basic wannabe instagram girl reviews basic instagram poetry

basic wannabe instagram girl reviews basic instagram poetry

Let’s play a game called “how many basic tumblr
Instagram art hoe things can I fit into [laughs] HUH One Shot At One Time” errmm okay- fairy
lights? check. The Great Wave poster? not quite visible but it’s there. Check. Kanken?
Check. Short girl? Check. Overalls? Yes Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm Round glasses!Er- well who could forget- there we go ladies and gentlemen we have the winning shot right here! welcome to
the modern world this is a poem. Hi! It’s Divya G What does the g stand for? It is a truth universally acknowledged that a
single man in possession of an enter key is a poet hi I’m a side channel that is
also a main channel I like to mix aesthetics with social commentary on
things that are important to me in life and to the world… like memes. HAH unsubscribe HAH some people call it modern poetry some people call it art some people call it
tumblr-insta poetry and some people call it my caps lock is broken and no longer
works but one thing is for certain you can’t complete your insta look without a
copy of milk and honey, your kanken bag in the background, and you sweet potato
avocado toast with chia seeds on top what??? (that’s not me hahahahaha) the princess saves herself in this one….
wonder what it’s about? By Amanda Lovelace. Did you know that Amanda
Lovelace was in college when she published this? College. Girl was doing
bits. Lovelace uses the [pretentious voice] extended metaphor in this one of your classic fairy tale
story of the princess locked up in a tower throughout sections of the books
and how it kind of aligns with this parts and aspects of her own life. In
terms of themes and topics for this one we have: grief, motherhood, familial
relationships, sisterhood, there’s a lot death, love and what it means to be a woman. Lovelace likes to manipulate the form of her poetry both to render the
aesthetics but also just to kind of capture the visual form and meaning of
her poetry if that makes sense some people call it overuse of the Enter key 🙂
in my opinion my back side- my behind- my tush is firmly planted on de fence. I
don’t know why I’m sitting on a fence but I’m sitting on it and my butt- my
butt’s not moving. My favourite poems in this anthology centers mostly around
grief and also this tumultuous mother/daughter relationship that she has.
Grief clung to her like an old, itchy, faded, ill-fitting, hand-me-down dress. Death wound itself around her bones like a piece of red ribbon. Months after my
mom died I found the book she was reading last, with the yellowing receipt
still tucked inside marking her place and it finally hit me. You’ll never get
to finish this particular book you will never get to start or finish another
book ever again. You’ll never get to see me graduate from college, you will never
meet the love of my life, you will never be there for my wedding, you will never
read these words, we will never ever ever sit on the back porch and swap go
stories over steaming coffee mugs ever ever ever again. The isolated words and,
as my past English teacher would, say [pretentious accent] EN-JAAAM-B-MON (enjambment) [laughs] reads like a mental pause like,
with each line compounding upon the previous, the lack of spaces feels
uncomfortable and tight especially compared to the poem literally opposite
of it. Like the words themselves winding around, like taking space of the page –
mimicking how death itself encompasses the speaker’s entire body or life. Lovelace’s bitter regret is evident in this poem like if you combine like the anaphora
with declarative “you will never get to” you with a verb, I feel like it really
puts across this of finality of life The tone in this section is
somber and regretful towards this childhood so consumed with death that
the author never really got a chance to live. There’s this poem in particular
right and-this-like- “fill-in-the-blank: poetry is, space, anything you want it to be” and
it makes you question: [pretentious old man voice] what… is… poetry? Another problem that a lot of
people have with milk and honey and the princess saves herself in this one is
that it’s written in free verse in such simple
language that it almost doesn’t even feel like poetry it kind of just feels
like statements like some of these statements could be tweets! [broken spanish] Par ejemple (por ejemplo), [coughs] [clears sinuses] food is not the enemy society is everyone I love leaves :’ ( If that wasn’t your facebook status in 2010
when David Tennant regenerated into Matt Smith don’t even @ me though. And with
the love poems if you can’t relate ( like me ) then it comes across as a little bit
cringy. Cuz you know…. I can’t relate it’s a lot darker than the princess saves
herself in this one. Kaur explores cultural identity especially in relation
to our family, sexual abuse, she explores rape, she explores kind of what
it means to be a woman in the modern century and how to define womanhood. At
the same time…. simultaneously Kaur uses a lot more imagery in her writing but it
also suffers from Obvious Statement Syndrome [fake laugh] Stay, I whispered as you shut the door behind you no I whispered as TFL took £5.60
from my oyster card balance [deep sniff] the way they leave tells you everything I was Dolce and Gabanna but you were on a budget – Divya g the point is the statements can
be quite simple. In one way it’s accessible and you don’t have to do too
much thinking to find the meaning it’s quite obvious, it’s quite blunt but on the
other hand the feminism- people praised this book for feminism in my opinion
like the things she was saying weren’t very revolutionary they were
kind of just obvious facts that a lot of people in our generation agree with I’m
not saying poetry you know has to be revolutionary, right? Cause a lot of people
do connect with it. I’m just saying that these books were like a Celebration box
yeah and I was getting a lot of Bounty but I just wanted the Maltesers. Some
people complain about the ommittance of caps locks and letters in her writing. I feel like that’s not really
an issue because if anything, it’s really more of an ode to Gurmukhi scripture
and if anything the lack of capital letters makes the words flow a lot more
easier. If anything, it makes her message seem more vulnerable and just like more-
it’s just-…… JUST MORE RAW, MELISSA. My favorite poem is Woman of Color so “our
backs tell stories no books have the spine to carry” and it’s really the
comparison between the daily burdens and struggles that we have to face are so
great that words are inadequate in capturing this essence. They’re [the poems] evidently
personal right and they deal with a lot of heavy topics but the problem for me is
sometimes both form and content are missing. Forget Madeleine [McCann] what- what
am i reading? In the words of my actual brother: if I got any of these poems in
my GCSE unseen poetry exam I’d be screwed because there is nothing to say (That was peak) (So harsh. Wow) (Roasting is in our blood) whether you like this form of confessionalist free-verse or not I do admire the fact that they’re kind of challenging
the gatekeepers of poetry sometimes poetry can be so intimidating for people
because there’s this air of haughtiness it’s intimidating right and at least
these authors creating poetry that’s accessible for more people. It’s kind
of like poetry for people who don’t like poems and that is and h20 hydration (because there’s no tea)
okay so these are the two mainstream ones let’s talk about some other
underrated quote unquote tumblr insta poetry- right, yeah we got these – um
Graffiti by Savannah Brown I’ll tell you straight up that I am biased. I have no
shame. I love Savannah Brown. Savannah Brown, as a poet, as a writer,
she’s so lyrical with the way that she writes okay like her poetry is so
enriched with with images and metaphors some people might think away this is
just John Green pretentious angsty teen well if it’s John Green pretentious angsty teen then so be it! I dig it! We have a skinny legend. These poems are written at the
very cusp of adulthood in this weird black hole between being a child and
being not. I feel like these poems are very personal, in the sense that Savannah
wrote this for herself. She didn’t write this for other people to read, right? When
I read these poems I get this feeling that we’re kind of looking into her
trapped inside her own headspace and battling this
sense of existentialism. Graffiti I feel like Savannah is like [mwAH] the cream of the
crop molto bene in terms of spoken poetry, right? If you
feel a weird sense of disconnect when you’re reading the poem, just honestly,
just go to youtube look at her poetry playlist and just listen to her speak. I
feel like when she speaks it just adds a whole another dimension okay? I’m just
transported into another era. I don’t even know who I am anymore I wasn’t a fan
of all of the poetry but my favourite one was “moles don’t think about space or small talk” as the poem progresses Brown mimics the kind of overthinking process
on page through both form and content right I like it cause I related to it. You
know? Moles are peaceful creatures that live a simple existence, right? They’re hidden underground and sometimes we also want to hide within ourselves and from
external society and hide from ourselves even like, they don’t have this
narcissistic need to be significant in life or have the pressure to matter or
be someone, even when they live on this vast earth. Unless they’re the Underminder. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to our last book Bottleneck Dreams by Nhi The Poet and
it is the one and only book that has CAPITAL LETTERS What a rare sight indeed. [Oh my god vine audio & Noah Centineo saying whoa whoa whoa] The poetry in this has a very whimsical
youthful wanderlust stargazing type of essence to it. The primary focus for this
collection of poems is memories and feelings attached with you know love of
our youth. Still cannot relate. Okay, hear me out. This sounds kind of weird but these
are the type of books that you read if you like Colors by Halsey. Ok so, for me, Cheers resonated with me because it
speaks about teenagers’ methods of escapism. Right. Whether it’s drugs or
alcohol or other means we crave short-term euphoria and we
glorify lives of like reckless adolescence. You know life is short and
these thrills that we’re seeking they’re kind of empty and they’re kind of
meaningless. Like, I like it because it balances, while there’s a certain beauty to
these experiences like they don’t last forever. Your snapchat story’s gonna dissipate in
24 hours boo. I would like to know your opinions on modern poetry like do you read
it and do you think talk is overrated?
I had such a good upload schedule right for like a month and I have three really
big projects for YouTube oh and they’re not they’re not that big projects it’s just you
just it’ll take me a long ass time to edit but I honestly I’d rather spend
longer making a nice video for you guys then just uploading trash each week
Long story short, I’ll try and upload on a Sunday … or a Friday or a Saturday every week but I can’t promise because I have uni commitments. So my upload schedule is going to be sporadic but we all knew this.. sis we been knew okay So [Viktor: AMAZING] SUBSCRIBE! Bye! I’m going to sleep now. when I’ll see you again.. hate that
song it is a truth universa-nally g–g-g-g- Universi-gh-gh-g yeah it is the truth
universally- universa-nally WHAT!? the entire summer I’ve been sat on my
computer right and I feel like I’m just turning into a vulture just look at this
posture like nerd neck and the fact that I’m doing computer science just doesn’t
help this at all how’d you pronounce- HEH?! i just want the
word fam. you’ll have to excuse the wind cause honey we got a big storm coming. Now that’s a dead reference. [Door slam] Kaur oh my what the how did the door just close? When I closed it over Fam, there’s a ghost in this house like

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  1. Self proclaimed queen of analysing.
    "Writer: the curtains were blue
    Me: the curtains represent his immense depression and lack of will to carry on.
    What the writer meant: the curtains were blue"
    Didn't get top grades in English Lit for no reason.

    What do you guys think of these types of poems? Are they your style?

  2. In Arabic we call those kind of writings (as in the first two books mentioned); "Khawater" not poems..they are like grandkids of poetry but they are just not poems sort of like poetry marries journaling and have kids then grandkids don t know how to describe it better I mean isn t there a word for it in English?

  3. Honestly "milk and honey" pissed me off cause if that's poetry I don't know wtf I've been doing spending weeks and months on 1 poem like holy cow I was so irritated reading that stuff!

  4. tbh I don't know why 'poets' like rupi Kaur's works are considered 'good poetry', in my opinion, they're just going for the aesthetic look and there isn't really good substance. they're just cramming like five words and making it sound 'aesthetically' pleasing, and there isn't like a deeper and more raw meaning behind it. idk this is prob alr a bs comment but I prefer lang leav :/

  5. I do agree with what you said. But as someone whose channel is about literature and English and stuff, you should know that two superlatives don't come together.

    At 8:45 you say ' more easier ', which is grammatically wrong.

    It's either 'much easier' or simply 'easier'.

  6. In my opinion I honestly don't believe that this is real poetry at all because it's not traditional poetry

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  9. Art is a birth name of beauty
    And poetry is its native tongue
    We learn it’s language
    And we write books
    To sing
    And tell
    And share the words
    Of beauty itself

    so we can hear its voice once more

    It’s kinda fun, actually. Call me pretentious, but there is something relaxing and intriguing about modern poetry.

  10. I just finished gcse English literature and am planning on taking it at a level and your interpretations make me feel like I know nothing

  11. poetry is very free so dammit , If she wants to write 3 words , that’s art right there . Art cannot be defined. Art is expression . Only true artists would understand

  12. Found out about her
    Understood all
    Creating poems out of one sentences
    Kaur is called a poet

    -Have you read the first lines of this entry?

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    I was
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    I was
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    But you were

  14. black
    or blue

    show off your true colours

    if you’re multicoloured
    that’s cool too

  15. "These books were like a Celebration box and I was getting a lot of Bounty but I just wanted the Maltesers" This sentence has more colourful imagery than the entirety of Milk and Honey lol

  16. Omg thank you so much for making this video. My bf and I love to write poetry and we often LOL at the most simple statements made but get thousands and thousands of likes. –__

  17. Hello I am a new poet and I have a book called Unleashed! My instagram is _sydspoetry if you want to see my poems!!

  18. Oh, I had wondered if,
    And here I find it,
    Comments become
    Become comments
    Become poem…
    Seriously, this is

  19. Hi really liked the say you reviewed these. Could you review my poems as well. You can find a few on my Instagram @apoets_notebook . I am also writing one down here, just to give you a feel of the kind of poetry i write.

    Everybody dies

    Everything else is lies

    This is the only truth

    There is no surprise

    No matter where you hide

    Death will come and find you

    It was meant to be

    It will remind you

    It won't hear you scream

    It won't wipe your tears

    It will stand and watch you

    It will wait for years

    When your time finally comes

    It will come and get you

    Everybody dies

    So I will let you

  20. People only read these cause it’s on Instagram. :/ Atleast that’s why the ‘popular’ girls in my class did, it’s nice to see someone who actually understands the meaning and not cause it’s trendy.

  21. “From the wounded soul, comes poetry and music. In return, music and poetry heals the soul.”
    I found this quote in a book I ordered on Amazon titled, “Midnight Writings by a Distant Mind Lost in Time” It was a wild read. It’s nothing like Milk and Honey, which was a good thing.💜

  22. Wow this is great and well done I would love to know what you think of my poetry but I'm also scared at the same time thank you for sharing.

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  24. As someone that has read Milk and Honey ,I must say it may be trendy for "Art hoes"to have it or for "Aesthetic" it really does dive into many dark topics such as abandonment,sexual assault, heartbreak,abuse, ect. It was a vary good book and I feel should be more appreciated for diving in to such topics.

  25. "I was coffee
    but you turned out yo be green tea
    healthy on paper
    but useless in reality"

    – Best selling book in the near future

  26. Before watching this I didn't even realize I was writing Tumblr poetry. I mean, I use Tumblr, but I didn't know other people were doing it. I was just bored and really didn't like writing in the traditional sense. I mean, I was writing somewhat traditional poetry just to try it, but I just mostly can't stand cliches and try to write stuff that is insanely abstract. Or sometimes I just like the way words sound together and the images they create in my head. It's my expression and I really wouldn't call it 'Trashy'. I don't know, I feel like my style has kind of shifted less like these forms in the video so I feel my writing is always changing. At the time it was just to do SOMETHING that was different. I was also bored.

  27. that dress poem was just her playing with the enter key to make a shape poem(shape of a dress) I really like your critical commentary like an essay voiced

  28. yes this is a long comment i know im obnoxious w/ my bpd ocd writer arts major ass but I for some reason just decided to leave my stream of consciousness here, i know it's what a lot of other writers [that I know, at least] are thinking
    let me be clear off the bat: I think anyone with an emotional story to tell has a valid right to express their voice of their truth in any manner that comforts and relieves them as long as it's for them and not by harm of others ofc.
    – if ur gonna use some of ur book wasting paper on 2008 myspace quotes or breaking the cardinal rule of "show don't tell" + being too obvious for it to be poetic, I would make the publication format ebook-only
    – mainly what's upsetting about *SOME* of this content (NOT SOME OF THE BOOKS, SOME of the poems in SOME of the books) is the lack of effort. obvi not total and complete lack of effort but in the sense of setting out to make a book explicitly of poetry. who am i to say what poetry is, no one. but free verse can be VERY VERSATILE and VERY INVENTIVE & DOES NOT need to be just for freedom on the page…it's for making ur OWN format OF LITERARY DEVICES to get ur message across, not pressing enter anywhere that looks cute (unless in the shape of something that goes with the poem, like putting the words in a circle when writing about the cycle of life and death? that would still require a certain type of writing to be a poem tho) it's supposed for certain emphases, not to make the reader feel like they're short of breath whilst not even reading aloud.
    there are tons of free verse poets today that are highly intentioned in the poetic devices they DO use in their writing and come out with powerfully purposed pieces (haaa pardon the alliterative irony)
    IMO a poem's whole point is the poet to show thru words where in the subject matter their heart pumps harder or their blood chills, in a way that is most likely to give the reader a chance at feeling those senses too, without ever knowing the poet's particular personal history

    basically as long as your words and/or line breaks have significance to the message then I got no beef. but when that cant really be found, or at least found with a hint of originality…its cool

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  33. 4:17 The visual form doesn't seem to reinforce the feeling of the images. On the left, the words are arranged in the shape of a dress. On the right, the words are arranged in the shape of a ribbon. I think… that's… all… it is lol

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