Balti by Manav Kaul | E01 | Hindi Poetry | Terribly Tiny Tales

Balti by Manav Kaul | E01 | Hindi Poetry | Terribly Tiny Tales

Time strains you away from me. In the courtyard, my old clothes hang on to the very last drop of you. In anger, I wear new clothes, but when I do, I feel strange in them. I return to my old. They don’t complain. They’ve been with me long enough to hold me as I am. A lot like you. I have been mixing the old and the new now, hoping. Hoping I could belong somewhere, again. And let go of the memories of belonging

33 thoughts on “Balti by Manav Kaul | E01 | Hindi Poetry | Terribly Tiny Tales”

  1. This is amazing. I love this poetry, balti, it's deep and heart touching, I'm also a writer i also want to participate could you tell me?

  2. Kya baat hai😍😍 It was so RAW and a fleeting thought of someone's normal dailylife. Title is really interesting and those comparisons the old and new clothes held was impressive. The video is presented in a quick and easy style. Loved watching this and would love to watch more of these.❤❤

  3. Honestly I think it's just so uniquely awesome to just go on listening to these episodes back to back and relate to it with the corners which have felt but couldn't express

  4. The first expression with mouth stretch was scary🙄. But i watch this video on repeat sometimes. Its too good

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