning beauty and fragrance. Their blooms encapsulate the essence of summer,
bringing cheerful color and scores of pollinators to the garden. The vibrant colors of these everlasting blooms
will last well into the winter, allowing you to savor their beauty long after the garden
has faded. Gomphrena flourishes over a long season. The tidy, compact plants produce tons of blooms,
and when dried, the papery petals hold their color beautifully. Gomphrena is a snap to grow and dry. It can be woven into flower crowns or wreaths,
or bunched into poseys and bouquets. Gomphrena is also a great choice for the fine
art of floral embroidery. The gorgeous, lustrous blooms of strawflower
look as if they were crafted from satin. Strawflower produces profusions of blooms
on long stems, making them perfect for weaving and arranging. Or, you can remove the heads and thread them
onto garlands — or even just keep a glass dish of the cheerful blossoms like a candy
jar of color. Allow the petals of Love In A Mist to fall,
and watch the heads inflate like small balloons. This is the perfect time to pick the pods
for a most unusual and intriguing everlasting flower. Pair these pods with vibrant blooms in dried
arrangements, and their muted colors and wild form will perfectly compliment bolder colors. Opium poppies such as Hungarian blue breadseed
or Lilac pompom produce large blue pods. The dried pods of poppy take on a dusty blue
hue and add a natural, rustic feel to arrangements. Perhaps one of the most intriguing dried flowers,
Paper Moon scabiosa is like a pincushion! It’s a lovely addition to a dried arrangement. Yarrow will beckon beneficial pollinators
from far and wide as it grows. Harvest the lacey umbrella flowers for an
everlasting that has the rustic feel of a vintage apothecary
harvest the lacey umbrella flowers for an everlasting that has rustic charm and can
even play a role in your medicine cabinet Statice is one of the most colorful everlasting
flowers! Its umbel flower shape is a nice departure
from the norm, making a spray of colorful blossoms. Baby’s breath is a classic and it’s fairly
easy to grow. The delicate white blooms add an airy, ethereal
touch to floral designs. To preserve the fleeting fragrance of summer,
grow and dry spikes of lavender. Beyond its aesthetic benefits, lavender yields
a potent, soothing essential oil. The spikes add fragrance to wreaths and arrangements
— and be sure to save some for making lavender eye pillows and for sprinkling in your bathwater. Amaranth isn’t just a nutritious seed — this
plant was considered sacred in ancient Aztec culture, and the seed heads make a breathtaking
ornamental. Its beauty can be preserved long after harvest,
adding autumnal elegance to designs. Orach is an edible green, but allow it to
produce flower stems! With their slightly weeping habit, the seed
panicles are stunning! As a unique everlasting, it should not be
overlooked! When drying flowers, be sure to cut the stems
and hang the flowers upside down someplace dry, with good airflow and out of direct sunlight,
such as the rafters of a barn or shed. They can also be dried on wire or mesh racks. With proper handling, the vivid colors can
be preserved for months!

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  1. Are tansey and yarrow the same? I have red ones I have always called tansey, but the leaves look just like the yellow yarrow I bought from the greenhouse last year?

  2. These are so pretty! I ordered Zinnia Illumination seeds from you guys and so far their germination rate is 100%. I can't wait until they bloom!! Also, the marigold seeds (gypsy sunshine) have 100% germination rate and are growing well.

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